Astrology of Sun in Amordad or Leo and Moon in Mehr or Libra.

by alimostofi

Astrology of Sun in Amordad or Leo and Moon in Mehr or Libra.

The Sun is now well into Amordad and the Moon is in Mehr.  If you look at my stock market astrology report, you will see that the general background planetary aspects are hard. The Moon is going to join up or as we say conjunct with Mars soon.

We all know that there is a 90 degree or square between Uranus and Pluto. With Mars and Moon there as well expect some serious action. We have had Earthquakes and all sorts of stresses.  It is pure action pulling us in four direction to feel The Now. Salibeh Mehran or what was called The Cross of Christ is there. Later have Saturn being touched by the Moon. Saturn's symbol has the Christian Cross on it.

So order and clear discipline and respect for the law is the mood and theme now. It will be impressed on us. So impose order in your life. Accept structure. We need to look at the past and resolve all our differences, by accepting the fact that we all have a place in our social history. Somehow we need a new vision to accept our differences. It will be tough. Love is the key. Compromise. There is no singular solution. Forget yourself. Union.

So enjoy the challenge. The Sun and Jupiter will be there to really absorb the harsh aspects in what is called a Yod. It is a rare moment.

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