Naming Names and Inciting Fear in Shiraz


Naming Names and Inciting Fear in Shiraz
by alborz

Trial of the Friends of Iran (یاران ایران) is set to begin this week and while many more Baha'is are now imprisoned for dubious and unsubstantiated charges, the regime in Iran is orchestrating the expansion of its attacks on two distinct fronts. 

The first, is the very public and officially sanctioned imprisonment of members of the Baha'i community under trumped up national security charges for which they are not entitled to present a defense nor have legal representation.  Shirin Ebadi, who had agreed to represent the Baha'is in court, is now consumed defending herself against charges that have crippled her legal practice.

On another front, and concurrently, the government is disseminating the names of Baha'is, their professions and businesses along with the religious consequences of doing business with them or simply being in contact with them.  I received a copy of a 32 page document that contains  hundreds of names, home and business addresses, and a cautionary note that describes the consequences of contact with Baha'is as well as what needs to be done in response.

While the first tactic is sanitized for international scrutiny, the second feeds on the religious (in)sensibilities of the masses.  For example, they are fore-warned of the consequences of coming into contact with objects that have been touched by a Baha'i and how it can void their prayers(see sample images for two professions).  What the regime fails to do is to resolve the divergence between the two fronts of this one campaign.  On the one hand it speaks of the Baha'is as being a threat to national security and on the other hand it classifies them as infidels (kaafar) and unclean (نجس), both pejorative and religious terms.

As evidenced by prior instances of attacks initiated by the public, naming names after a concerted campaign of falsehoods can only lead to passions being inflamed and this defenseless group being physically in danger and their livelihood in jeopardy. 

Alas, we can only hope that those that have not succumbed to the foul stench of the ideology that has consumed our society, are not few in numbers and have the determination to intervene and provide the protection that would be needed in the face of public assault on this community.

Let us not forget that while we in the West can only sign petitions, our brothers and sisters, have a responsibility to stand in the way of this tragedy and prevent its unfoldment.



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Reza Mahboob...since when did you become a font expert?

by alborz on

Look at the entire document here... 

and then go make up another story.

Also, if you were an ex-Baha'i you would know that no Baha'i books are printed in Haifa and also you would know how to spell !

Bahaies and Hifa are both mispelled and I won't give you the right spelling as you probably flunked your training in Qom and were expelled from your madreseh.



Dont let them fool you

by Reza Mahboob (not verified) on

As an ex-bahai, let you know the pictur of this writing, is created by Bahai world center in Hifa, as a part of campain against Iran first,moslem second, Islam third, and Quran forth, why non of you ask where is this paper is from ???? which news paper???who made it?
if is not news paper than who signed it, from which group ? now, if you look carfuly, form of typing of it typical of printing farsi by bahai world center,which print all Bahai books,Bahaies knows what im talking about, dont you all be fool.that is just a dirty Hifa normal and regular deceit,


This is not Misuse of Islam!

by LalehGillani on

This is exactly what Islam is: According to Muslim faith, impure things are divided into eleven categories:

1) urine
2) feces
3) sperm
4) corpse
5) blood
6) dog
7) pig
8) unbelievers
9) liquor
10) wine
11) the sweat of those who eat impure things

No matter how you sugar-coat it, twist it, and modernize it, it is what it is. The practices of IRI are the ultimate display of Islam.

Watch and marvel at its wisdom…

This is the true face of the monsters in power. Now let’s send them a bouquet of flowers and plan a face to face negotiation for peaceful transition of power!


Lost For Words

by MiNeum71 on

Incredible, how they misuse religion ...



Arash Afshar, lack of spirituality?

by Tahirih on

You, dear are lacking spiritual eyes, otherwise you would not have made such an empty comment about bahai faith!

just stick to your spy conspiracy theory , that they teach your kind in the schools of hate.

I was not raised in a bahai family , but when I read this , I knew I was in love with Bahai faith:

Consort with the followers of all religions in a spirit of friendliness and fellowship.’ Whatsoever hath led the children of men to shun one another, and hath caused dissensions and divisions amongst them, hath, through the revelation of these words, been nullified and abolished

could you tell me which part of this statement does not work?

Have you ever read a bahai book?Do not make empty accusations , people can see through you....



The Light at the End of the Tunnel

by scb (not verified) on


Yes, the Blessed Beauty, Baha'u'llah, the flower of 19th century Iran, speaks to 7 million globally, yet not to the mullahs who govern his homeland. Sigh. The mullahs are all about God. The Baha'is are all about God.

How sad this is. " . . .and the corrupt doers have been held by their forelock."

If any one needs to be convinced of this statement made by Baha'u'llah over 100 years ago from a prison cell . . . see the discussion here on,"Time to Wake Up."

He also said, "Let nothing grieve thee, O Land of Ta (Tehran), for God hath chosen thee to be the source of the joy of all mankind."

Although Baha'u'llah made dire statements about the spiritual condition of the world as He found it, He also was clear that Iran was a land to be envied. This is why millions of non-Iranian Baha'is are MAD for Iran, its music, people, food and culture, despite the persecutions. This is because non-Iranian Baha'is know that the will of the current regime is not the will of the Iranian people.

Pope John Paul II was once asked in an interview why he thought the US had prospered so much inthe 20th century. He replied directly that he thought it was because the Jewish people in the US had been treated so well. Wow.

This from a Catholic who was young man in Poland during WWII, where Jews had been a serious anathema. So, perhaps it is a kind of truth that when a nation embraces its minorities, better times lie ahead.

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel . . .



More sheep following each other

by religulous (not verified) on

Look at this KING DAVID and ARASH AFSAR so desperately trying to make a case for their arguements against humanity ,as if they got one hand on Koran trying to convince the world this is normal behavior for Islam and its believers...well you two idiots convinced me what a cancer religion and its believers are to this planet specially Islam.


الفبای گفتگو

1Anonymous (not verified)

اگر کلمه "بهایی"، "بهاییت" یا "بهاییان" را در اینترنت جستجو کنید، به وبلاگ ها و وبسایت های فراوانی برمیخورید که بسیاری از آنان با هدف مقابله با دیانت بهایی طراحی شده اند. این سایتهای اینترنتی در کنار بسیاری از نشریات و رسانه های دیگر با تمام قوا به مبارزه با این دیانت و پیروان آن مشغولند و ظالمانه محدودیتهای بهاییان ایران را مسکوت میگذارند. لحن کلام این رسانه ها و سطح علمی و فرهنگی آنان طیف وسیعی را شامل میشود: از وبسایت های ظاهراً تحقیقی با شکل و شمایلی آراسته و لحنی عالمانه و متمدن نما گرفته تا وبلاگهای بی شرم و حیا و افسارگسیخته که تنها حاوی توهین و فحاشی و پرده دری اند. ولی مودب یا فحّاش، عالمانه یا عامیانه، متمدنانه یا بدوی، تمام این سایتها اعتقادات و مقدسات بهاییان را هدف آماج حملات بی امان خود قرار داده اند. بسیاری بهاییان را به چالش میکشند و برای بحث بر سر اعتقاداتشان به مباحثه و مناظره دعوت


This is ethnic cleansing,

by sosad (not verified) on

This is ethnic cleansing, but doing it softly.

Where is the Outrage?

Where is the US media?

Where are the Lefties???

Why is the US media pro-IRI??


SCB: Thank you

by faryarm on

SCB: Thank you

How Prophetic:

"the earth is held within His grasp, and the corrupt doers have been held by their forelock, and still they understand not. They drink of the tainted water, and know it not."

Some have made haste to attain the court of the God of Mercy, others have fallen down on their faces in the fire of Hell, while still others are lost in bewilderment .."


"They hasten forward to Hell Fire, and mistake it for light. Far from God be what they fondly imagine!" 




شرم چیز خوبی است...


به شما مسلمانان خونخوار میگویم، به آدمکشان بدون حیا و خجالت و گستاخ میگویم: از خشم خدا بترسید، از پایان صبر ملت ایران بلرزید... تهاجم شما روزی به پایان خواهد رسید. تاخت وتاز هر گروه بی وجدان و آدمخوران، بلاخره به آخر میرسد. برای خاطر آیندۀ دین خودتان حیا بکنید.


Arash, don't embarrass yourself with such...

by faryarm on

Arash, dont embarrass yourself with such (I am sorry i have to use the word) Ignorant

statement, unless your entire  2 sentence knowledge of Bahais comes from the IR Hojjatiyyih  colour brochure...

If Bahai Faith  was just words, it would not have spread to the rest of humanity. 

if it was just words that looked "good on paper" and not based on love, justice and service for humanity, Bahais would not be sacrificing their lives for it.

Arash, perhaps Bahai is not a religion like the religion of hate and destruction you have in mind, but it is every thing that religion should be; that is one that has brought people of every race and background together, people who are ready for die for what they believe despite the 160 years of ignorance and cruelty from people like you. 

I wonder if you ArashAfshar would be willing to stand up for your principles, despite torture and imprisonment and be ready to give your life for your "religion".



They Hasten Forward to Hell Fire

by scb (not verified) on

"Say: The heavens have been folded together, and the earth is held within His grasp, and the corrupt doers have been held by their forelock, and still they understand not. They drink of the tainted water, and know it not.

Say: The shout hath been raised, and the people have come forth from their graves, and arising, are gazing around them. Some have made haste to attain the court of the God of Mercy, others have fallen down on their faces in the fire of Hell, while still others are lost in bewilderment. The verses of God have been revealed, and yet they have turned away from them. His proof hath been manifested, and yet they are unaware of it. And when they behold the face of the All-Merciful, their own faces are saddened, while they are disporting themselves.

They hasten forward to Hell Fire, and mistake it for light. Far from God be what they fondly imagine!

Say: Whether ye rejoice or whether ye burst for fury, the heavens are cleft asunder, and God hath come down, invested with radiant sovereignty. All created things are heard exclaiming: "The Kingdom is God's, the Almighty, the All-Knowing, the All-Wise."

- Baha'u'llah


The Baha'ii Faith, whether

by ArashAfshar (not verified) on

The Baha'ii Faith, whether or not is was created in order to disarm and weaken Islamic countries and open their markets to control by foreign capital, is devoid of anything even remotely spiritual, and shouldn't even count as a religion. It's the kind of "religion" that is designed to look good on paper, but is entirely unpoetical.


خوش به حال کسانی که با افکاری دور از تعصب و تحری حقیقت به حقایق

007 (not verified)

خوش به حال کسانی که با افکاری دور از تعصب و تحری حقیقت به حقایق جهان مینگرند


خو‌شا به حال آن کسی که چشم بصیرت دارد !




To Mr. King David

by cyclicforward on

Obviously your logic comes from the gutters you have been living in. Why can't you address the issue and not to bring Israel into it.

you illiterate Basiji.


isreal doing same in name of religion

by King David (not verified) on

and the world have no problem with it

so why IRI can not Genocide bahais when isreal can genocide Gaza ?

so i think iran should creat GAZA for bahais , then cut the food and water and electricity , then fire bomb them with phospour to submition

so why isreal can do it to its minorities and world leader stay silent in aproval

but iran can not ?

isnt it a double standard

FRED , your ignorant racial lable dont work here , on the contrary :

ARAB = Semite = Iran regime


No more death to U.S.; now its Israel and Bahais

by Faramarz_Fateh on

The Bahais do not have clerrgy.  Teachings of their prophet abolishes the idea of an intermediary such as a priest, Rabbi, mullah, akhoond etc.  This is why they are THE biggest threat to the idea of an "Islamic" republic run by an bunch of filthy mullahs.



What do you expect?

by MRX1 on

You are dealing with brainwashed people with 12 th century  mentalithy and you are expecting some thing better. Good luck having dialogue with them...

On few occasions, talking to former prisoners in Iran who were lucky to survive the execution chambers, they all mentioned how the guards in prison did not touch them, because in their eyes they were communist, unholy, unpure and najes!


Confirmation - Document was widely distributed in Shiraz....

by alborz on

.... as referenced by Shahbazi's blog.  The blog speaks to the consequences of such a list being disseminated amongst the public.

He goes on to express concern for the reputation of the regime should the hostile sentiments of the public be fanned in this way !

Here is yet another example of being at peace with hypocrisy. We have the potential for up to 140 million faces amongst our 70 million citizens.



Please Preserve the Original Document

by LalehGillani on

Thirty years has passed… No one knows when the dark ages of mullahs will end. The burden is on our shoulders: We must do anything and everything to preserve evidence, perhaps for generations to come. (I sincerely hope not that long.)


What will you tell your kids?

by Fred on

When the Islamist republic is overthrown and fall it will, the Islamists/Anti-Semites and their likeminded lefty allies who are culpable in ever crime committed by their regime have a lot to answer for. It might not be in a crime against humanity proceedings or to the remnant of their own tardy consciences, but their offspring would want to know why their parents supported such monstrosity.


How Was the Document Distributed?

by LalehGillani on

Thank you for providing the link. I will pass on the information to others.

Also, I would like to know how the document was distributed in Shiraz? Was it done electronically or otherwise? Are there signs posted around the city? In other words, how is this venom being spread amongst the people?


Dear Laleh, entire document can be downloaded...

by alborz on

... as a scanned pdf.

You can go to this link 

and download Filename: Shiraz_s_List (2).pdf by typing the 3 character security code that appears on the screen and then wait 45 seconds and click on Free Download.



Full list of Baha'is in Shiraz

by Badie (not verified) on

The full list of the name of the Baha'is of Shiraz is available - - it is in PDF file. I could not be able to copy and attach it here. Remember this is just in Shiraz other cities will follow shortly.


This is...

by Princess on

simply beyond the pale! I am absolutely speechless.



by 20 (not verified) on

Lets dont forget that Nazi did not do the crimes in the name of God/Quran, but IRI do!!

Thanks Alborz!


Racial Hygiene & Eugenics

by LalehGillani on

With all due respect, this has gone beyond feeding on the (in) sensibility of the masses. This is reminiscence of Nazi propaganda against Jews, the Nazi racial hygiene and eugenics. These laws were posted at the entrance of parks, restaurants, theaters, and all other public facilities.

The document featured in your blog is a historical evidence that must be preserved to be used once IRI officials are prosecuted publicly for the crimes against humanity.

Is there a hardcopy (the original print-out) of this document available? There are Iranian legal scholars who are gathering such historical evidences…


incredible bull

by religulous (not verified) on

this reminds me of the Charto o part my grand parents fed us as kids about Bahais , Jews , Zartoshtis and basically anyone not shia or even from their village!!!
I would hope in this day and age masses even the brain washed religious idiots could see trough this kind of bull and start thinking for themselves....
it is so sad and unbelievable that this is happening in Iran...