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"They scattered the weaponization program to other locations and restarted in 2004," Mohammad Mohaddessin, the NCRI's foreign affairs chief, told the Journal.
"Their strategy was that if the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) found any one piece of this research program, it would be possible to justify it as civilian. But so long as it was all together, they wouldn't be able to."
For the past many years it used to be the case, that every time the IAEA came around to give an "A OK" to the Seyyed stealth nuke program, someone - either a "defector" or the NCRI would release some new piece of information, and poor old Ayatollah ElBaradei would get pissed off that he had to rewrite his anti-US speech.


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Challabi said the same about

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Challabi said the same about Saddam!