Isfahan the movie...

by alborz

Spanish master illustrator and graphic animator, Cristobal Villa, lets loose his genius through his love for Persian architecture, by rendering Isfahan's architecture.

I have watched this clip many times and don't seem to get tired of it. I have many times asked myself how is it that such noble expression of love for the creator has been replaced with the perversion now so rampant in today's theocracy.

Anyway, if you do see the movie, make sure that you tour the site also.




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To Ebi and furthur clarification

by alborz on

Thanks for the information and answering Alborzi's question.

The rendered images in this movie is inspired from the architecture found in Isfahan and the compilation is entirely fictitious.

Also, I know of Arthur Upham Pope.  I believe Richard S. Frye, the American historian, who has authored many books on ancient Iran, has also asked to be buried in Isfahan.  The sad part at this juncture in our history is that we may prefer to be buried in Iran rather than live there. I am from Isfahan and don't appreciate being a foreigner here  and a tormented minority in my own country.  So I will revel in the best that Iran has to offer from afar, through books, photos and music.

Thanks to JJ now there is also a forum for civil discourse on everything that needs to aired. 



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Dear Alborz

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 1- Aalighapu & Chehelsotun are not Masjids/Mosques,but they are palaces.

 2-As much as I can tell you,I believe  the film is based on :

 Masjid-e Jomeh, Great Mosque, Masjid-e Jame,.(

Hope the following links give you a better idea about Esfehan:








Do you know the location

by Alborzi (not verified) on


My Isfahan knowlege is the two masjids, Alighapu

and chehlsotoun. Is this Sheikhlotfollah or some place else

ebi amirhosseini

To alborz

by ebi amirhosseini on

Dear alborz,thanks for sharing.I want to intoduce a great man( unknown to some),Professor Arthur Pope,who is buried with his wife in a small tomb by " Khaju bridge",Esfehan.He dedicated most of his life & money to restore some sites in Esfehan,including Sheykh Lotfollah mosque.His collection of works on Iran's art is a masterpiece ( Survey of Persian Art ).