Churkin or Lavrov?

by alimostofi

"If Iran in the next few days does not stop the enrichment activities of its heavy water project then yes, Russia ... has taken upon itself certain commitments... to support the resolution that has been drafted in the past month," Churkin told reporters via a video link from New York.

"Russia is constantly insisting that the (U.N.) Security Council adopt certain sanctions against Iran," he said.

Churkin says one thing, and Lavrov says another thing. They are opposites. Who speaks for Russia? Just wait for tomorrow, and Lavrov will say something which is more anti-American and pro Seyyed. It is crazy.


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Jamishid, Brez ran that 

by alimostofi on

Jamishid, Brez ran that show, Carter was a nobody. 


Ali Mostofi



IRI and Russia

by jamshid on

Does it not remind you of the Carter admin and the Shah? Carter would say one thing, then his State Dept would say the opposite the next day...

It seems that IRI is going to be completely isolated very soon.