Astrology and Love in Iran


by alimostofi

Who am I to write about love? So many Iranians have written about love. My take on it is Astrological. I don't know any Iranian, that has linked the position of planets, and zodiac signs to love. Most are translations. The irony is that, the translations, are all from ancient Iranian texts, that were burnt because of Koran.

You need to know a little bit about how astrology works, to appreciate the wisdom of it all. As an Iranian, you are priviledged to know about the zodiac, as our months are astrological. So Aries is Farvardin, Taurus is Ordibehesht. And it all means something.

If you have one of those new smart phones, and load an app that shows the position of planets and stars and galaxies, you will see where they all are. You will feel like you are in a bubble in space, and get vertigo if you look at the space below you. Try it, it is hilarious.

The path that the Moon makes across the sky, passes about twelve constellations. Yes I did use the word "about", because even the concept of constellations is imaginary. We have found a pattern, and the sequence does bring about a strong meaning, so that is why we use those twelve.

Some things about life change a lot and some don't. Our mood changes every second and the Moon changes its position faster than anything else. So the Moon is responsible for feelings now and the past. Next comes Mercury and it is used for the reasoning part of thinking.

So Astrologers associate different aspects of personality and society, to various planets and the speed of movement. It did not matter whether they were moving around Sun or Earth, as Iranian astrologers could measure them as they moved across the sky. Jamasp the predicted major alignments like the one above Bethlehem.

Look at Persepolis and you will see the Lion bitting the Bull. That points to the age of Taurus. And yes Persepolis was built on a much older site at the centre of the world. If you draw a line from the Eastern most point of land masses, to the Western point, and then a line from North to South pole, you will go through Takhtejamsheed or Parseh. Each of the steps of Apadana is a day in the calendar. There is a lot more.

All the twleve Zodiac sign are responsible for a particular part of the whole life experience. So Farvardin is called that, because it is the beginning of life. And we Iranians celebrate it as Nowruz. No other nation other than those around Iran pay so much respect to this concept. But none of them know the real astrological meanings. Most of the venerations to each Zodiac sign are available in Zend-Avesta but a lot are not. But it remains.

The Zend Avesta available now is not the complete one, so a lot of the meanings were removed because the die hard religious priests called them Khorafat. The Rig Veda and Zend Avesta share a common heritage and the Hindus believe in Astrology. They use a fixed star based system, whilst Iranians use the Vernal Equinox point.

A lot of our thoughts did remain as refugees went to India China Greece following all the major invasions. So you see astrology in Greece after Alexander connected Iran to Greece. There was Astrology there from the first migrations of Iranians to Europe before the last ice age some 10000 years ago. You can see places like Stonehenge. But there was a huge gap after Iranians migrated back to Iran.  Later Iranians fleeing to China taught them and they simplified it to animals and used the new Moon in Bahman as their new year. The Jews mixed lunar and solar calendars from the moment when Abraham was born in Uruk. So Iranian astronomers have used different parts of the planet as observatories for a long long time. The oldest is Takhte Tagdis or The Throne of Solomon.

We Iranians set our calendar from the moment of the first galactic alignment some 20000 years ago. This 2012 is the end of that complete cycle. Obviously we don't have anything written from then, but we never thought that the written word, can be the same as the oral or musical tradition, and that has been handed down "seeneh be seeneh" since then. The Ancients that visited our planet established the correct rythum in our planet to enable humans to understand love.

Yes love is all about ups and downs and perseverence. We all love in our own way. Where Venus is in your horoscope when you were born determines your attitide. There are twelve positions that Venus can be in. Love perseveres.

Read these descriptions:

In astrology we also look at where Venus is in the sky at the moment of your birth. We call it the house placement. 

Read these descriptions:

Next we need to look at where Venus and other planets are relative to the moment you were born.  That then gives you a sense of the timing in your life now.

There are also other matters we need to look at. Certain Zodiac signs are well known for love. In Iran we have a moment for when the month of Mehr or Libra. It is the time of Autumn Thanksgiving that found its way to modern day because it is so fundamental to societies. We in Iran invented it to establish fairness and peace amongst all at the beginning of the colder periods. The combined harvest would be shared. Justice would be done for all.

There is a lot more to say, but just remember that love needs to be unique and yet universal. It can be. You need to share your feeling of love without return. Some cannot share but are the opposite - they appreciate all the love. Some give to all unselfishly. Some receive from all indiscriminately.

If we all knew more about our own Astrology, then we would have a more cohesive society. Of course Venus alone does not explain it all.

Ask me if you want to know where your Venus is, or other areas of your horoscope.


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