Dump the Farsi

by Alidad

I really am becoming irate with "Farsi." Please, correct me if I am mistaken, but the language is called Persian, in English. My mother was on a bus in France recently and as she began to chat with two Georgian women sitting nearby, was corrected and told that it was "not Persian, it's Farsi." I imagine they looked like two washer-women, they usually do in these unfortunate little countries. Since when have Georgians become English teachers? And who decided to start the Farsi - provoking a linguistic plague that has evidently reached Georgia? I suspect it was some supersized US immigration officer or equal-opportunities registrar eager to show cultural sensitivity or some such bollocks.

We should at least be a little concerned about "Farsi," the way we are with Gulf-Persian Gulf. It is bad enough that we have become a shitty little republic like our neighbours - let's try and keep a little linguistic dignity for now.


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Adib Masumian

I'm with Rastin

by Adib Masumian on

Referring to the language as "Farsi" in English would be the equivalent of telling a fellow American that you speak Deutsch or français. Given all the context, it's just not correct.



by hazratee on

What difference does it make when the whole world is watching us with our latest achievements?ey baba to ham hal dari be khoda.


Real Perrrrrrrrrrrrzhens...

by پندارنیک on

...don't ride on the bus..........No Mercedes? Pffffffftttttttttt, she must be a Farsi-speaking "thing"**










**No disrespect intended.





Combat Attempts to delete the word "Persian" from our Identity

by BaronAvak on

Anti-Persian/Anti-Iranians with ulterior motives have been behind the propagation of replacement words for anything "Persian."  The country may no longer be called "Persia" - it is Iran.  The people cannot be called Persians - they're "Iranians."  The language cannot be called Persian - it's "Farsi."   At every turn, there is an attempt to erase the term Persian from the collective identity of the nation, and more importantly, in the minds of foreigners.  This is an attempt to disconnect Persians (and others' view of Persians) from their grand history and position among civilizations, and instead brand Persians as identity-less group with a 20th century made-up name like "Iraqis" or "Pakistanis" speaking "Farsi."

These names in Western languages are a completely modern invention and go against thousands of years of historical record.  Since the beginning of civilization itself, in the English language, and with most languages of the Western world, when referring to "Iran" or "Iranians", the nomenclature has been: 

1. Persia for the country;

2. Persian for the language, culture, and civilization, or any adjective related thereto; and

3. Persian(s) for the people of Persia, irrespective of any regional, religious, or provincial affiliation - the same meaning as what the made-up term "Iranian" currently means. 

Attempts to say "Persian" only means people in Iran who don't speak Azarbaijani, or Kurdish, or Mazandarani, or Gilaki, or Bakhtiari, or Luri, or whatever, such as the terminology used by the CIA World Fact Book, are completely made-up and without any historical or scientific merit.   

Marjan Zahed Kindersley

Alidad, jaanam, do not waste your time posting here

by Marjan Zahed Kindersley on

This is a predominantly US based site, and most  of its commentators (I don't know about the readers) are very much subtlety and humour deficient.

There is a plethora of US based Iranians, as well, who just don't bother to post here, even if they knew about this site. 


Bavafa is a babe though. Honest. A real fluffy bunny babe (who I assume, please correct me, Bavafa, was actually referring to others' conduct on this site). ;)


The reason I am advising you as your elder, hehe, is that believe me, I have tried. Most, really, most, but judging by comments, (I don't know about readers) there are only about a dozen who can read beyond a paragraph, let alone one with nuances, and that's the self-proclaimed writers and intellectuals.

It's beyond pitiful.  

I myself, have had a fawning pest around, who did nothing but email me about people on this site, horrible descriptions of people I don't know, but very much in keeping with the keeping up of appearances at all times on this site. 


Oh and "cultural sensitivity" is killing me too!

Remember the days when we were just a bit "odd"?

Now, we are experts on headscarves, Islam, oil refineries, soil erosion...  


Again, because my late father had a soft spot for you: don't bother.  And if you've  noticed, a lot of us don't. Sometimes, my egalitarian streak and a sense of generosity takes the better of me though. 


It is the Persian language, the Persian Empire, and the Iranian people and Iranian and Persian languages ....


Use this site to amuse yourself with complete and utter chertoperto mozakhraf. Otherwise, really, please, I know your excellent brain, don't waste it... 

Anahid Hojjati

Thanks Ari and Bavafa for your great comments

by Anahid Hojjati on

I don't agree with what the writer of this blog writes and then on top of that, he had to make his blog worse by the sentence that Ari mentioned.


bavafa, mehrdad

by humanbeing on

(and i hope some won't be annoyed that vafa is 'genetically' a semitic word :p).
i entirely agree with you.
mutual respect and self respect (not 'honour', but respectful behaviour) will go a long way to promoting understanding.

there is enough strife, let's not add gratuitous layers.

i jumped on after a very long absence to see how the discourse has been lately, and was glad to see your comment.



by hirre on

is the former "imperialist" word which is still used...
Farsi is actually something that many iranian scholars want the rest of the world to use.
At the end it's about which lobby group that wins. My personal opinion is that farsi reflects modern Iran and should be changed in the english language (the english people use persian because it reflects more of Iran's ancient history). Some nations don't even mind what their language or nationality is called in other languages...
Another important reason we should use farsi is that it is not only spoken in Iran, but in other countries aswell (in different dialects). Persian only refers to Iran, but using farsi we show that our language is spoken in many places in the world (like english or arabic, but obviously not in the same quantity).
If we want to be even more correct it's "parsi", because "farsi" comes from the arabic spelling and they lack the letter P. Ultimately the correct choice by english literary standards is persian, but this should be changed imo.



by Rastin on

Saying "Farsi" when speaking English is the same as saying "Deutsch" when speaking English, i.e. plain wrong. The correct English term is Persian.


this is about language use..

by Alidad on

I think only the comment on top by IranMarzban was pertinent - the rest were misspelled ramblings by people who have as much command of English as they do of reasoned discourse.

When speaking English, the language the peoples of Iran speak is called "Persian." Thus: there are Kurds or Baluchis who live in Iran - who are not Persians I understand - who speak Persian, in government offices or at school, for example. 


it is persian i have

by IranMarzban on

it is persian i have asked from "farhangestan zaban" they said we should use persian when speaking english



Afshin is right

by hirre on

We speak farsi, it's derived from our language and pronounciation. Calling it persian is just wrong... We are as afshin said iranians, not persians, it's like calling greeks spartans or the swedes vikings, or the english saxxons or the irish celts... Iran has kurds, lors, mazandaranis, balouchis, "persians" etc... So calling all of them or the language just persian is wrong...


Ari jaan: I think you made my point clearer then I did :)

by Bavafa on

Thank you

'Vahdat' is the main key to victory 


Ari Siletz

Bavafa's point in practice

by Ari Siletz on

Though I often use "Farsi," there are occasions when "Persian" works better in a sentence where our heritage of art and culture is being evoked. Alidad's tainting the word "Persian" with a boorish remark about other nations and peoples makes the word less likely to come to mind on such occasions. 

"I imagine they looked like two washer-women, they usually do in these unfortunate little countries." 



I'm Iranian, and my language is Farsi!

by afshin on

The language is Farsi and the Anglican word is Persian.  Last I checked I was not British, so for me it is Farsi, and I'm not Persian, I'm IRANIAN!  We haven't been "Persian" for centuries, perhaps even millennia.  We've been crossbred with Greeks, Turks, Arabs, Mongols, Afghans, Indians, Russians, Georgians, and Armenians.  We are Iranian.  We will always be Iranian.  Learn to live with it, and more importantly, be proud of it.  The last 30 years do not even comprise 1% of our recorded history.  These thugs will come and go like so many before them.  But Iran, will always be.


I think it will help our cause much more…

by Bavafa on

If we start paying as much attention to our behavior both inside and outside Iran, our dealings and respect for others, specially minorities and less fortunate ones and try to shed some of our racist traits.

I suspect we will gain far more respect in the eyes of others based on how we act then what we call our language (Farsi or Persian).

'Vahdat' is the main key to victory 


Maryam Hojjat

Great Issue was pointed out

by Maryam Hojjat on

It is Persian not especially Farsi may be better Parsi which is not right either.