Another hoax?

Ali P.
by Ali P.

One of the fascinating items they used to have advertised on the back of comic books when I was a kid, was these 'special X-ray glasses'. They were supposed to enable you to see people naked!

Needless to say how curious we (mostly my friends, and, ..well, me, ...a little!) were to get our hands on one pair. We'd ask older kids who went to school in the US about it, and they'd act cool and say ,"yeah,..I have seen them. I don't have one, but I've seen them. We get naked with girls all the time there, so we don't need them."


Well after searching for them many years (last year!), I finally realized,it was hogwash.

I have been trying to get someone to write some Persian poetry for me in nas'ta'leegh. One of the people I asked, said" bah, kojaayeh kaaree? Nowdays there are computer softwares that write it for you. I am suprised you don't know about it".

" Damn! Where have I been?", I thought to myself.

"Are you sure? I am not talking about Persian font...", I said. "No, no, ...nas'ta'leegh. I know what you are talking about", he replied.

Fine. So I went on- where else- on Gooogle, looking for it. Came up with zilch. Emailed a few friends, and again, some had heard of it, but no one actually used it or knew where to get it.

So, I thought, I bring it up with the most intelligent, cultural, technical, group of people I know, and ask them if they know anything about it. But the "Happy Hour" doesn't start until 7 pm, so I guess I have to wait.

In the meanwhile, any of you has actually seen such software? I would appreciate first hand knowledge testimonies ( don't tell me you had a neighbor once, whose brother-in-law used to talk about this software)

Much obliged,

Ali P.


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by samsam1111 on

Ebi jan, Ali P, Porn Star...Good to know You all got Your toys. Aryan-Nejad ! Check an older blog or catch Me on another blog related to the topic. Let,s not clutter Ali,s blog. Cheers!! 


آقای صمصام۱۱۱۱۱

آریان نژاد (not verified)

شما چه نوع الفبا ی رو برای جانشینی الفبا تازی توصیه می‌کنید؟ منظورم فارسی‌ رو چگونه بایست نوشت؟ خط میخی‌، انگلیسی و یا پهلوی و یا الفبا دیگر؟ممنونم


To: SAMSAM11111

by Porn Star (not verified) on

Dear Samsam, the link you gave actually worked and thanks.

I noticed when writing in "nastaligh" the spacing becomes very compressed, but the font really looks nice...

Thanks again

Party Girl

Ali P.

by Party Girl on

I believe your charm exceeds most!  With all your trials and tribulations, if nothing else, you have one hell of a lot of stories to tell!  Look, I think either Ebi or Majid will now write your poem for you.  All you had to do was to tell a story for it!  And on that note, I rest my case.

Ali P.


by Ali P. on

Party Girl jaan: Half an inch short, 5 minutes late.

    That has been the story of my life. Spent several years, learning piano. Just as I was starting to a half decent 'dalang o doloong', others came, sounding much better than me, after only 2 months of lessons. It turned out, they were playing electronic organ(or piano), blowing me away. I took the long way, others the shortcut. So I gave that up!

  Moved to weight lifting; years of huffing and puffing, and just as I was developing some muscles, others came up with steroids, took the shortcut and took the price home. I gave that up!

  Then I started working on my charm, so I can pick up,, I mean, meet girls. Well, my charm was no match to others' "Spanish Fly"! No luck there either.

 I have been working on my handwriting in the last couple of years; not too shabby, if I may say so. But I hear they have "nas'ta'leegh software" now. What a bummer!

   So I need to know if I need to quit this and take the shortcut, and spare my time, and use it on another activity, where I have a fair chance to shine, dammit! :-)


IRANdokht: The Happy Hour crew , soraaghet o gereftan o, sent you their love. (Special message from Essi: "Call me beevafaa"!)

   I started off looking for someone to write the stuff for me. But, as that joke goes, with Iranians in hell, where, one day the supply is not there, and the next day where the supply is there, there is no electricity, and the next day, when there is electricity, the guy in charge has called in sick...? That has been my dillema.

Majid: That was MY reaction! But then again, I never fail to be amazed by what this computer thing is able to do. Nagofteh boodee khattaat ham hastee! I appreciate the offer and may take you up for it. Thnx!

AAP: Baba goftam "nas'ta'leegh"! That was a good software, and I am glad you showed it to me. I will use it, but the search for "nas'ta'leegh" continiues.

Poirot: You too? (Between you & me, don't give up yet. They may still come up with it)   :-)

samsam jaan: My fellow patriot, how can you deny that "nas'ta'leegh" is not beautiful? I really don't care where it came from, or who it belonged to. Admitting nas'ta'leegh is pretty does not take anything away from your love for the homeland. Thanks for the link. I followed it but hit a deadend. Will try again.

Ebi: jaan: Maashaallah az har angoshtet yeh honar meereezeh haa! Hagheh 2-3 taa mesleh mano khordee haa!

 (Read the response to IRANdokht)

Where the hell am I gonna find ghalam-dorosht o davaat?? But if I get desperate, I may very well do that, and provide you with the supplies, my friend. I just hope you won't call in sick! :-)

X porn site: Haalaa "nas'ta'leegh" ham nadaasht, nadaasht. Zyaad mohem neest. Where was this site you were talking about again ;-)


Thanks all for taking the time to read this and responding.


Ali P.

ebi amirhosseini

Samsam Jaan!!

by ebi amirhosseini on

thanks for the link,it wroked,I downloaded the font.cheers




Everything to you religious fanatics should always have something to do with "Paayin Taneh"!!

Repent & aabe tobeh bar sar berizid !!




"Closet Khahar Zaynab" Anony moush ly

by samsam1111 on

Why do You lie as You always do. I just downloaded it under "Download Font" on the same link I gave porn star. Atleast I stand by my comments under my own Id to make a general point. You on the other hand the little Zaynab in disguise use anonymoush comments for personal attacks as always because , You fail in real dialogue. Educate Yourself idiot ! Read & come back in 10 yrs, & just may be You might hear me telling You "You are still a dumb Mavali"..Now go watch some Oprah , Friday prayer or late night with Davood Ghameh-zan on Press TV..


I've seen and touched it.....

by Khoush-Khat (not verified) on

But I haven't inhaled it yet!

PS. I Guess I missed the happy hour!


there is no font

by Anonymously (not verified) on

The website samsam gave you doesn't have the font either.
I think it's a hoax so he can badmouth the farsi that our greatest writers and poets used and gave us their beautiful work to enjoy for centuries.


Porn Star!!

by samsam1111 on

I  came across this site & nastaaligh software looking for another software a while back. Any way if You are looking for Nastaaligh font here it is...scroll down to the damn taazi font  "nastaaligh font"...



TO; Samsam1111

by X porn Star (not verified) on

The site you gave leads you to another for free download, but it's porno site! So much for Iranians helping one another for a simple freaking font!


علی‌ اقای پی‌



اگه به این هنر علاقه داری این سایت رو هم ببین


ebi amirhosseini

Ali Jaan !!

by ebi amirhosseini on

Provide me, a Ghalam-e-ney & Davaat,I'll do it for you,though a bit rusty these days,Naasalaamati ye vaght shaagerde Ostaad Amirkhaani boodim!.No khaalibandi !.



I have seen the software,didn't try it myself,will do more research for you,but the offer is still on the table,let me know.



Hate to promote this Taazi Alphabet of shame, but

by samsam1111 on


مسيو علی پی

چون بچه اوکيی هستی نخواستم ارزو به خواب بشي..نرم افزار خوش نویس

يا همون نکبت النستعليق




من موندم گهکی که اين الفبايه بی ريخت خودش چيه که نستعليقشو ميخواي..به نشان گفته ای که ميگه از خود ايکپيرش فرارييم , فاميلشم اورده واسه چتربازي..بهر در ..اميدوارم که اين کمکت کنه..شاد و کام روا باشی


I love this

by Poirot on

I'M still looking for my X-ray glasses! i think james bond has one in Casino Royal.

thank AmirAshkan Pishroo i don't know if that's what ali was looking for but i love it i can't write farsi even after the many years of First grade i've taken "baba ab daad". anyways thanks.

AmirAshkan Pishroo

it is called Behnevis and it is free

by AmirAshkan Pishroo on

it is called Behnevis and it is free. go here!


باله کلمات


"نستعلیق" علی‌ جان، توصیف بهترش باله کلمات است، من موندم حیرون که چطوری اون رو می‌شه با software تقلید کرد !

بمن بگو چی‌ میخوای بنویسی‌ شاید من بتونم کمکت کنم، باید آدرس‌ای میل من رو هنوز داشته باشی‌.




by IRANdokht on

I didn't know you were so gullible Ali P jan!  X-ray glasses? lol

As far as I am concerned, even if there is a software that claims to write Nastaaligh (which there isn't) it won't be worth buying because the beauty of nastaligh which is the art of writing in farsi is in the artist's unique work. Putting a software program in charge of tha art would kill it! 

but I still think you should make it to happy hour and ask the usual panel of experts from whom you seek guidance ;-)


Party Girl

Am I too early for the Happy Hour?!

by Party Girl on

"Yeah,..I have seen them. I don't have one, but I've seen them. We write nas'ta'leegh daily around here (even in our sleep), so we don't need them!"

Sorry, I couldn't help it! 

But seriously, Ali P., even if such a software does exist, and I promise to ask my non-khaali-band friends for you, why would you want to use software to generate something that in essence is a unique and unequalled art piece?  Iranian/Persian calligraphy is best enjoyed when someone, even an amateur, creates it with ghalam o davaat.  I bet you it would be easier to look for an Iranian calligrapher if you live in or near one of the cities where a larger population of Iranians live.

I'll ask around.