How many sins can Roxana's imprisonment mask?

How many sins can Roxana's imprisonment mask?
by alborz

As the plight of Roxana Saberi continues to garner much well deserved international atttention, one has to wonder how many issues or violations is it intended to cover up or divert attention from and what the grand bargain will be for her release.

While the 444 day hostage ordeal is soon becoming a distant memory in Iran's post revolution relationship with the world and the US in particular, one cannot help but note the similar galvanizing impact of Roxana Saberi's imprisonment on a multitude of critical issues that Iran has had to contend with while it has been under the scrutiny of the international community.

Her unique profile as a single woman who reported from Iran for many years and the implausability of the charges brought against her, combine to create the necessary intrigue and attention that is already demonstrating its potential to put on hold many pressing issues that the West has with Iran.  These, to name a few, include its relationship with the West, its rhetoric on the Mid-East, its nuclear program, human rights violations, and finally the tightening of trade sanctions.

Each of these has at least a half dozen specific issues of contention and they appear to have been masterfully placed on hold for a time when a grand bargain can be struck that addresses Iran's internal strain in society.

On the issue of human rights and minorities in general, and Baha'is in specific, the crack-down has intensified. 

I fear that Roxana Saberi's hunger strike will not end the ordeal for her and her loved ones soon.  There are numerous objectives that have to be met and domestically Iran is also at a junction where the regime finds its institutions decaying from within and therefore has to resort to ever more force and brutality with unintended consequences that further accelerates this process of decay.

How many sins can Roxana's imprisonment mask?


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by Anonymous Joojeh (not verified) on

She collected information? What information was she in a position to collect? It's not like she had access to highly classified information. Don't you think that her "comtrolers" in the west would have been able to come up with a better plan and employ a better "spy" than her.

Also, can you please provide us with the source of all the claims that you have made in your know..the bit about her gathering information, etc. How do you know this information. Please either share it with us or STFU with all this nonsense.


Dear "Kurush",

by MiNeum71 on

It´s true, so many Western spys are working in Iran, they must be prisoned, and these conspiracy theories against IRI suck anyway.

I´m happy that YOU know who is innocent and who not, you damn IRI asshole.




by reality check (not verified) on

i heard in persian tv news, that she is bahman gobai's fiance, is that right, sure?


Not Innocent?!?

by Anonymous SaM (not verified) on

Dear Kurush, you have got to be kidding!! I have to admit that I was not able to read the entire comment you had written. Either you are completely unaware of the situation in our homeland or, acting like you and fast jump into conclusion, you must be an agent of the IRI!! How in the world can you come to the conclusion that Ms Saberi is a spy. If you truly observe the situation in Iran, you will notice that anyone that the government wants to bring to "justice" is fast proven to be a spy. Well, if I remember it correctly, all the Baha'is are spies of Israel, USA, Britain, Russia, and any other regime that is "against" IRI. Wow, I am amazed how those Baha'is manage to spy for so many countries. But if IRI is telling us they are then no doubt that they are. We all know that this government will not tell us anything that may even be close to a lie, right?!?

Ms Saberi, the Baha'is and others in Iran are indeed innocent and this regime will not ever tell us a word that comes close to be real. They live in a reality that was completely created by themselves and they have forgotten that it was made up and not real!! Do you remember Iraq's minister of information on CNN denying that the US forces were anywhere close to Baghdad, when on the background you could hear and see the Americans driving right through?!?

I think the agents of the Iranian government are doing a bang up job of "propaganda" and US does not need to send a young woman to do it for them!!


Kurush what your saying has no basis in reality.

by Tahirih on

We Bahais know that because of the unjust treatment of bahais  in Iran. All bahais who are currently in prison in Iran are innocent.

"The light of men is justice quench it not with the contrary winds of oppression and tyranny"  `` Bahaullah~~



by Kurush (not verified) on

If Saberi was truely innocent, she did not have to engage in such well-known gimmicks such as hunger strike. Nor would the IRI need to detain an innocent observer which she pretended to be. If she is innocent she can prove it with patience and truthfulness. The fact is she is NOT innocent. Nor is her hunger strike a genuine impromptu reaction of the wronged person towards her accusers. Her control, in London or Washington, most certainly trained her to engage in hunger strike if arrested. The cold war propaganda warfare was replete with such events. While free, she acted as a spy, gathering information and passing it to her control inside Iran (others associated with her were also arrested, but they are kept incommunicado with tight lid, this was most certainly an espionage cell that was busted.) So now she is going on hunger strike to serve her dual function, i.e. propaganda tool which the the Western propaganda organs will most certainly maximize reminding the world of how cruel the IRI is to keep an 'innocent' woman weakened by the hunger strike. In that the Western thugs are most shameless: they do not care if she dies, in fact they might even hope she dies in jail for maximum propaganda exploitation.