Astrology of Sun in Tir or Cancer, Moon in Khordad or Gemini 2012


by alimostofi

Astrology of Sun in Tir or Cancer, Moon in Khordad or Gemini 2012

The Moon has moved from Ordibehesht or Taurus to Khordad or Gemini just about now. Find the Moon in the link above. You will see it is very close to Jupiter, and Venus. So no more "I have" to "I think".

In Astrology we have two fortunate planets. One is Venus and the other is Jupiter. They are both quite close to each other. Once a month the Moon comes around and says "hello, gee wazzup?".

So its that time of the month. Go and call on people. Say a simple "hi" or "chetori" we Iranians say in Persian. It is all about making simple contacts. It's also about simple logic and thinking.

Go out of your way to be interested in the ability to make the contact. It does not matter who or what. And by "what" I mean any concept. Words or the elements of thought are more important than the meanings of sentences.

What Jupiter and Venus are doing are that they are helping us build these words and simple fundamental communications. Don't bother with philosophical or deeply religious hogwash. Just connect things. Really look to solve basic thought processes.

This is the time for new languages. Finglish we call it in Persian. Writing Persian in English. Like the word Chetori. It means how are you doing. Splitting the elements of the words is what counts. Che is like Que in Latin. To is like Tu in French. Ri, dunno but it sounds like are backwards. TXT is in.

Ok lets move on and look at other alignmnets. Mars is really close to making an exact opposition to Uranus and squaring Pluto. That awkward energy will be balanced by the Moon Jupiter and Venus. All kinds of political tension and governance will be in the news. Kick that boss in the head. Contact him with those new words I asked you to create earlier.

Mercury is there too making a good angle to sort out the awkward tension between Mars Pluto and Uranus. It will start to slow down and then go backwards as it appears from Earth. That will produce strange communication problems. Again forget the old system of contacting. Start a new angle.

So check your travel plans twice. Rebookings will take place. "Darlings I said 7pm at the corner of Harrods". But he did not say which corner. LOL communication breakdowns all over the place. And the Brits want to run the Olympics. OMG

If you want to see how much things have changed from the last time the Moon was in Khordad last months, just click on the hashtag that says #moongemini. This is an indispensible tool. And you can do it for all the other searches. Look at that date and see what happened. You will see how much the other planets have moved. It is all very dynamic.

Keep an eye on the moments when we have hard and soft aspects from the stockstars report. That is very powerful.



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