A question put to Reza Pahlavi

by ali_UK

Reza Pahlavi in his recent interview in Germany , He stated that once the regime has been removed , and after a short transitional government,  people should be asked to vote for republic or monarchy. He said that he advocates monarchy instead of republic for Iran. and for this people must choose.My question to Reza Pahlavi is , if the people have did choose monarchy , then :- 

  • Do the people get to choose the king as well? 
  • Will we get candidates for the royal family? 

I am very interested to find out the answer to this.


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Farah Rusta

And is this all you can say about the English monarchy?

by Farah Rusta on

"I have no problems with the monarchy in UK.It is only symbolic  and only a left over from the past."


You see Ali, I am more interested in your perception of monarchy than in your questions? Your questions, with respect, are based on your flawed and twisted understanding of monarchy. I wouldn't have blamed you if, like many of us, you were an American-Iranian. In America all we know is based on a republican system. But I am shocked, to say the least, to see that after 32 years of living in England (or UK as you call it) you have not understood the first thing about the very system under which you have lived, studied and I suppose, worked.

I am not here to teach you what you have missed for three decades but let me give you couple of clues: (a) monarchy in England is not by any mean a powerless, or merely symbolic as put it. It is a powerful institution but I am not going to tell you why and let you do your homework yourself, and (d) it is not a relic of the past but it is a much treasured and enduring national heritage which has protected the British democracy since its inception more than thee hundred years ago. Again find out why. 




Ali UK here's why Monarchy would work in Iran

by Free on

Do you know why some of us promote a system of constitutional (ceremonial) monarchy in Iran? I personally promote this sort of a system because monarchy in Iran is such a huge part of our identity as "Persians." The institution of kingship is older than 2,500 years. Our identity is and has been for years, since the invasion of Arabs, under attack. Our language has been under attackf for 1,400 years. We must protect those institutions that are WHOLLY Persian so as to promote our unique identity in a sea of Arabs. 

Moreover, in a country with so many different types of people (Azaris , Baluchis, Lurs, Arabs etc.), Iran is always going to be threatened with real separatist movements. A system of democratic republic, with revolving presidents, will not always be able to unify the nation as one, whereas a permanent head of state, like a monarch, can be the "thread" that holds the separte and distinct strands of pearls of the nation together in the face of disintegration.

Example: the symbol of Queen Elizabeth, lasting in her position through thick and thin, WWII through now, is a far more unifying symbol than any temporary resident at 10 Downing Street, whether it be the charismatic Tony Blair or the uncharismatic Gordon Brown. The British people, liberal or conservative, rally around the Queen -- she's a source of unity, whereas Tony Blair, for example, in the end, was a source of discord and disunity amongst the masses. Discord and disunity in a country like Iran could spell disintigeration, i.e., separatist movements.

This is why I support a system of constitutional monarchy. In a country like Iran, if we only have a one or two term president, there may be times of serious disunity in the nation, which would make it ripe for disintegration and foreign intrigue, but if we also had a ceremonial head of state, like a constitutional monarch, i.e., a regal mother or father to all, it could provide a level of unity amongst the masses, specially in times of distress.

Iran will always be in danger of separatism, even today. That's just a fact. In my opinion, the institution of constitutional monarchy, is best suited to arouse patriotism under the flag of the nation as one and hold the country together.


To Farah Rusta

by ali_UK on

I left Iran for UK in 1978.I was 16.

I have lived here ever since.

 D. Kadivar,

What is your theory now to simply rubbish my opinion?

Darius Kadivar

Farah Jaan My guess is he should be in his mid 20's/30's

by Darius Kadivar on

at best and a recent Resident !

These young fellows who grew up after the Revolution have had no other exposure to their own country's History than the IRI Revisionist educational system.

Removing kings from history:


Islamic Republic of Iran's TV Propaganda tries to rewrite history by claiming Iranian are Arabs, Aryanism is a myth created by Zionists :


I'm not surprised by the type of responses he gives cause if even a Young and Brilliant guy like Trita Parsi was Fed into believing that the IRI was a Democracy and the Monarchists a bunch of Fanatic despite living in a one of the most progressive democracies in Europe that is a Constitutional Monarchy like Sweden you can then imagine what type of BS this generation has been Fed with in 30 years ...

DOCUMENTARY: Training of the Future IRI Political Elite ( ARTE TV)

You can also Thank the Hamid Dabashis and Leverettes of this world for making their job easy ...


Even amongst some of the Old Iranian Lefties turned Lords in England like this lady:

HAIL BARONESS AFSHAR!: First Iranian Woman In the House of Lords by DK

who are quite mild when it comes to criticizing the Islamic Republic to say the Least. They Love the Pomp and Circumstance in England but Hate Their Own Royals ...

Beh Goleh Farrokhzad ( for the 100Th Time):



Whoever ends up Running Iran in the Future will have a HUGE Task of educating them on the Basics of Political discord in civil society and realities of democratic life.

Bon Courage !


Darius Kadivar

ali_UK ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

You are Very Amusing You Know ? ...

A Bundle of Ignorance at Best !


Beekhial !

Won't Waste Your Time anymore all the more that mine is precious !


Farah Rusta

A question if I may?

by Farah Rusta on

Have you been or are you still a UK resident and would you care to say how long?




No Answer again

by ali_UK on

Like I said before , D. Kadivar can not offer an inteligent answer.

just skirting the issue with his history and current affair book of not so useful facts!!

Darius Kadivar

Germany and Italy Have Ceremonial Presidents with No role

by Darius Kadivar on

Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel runs the Federal Republic

Italy's Silvio Berlusconi is Prime Minister and Runs the Italian Government ( actually under the pompous title : President of the Council of Ministers)

Yet Both Germany and Italy have Ceremonial Presidents as Heads of State:

In Italy :

Giorgio Napolitano

He has been nicknamed "Re Umberto" (i.e. "King Umberto") both for his alleged physical likeness to Umberto II of Italy and for his measured manners.


In Germany:

Horst Köhler


Bet You You Never Even Heard of Them ? ...


Normal Cause they are paid to do nothing !

Very Much like the US Vice President only the otherway round !


Mashroteh saltanati?

by ali_UK on

I have no problems with the monarchy in UK.It is only symbolic  and only a left over from the past.

To actually vote for such system from a republic is regressive.

What does it achieve?

Why have a king and a prime minister , if king's role is only ceremonial?

I did not intend to character assasinate or propagate anti-Pahlavi .....

I just questioned his suggestions/motives.That is my right as an Iranian without being labeled bache mullah , etc....


Answer to blog

by mehdi79 on

No if monarchy was restored RP would be the constituional monarch .. I never seen anywhere electing a king ... just like spain king Juan Carlos was deposed by Franco & once Franco was toppled Juan Carlos regain the throne .. simple ... but the monarch is symbolic & has no excecutive power ..


Ali UK

by Free on

It is quite obvious that you have an anti-Pahlavi bias, and you obviously harbored this bias even before you started this blog, only to satisfy your preconceived notions. You're a closed-minded sort, pal. Wouldn't be surprised if you were a true bache-mullah. Nothing that you say about Reza Pahlavi rings true, nor genuine. You're trying to asssinate his character with a smug smile on top of it.

Nobody -- certainly not RP -- is saying that we should go back to an absolute monarchy! That would indeed be going backwards. We're talking about a constitutional monarchy in the order of Japan, England, Norway, Spain, etc. -- all democratic nations, all constitutional monarchies!

Everything else is hearsay, propagated by anti-Pahlavi opportunists, and by the look of it, the usual suspects are present.



Darius Kadivar

Here is another Regressive Monarchy To Relax in ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

If You don't Like Great Britain May I suggest You this Other Regressive Monarchy ?


A Former Republic by the Way ... LOL

The Dutch Republic — officially known as the Republic of the Seven United Netherlands (Republiek der Zeven Verenigde Nederlanden), the Republic of the United Netherlands, or the Republic of the Seven United Provinces (Republiek der Zeven Verenigde Provinciën) — was a republic in Europe existing from 1581 to 1795, preceding the modern Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Recommended Watching:

ROYALTY: Shah of Iran state visit to the Netherlands 1959 (6 Parts)

Darius Kadivar

You Usually SIT on a Peacock Throne ... ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

It's Impossible to lock Oneself in the Peacock Throne ...


Monarchy , Regression ?

by ali_UK on

Yes , I firmly believe that to go from republicanism to monarchy is political regression.  

  • Reza Pahlavi has clearly locked himself into the Peacock Throne. He is not as open minded as he had been making out to be.
  • If/when such scenario arises , he either sits on that throne or he leaves the arena?! 
  • Because of what he is advocating, he leaves himself no place and/or contributes in any future political landscape in Iran.


Anything for you, Tim!

by Free on

I'm serious, I'll try to take it easy on this scoundrel, but then she comes back with a derisive comment about Reza Pahlavi being a scam artist -- this just 24 hours after I EXPOSED her as the queen of scams! I mean, pot meet the kettle, pretty please! I would take it easy on this Palestinian (sorry, "Gazan"), but she asks for it by posting such blatant, hypocritical misinformation.



Free about Marge

by timothyfloyd on

My friend,You know I agree with you,very much so..But I do wish you would take it a bit more easy on Marge.You're worse than I and it may be unbelievable but I actually do love Marge.

And Ali while I respect your opinion as a Iranian and understand It's also my duty as a foreigner to respect Iran's royalty so I have to refrain from all Monarchy discussion.Sorry for interferring.



By the way,

by Free on

All supporters of the rapist regime in Iran are by a sick circumstance of nature a monumentally hypocritical breed of rodents -- that's just an immutable fact of life.

Sadly, we have to come to terms with this genetic disorder. God bless our tortured homeland! What did she do to deserve the enmity of this sub-human species.


A real con-artist

by Free on

is an Arab man or woman who pretends to be Iranian on this site so he/she can derail each and every conversation toward his or her agenda.

And this odious, disgusting sham of a person has the onions to write, "He does nothing except grant sham interviews. Scam artist. He has a following of course. All scam artists do."

Marge, YOU'RE the scam artist, you phony! I already EXPOSED you!! For how long have you pretended to be Iranian on this site? I EXPOSED you as a Palestinian! You're the fraud, Marge, not Reza Pahlavi! 

What a hypocrite! 

Lastly, according to the dictates of the 1906 Constitution, Reza Pahlavi is IN FACT the rightful HEIR to the Peacock Throne, period! 


Arash 1970: I like your avatar

by Bavafa on



Genial :-)

by Arash_1970 on

Genial :-)

Darius Kadivar

Pas Mal ... capt_ayhab Jaan

by Darius Kadivar on

Si tu a un complexe d'Inferiorite c'est pas mon problem Mon ami ...

"La Derision est L'Arme Du Faible Contre La Betise Et La Loi Du Plus Fort" -Voltaire

Maintenant Retourne T'amuser avec tes amis ...


Bisous !




Back to Grown up conversations

by capt_ayhab on

Sorry dada DK, love to stick around and Kal Kal with you, but time is of essence.



Pardon my French DK jan

by capt_ayhab on

Semble-t-il à moi Darius, vous n'ont-ils pas éprouvé pisser sur un mur avant ?

Vous avez commencé votre jeu enfantin de m'attaquer et je vais le finir. Ne supposons pas que vous êtes le seul avec plus des possibilités de cette une langue étrangère.

Si tout va bien nous nous comprenons maintenant REFIGH!


Pardon my rusty French, been a while be molla.

Spanish for Dummies?......... You bet you should know, You are an expert, Ain't ya?

Darius Kadivar

Spanish For Dummies I Suppose ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Learned on the Costa Brava Last Summer Perhaps ?


Or In San Diego :


Hee Hee


Too late shazdeh

by capt_ayhab on




Translation ;-)

by capt_ayhab on

No me prohiba entonces Darius ..........
Usted es el menudo, yo no es nada.


Darius Kadivar

capt_ayhab Jaan Kheir Zahmat Nakesh ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Natanha Fahmeedam Balkeh :




آقو داریوش


به گفتهٔ شاعر.... آقو داریوش...... پتیت هم خودتی، ما هیچ نیستیم،

گرفتی‌ تا ترجمه کنم؟


Darius Kadivar

Oh Le Pauvre Petit capt_ayhab Cosette...No Royal Response Aye ?

by Darius Kadivar on

Offended So Quickly for Getting No Response ... 


Vaay Heyvoony ! ...

You must truly have a Miseroide Life these days ...


Cher Ami ressaisissez-vous !


Is Reza Pahlavi too good to answer your email?

by capt_ayhab on

Cross Posted: //iranian.com/main/blog/capt-ayhab/few-qu...

Is Reza Pahlavi too good to answer your

by capt_ayhab on

Is Reza Pahlavi too good to answer your email?

This thread in its entirety has been emailed to Reza Pahlavi, with no
avail on his presence nor answer.

I guess questions by a concerned citizen like me/us is not worth his

Anytime I correspond with the Senator of my state, the one that I did
not vote for, I get an immediate response followed by a phone call either by the Senator himself or by high ranking staff. This is what I
call listening to the citizens, and not what Reza Pahlavi.I am certain
every one who has tried contacting their representative/Senator can
attest to this fact. 


P/S Blog to follow