Astrology Report: 15-18 May 2012 Moon in Aries or Farvardin

by alimostofi

As I write the Moon is still in Pisces or Esfand. Did you become selfless? Did you face the pain to face that severe humility. With the Sun being in Taurus we all saw the markets drop. That is what the world had to learn. We need to see what it takes to understand the part of you that is outside what is material. It is the spiritual you. It is that catch-22. It is the unrequitted love. It is that pain you feel because you can't shake that love or idea that will always defy logic.

Prophets and many more enlightened than me have written more eloquently about this. Read Hafez, or do a wish through his oracle or get the tarot cards out and get the message you need. Face it. This phase is going to end soon and the time on the link above is about the time when the moon enters Aries. It is about now.

So what does Aries or Farvardin do? Well once you have sorted out that unyou, you are ready for the real you in this world right here right now. It is action stations. A new person is born and a new identity is ready to act. You have satified all and now you are ready for number one. Numero uno. Avaleen.

And if you look at the link above you will see that the moon is very close to Uranus. That is the weird outrageous part of us. It is electrifying. So it helps those situations that are very unique and extremely ambitious. Wow getting from the mood of humility into an electrifying start is a bit much, but that is it.

And it goes the other way when the moon opposes Saturn. It will tell you in a couple of days to hold on and don't be weird and wacky. Follow the rules.

It is madness I know. But remember it is a time for acting first and think later. Just do it. Bezano boro. Enough reading and thinking, get on with it.


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