Astrology of Sun and Moon in Shahrivar or Virgo 2012.


Astrology of Sun and Moon in Shahrivar or Virgo 2012.
by alimostofi

Astrology of Sun and Moon in Shahrivar or Virgo 2012.

Earlier today the Moon went into Sharivar or Virgo. The past two days the Moon was in Amordad or Leo - a period to have fun, speculate and express. Now you need to trim down on all that, and be practical.

As you know the Sun has been in Shahrivar or Virgo for three weeks. In the Iranian calendar it is the 24th of Shahrivar today. Mercury is there too. In a couple of days the Moon will be with them too.

Do you remember what I said about New Moons? That is when the Moon is between the Earth and the Sun. The night will not have any Moon. It is the beginning of the new cycles. It is the time to make some wishes.

If you are born in on the New Moon, then it is time to think of yourself and self concept. Stand in front of the mirror and take a good look at yourself. Improve that body.

In two weeks after the New Moon it will be Full Moon in the month of Mehr. The wish will come true then. Birthdays on that Full Moon day will have big changes on love level.

This is what the other signs need to look at whilst we are still in Shahrivar and then when we go into Mehr.

Farvardin: time to work and efficiency and then love later on when the month of Mehr starts.

Ordibehesht: time to take risks and then work and efficiency.

Khordad: time to think about home and then take risks.

Tir: time to think about short communications and then about home.

Amordad: time to think about personal assets and then to think about short communications.

Shahrivar: read above

Mehr: time to reflect on the past and unwind, and then to take a look at your body and get fit.

Aban: time for social networking and then to reflect on the past and unwind.

Azar: time to improve your future in society, and then time for social networking.

Day: time to explore new frontiers, and then to improve your future in society.

Bahman: time to manage debt and taxes, and then to explore new frontiers.

Esfand: to fall in love, and then to managr debt and taxes.

If you know your ascendant then use that sign and not your sun sign.


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