Four types of lies


Ali A Parsa
by Ali A Parsa

در شماره 9 مجله هفتگي توفيق درسال 1350 آقاي دکتر عباس توفيق مطلبي درباره دروغ در بخش ته مقاله نوشته بود که عينا در زير نقل ميشود:

دروغ هم مثل خيلي ديگر از احتياجات روزمره اجتماع ما انواع و اقسام دارد

نوع اول دروغ اينستکه: من دروغ ميگويم. من ميدانم که دروغ ميگويم. ولي شما نميدانيد که من دروغ ميگويم: اين يک دروغ طبيعي است که در همه کشورها هم همينطوراست.

نوع دوم دروغ اينستکه: من دروغ ميگوي. من ميدانم که دروغ ميگوي. شماهم ميدانيدکه من دروغ ميگويم. اين دروغ هم باز قابل هضم است.

نوع سوم دروغ اينستکه: من دروغ ميگوي. من ميدانم که دروغ ميگوي. شماهم ميدانيدکه من دروغ ميگويم.منهم ميدانم که شماهم ميدانيد که من دروغ ميگويم!!! اين احمقانه ترين نوع دروغ است. دروغي که همه ميدانند و کسي را فريب نميدهد و فقط گوينده را مفتضح ميکند و مردم را عصباني. ولي از اين نوع دروغ مفتضحانه تر و احمقانه تر هم وجود دارد.

نوع چهارم دروغ اينستکه: من دروغ ميگوي. من ميدانم که دروغ ميگويم شما هم ميدانيد که من دروغ ميگوي. منهم ميدانم که شما ميدانيد که من دروغ ميگويم. شماهم ميدانيد که منهم ميدانم که شماهم ميدانيد که من دروغ ميگويم!!!!

امروزه درکشور ما در اغلب زمينه ها اين نوع دروغ رايج شده و هر که را در اين رشته از دروغ بيشتر دست داشته باشد استادتر و سياستمدارتر ميشناسند.

Four types of lies according to Dr. Abbas Towfigh published in the last issue (number 9) of that very popular comic magazine in 1351(1972 C.E.)

Type 1. I tell a lie knowing that I tell a lie, but you do not know that is a lie. This a natural lie that is used in every country.

Type 2. I tell a lie knowing that I tell a lie, but you know that is a lie. This, too is palatable.

Type 3. I tell a lie knowing that I tell a lie. This is the most foolish lie since you know that I tell a lie. This only makes others mad.

Type 4. I tell a lie. You and I know that we tell a lie. This is the most prevalent lie at any time in any given country and the ones who are good at it are known to be the most expert politicians!


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Translation leaves a lot to be desired for....

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

So I read the original Farsi version of this excellent piece of 40 year old satire written during the late Shah Pahlavi rule.

I wonder if the writer, Mr Towfiq (whom I believe was known for poking thinly disguised satire at Pahlavi regime) had any idea that his beloved country will be ruled by the biggest bunch of liers (per catagor 4), forty years after this was written and 33  years after the last pahlavi was deposed?? 

Thank you very much for sharing....

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Ali A Parsa

Importance of four types of lies

by Ali A Parsa on

Dear Mr. Ala,

your comment is legitimage on a lie, but the four lies I cited were put in that number and in that order to stress the lie as universal tool of politicians in every country in the world at any given time. As an example Iran and America have been pretending to be after each other's jagular veins for over thirty years, both using lies in a make-believe way.

In a blog by Anglophile Hadi Khorsandi Khorsandi had called Iranians as KHAR to which SOURI had rightly and strongly accused Hadi as KHAR who called his own people KHAR.

I join Souri to condemn Hadi who is abusing his freedom of expression in America to insult Iranians when Politicians in America go to bed with Iranians in what we might call the market place of lies with Hadi knowingly or otherwise as a culprit. 

Mohammad Ala

The extent and number of lies

by Mohammad Ala on

The effect and number of lies matter.  Yes?

How about this one:  First lie, I believed you.  Second lie, I doubted you, third time combined with gha-sa-am, I immediately knew you were lying. 


Maryam Hojjat

Very True Indeed

by Maryam Hojjat on

there never been any trust & confidence between Iranians & IRR. They Started with BIG LIES Starting From Their EMAM E RAHEL.