Astrology Report: 21-23 April 2012 Moon and Sun in Taurus or Ordibehesht.


by alimostofi

Two things have just happened. Sun and Moon have moved into Ordibehesht or Taurus now. In fact tomorrow is the new Moon. If you have a look at the sky tonight there is no Moon. Why?

Watch this simple explanation. Remember folks I am making this Astrology stuff idiot proof.

Now learn in a bit more detail all about abundance, in this longer video.

Both these Astrologers are superb at explaining exactly what is going on now.

So grasp the opportunity to put concrete practical plans. This is the Good Deeds part of The Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deed Zoroastrian saying as written the Zend Avesta.

In ancient Iran Taurus was 1. Asha Vahishta (New Persian: Ordibehesht): The Highest (Best) Truth, also the Highest form of Righteousness. This Truth describes how the World ought to be in its ideal form. Consequently, the intention to actualise it is Righteous Intention, and action according to it the highest form of Righteousness.

I am sure all Iranians have seen the Bulls on the columns in Persepolis. That refers to the moment when we were at the Age of Taurus. Iranians were the first people to have a wonderful sense of appreciation and beautification on Earth. Our ancient belief system flourished under the energy of Ordibehesht and video below is awsome in bringing back the original scenes of Persepolis.

For the more scientifically minded astronomers here is a simple explanation of Taurus.

And these two guys got the title wrong but the dates are correct.

Have a good think about this moment as a moment when your Iranian ancestors praised mother nature. Heaven was made on Earth. Our civilization kept the Earth pure. Persepolis had the most amazing sewage system and of course gardens.

By Sunday afternoon we will have a really lucky moment when the Moon will join up with Jupiter. Kick start a major money making project this week-end watch it grow.


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