How I learned to Love Facebook


How I learned to Love Facebook
by AliAlavi

After watching “The Social Network”, I started thinking about this movies impact on my mind. Before the movie, I thought of Facebook as just another web site that has nice features, but afterwards I realized that Facebook is the ultimate App that centralizes our digital existence on the internet.

The Post 9-11 world has changed everything and now the movie “The Social Network”is not a fictionalized account of a company, but an outright multi-million dollar advertisement for a company that exist

What does “The Social Network” movie tells us? It tells us that Facebook is made by a Visionary. Visionaries usually make cool things, such as Bill Gates or Steve Jobs. So whatever that a visionary makes is good for you and makes you Cool.

What else that the movie tells us? It tells us that not only Facebook is made by a visionary that make its users cool, it is really popular (all the smart people at Harvard started using it) and it reached 1 million users very soon. What is the movie trying to make us do? It is trying to make everyone, specially the youth everywhere around the world to go on Facebook and start a digital social life and take their friends with them, because… it is made by cool people and used by cool people and it is very popular, so you should not miss the chance.

The Movie is the ultimate advertising campaign on an international level. Not only everyone in the U.S and Europe should come on board Facebook phenomenon, but all the third work and china and everywhere else should do the same because of the movies’ numerous Oscar Nominations and the broadcast of Oscars Show which was watched by millions of people around the world.

So what happens, post 9-11 world, when everyone is on board Facebook, with all their personal information, hobbies, list of friends and connections, their pictures and videos and most importantly their emails (messages) and the types of links that they have suggested to their friends. What happens to all this data? What is it good for?

If I were the National Security Agency (the people in charge of monitoring people in the U.S) I would be very happy to make sure that Facebook is the most popular thing in the world, so my monitoring is made so easy for me. All I need is to put some apps in the pathway of the Data to Facebook serves and decipher them and see who is who and doing what. I love it.

Of course I (NSA and the U.S Government’s Media Relations Managers) would tell the American People that I would only looked at Facebook information of “terrorists” and the bad guys so American Public wouldn’t worry about anything. The Machine works more smoothly this way and I could plan, on an international level, other invasions such as Iraq, Afghanistan and also plan uprisings in any country around the world (Tunisia, Egypt and …) by “seeding” and “helping” the local population on Facebook with the right “push” and guidance. This is specially true in the middle East, since they are such menaces to U.S’s most important ally in the region.

Some paranoid guy that always talked about conspiracy theories said that all the Major media outlets on the international level is owned by Jewish People. Now he was saying with a Jewish genius like Mark Zuckerberg (the inventor of Facebook) played by genius Jewish actor: Jesse Eisenberg) who invented the ultimate digital information place, the Jewish people are really going to have a great time manipulating the international public opinion and consequently the world and take it to any direction that they want. He was saying that now the Jewish people have the ultimate 24/7 access to people’s info, their attentions and …

Of course I complained and told him that he was a paranoid anti-Semite.

Ali Alavi is a researcher of Computer Technology and Artificial Intelligence.


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Anahid Hojjati

By the way, Ali jan,

by Anahid Hojjati on

Are you from Ahvaz?

Anahid Hojjati

Dear Ali, Facebook or not facebook

by Anahid Hojjati on

Dear Ali, conspiracy theories are always attractive but I don't believe you can credit facebook success to conspiracy by United States government. Facebook is not a unique application. There is also Myspace, netlog, and many other social networking sites. Years before there was site Persepolis. I used to check the site for all schools I went to in Iran and sign up. Then I would read discussions which were posts by people who went to that school. There were pictures, etc. What I am trying to say is that technology advances and social trends are what resulted in facebook and other social networking sites.