Girls are the key to transforming Iran.

Girls are the key to transforming Iran.
by alborz

I believe that until and unless the social and academic education of girls is linked to the disparity in their social status and rights, as women, humanity will muddle from one tragedy to another atrocity.  While Iran has a high rate of literacy and girls have access to academic schooling, the Islamic seeding of our society continues to relegate girls and women into a position of inferiority and subjugation in society.  Can anyone dispute the power that women can exert in the ultimate transformation of our society?  

Unless, the next generation of Iranians transcend the beleaguered standards which have diminished their social capacity and constrained their liberty, we cannot expect a recognition of, first, the importance of girls, as future mothers, in transforming society, and, second, the impact of their unleashed potential in uplifting a society into the heights of enduring peace, prosperity, and social justice.

If we were able to make this connection, I have no doubt that, in my life time, we would see the abandonment of war as an instrument of conflict resolution, elimination of the enormous disparity in wealth, a reversal in the pollution of our environment, and the restoration of Iran to its rightful station.

We as Iranians, having suffered so much under the yoke of tyranny, dogma, and exploitation, during the last 1000 years, should realize that it is precisely this enduring toll that qualifies us to feel enough pain that compels us to transform our land from the darkest corner of this world to a shining beacon of hope and prosperity.

Imagine that!



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Try to fact check and spell check your comments !

by alborz on

The break up with Reza41 must have been hard.

Was it his attack on the Badi calendar that did it?

Or did he stroke your ego so much that you lost track of the fact that he thinks you are a heretic in believing that the twelveth Imam has returned?



Yes, the key to transformation are women (on the uhj)

by NUR on

Agreed with everything you say except for one thing: the exponent, i.e. you.

The Baha'is preach equality of women with men (as if they invented the concept), which is a noble and laudable enough sentiment; but fall short in the practice and implimentation department.

When you Haifan Baha'is get over your own scriptural and institutional sexism which disallows women from serving on your Universal House of Justice then sloganeer to your heart's content about what women should and shouldn't do for the future of Iran.  Until then, you Baha'is are only one small step removed from the general misogyny of the mullahs whom you are trying to replace with yourselves.

And what about the idea of a female Divine Manifestation/Messenger? Now that's a radical concept if there ever was!

Wahid Azal



by MiNeum71 on

... the females sexhungry for their whole life ... Most mariages are motivated by sexuality ... Being busy with their own sexuality there remains no intelektual energy for managing the realities of life ... western individuasls are mostly unpolical ... the females in western countries are prepared to not being able to perform their key-role in the society ...hear to the words of wisdom.

Mar-tee-keye Ogh-de-ee, I´m sure the only girls you can fuck are the girls you can buy or rape, you ugly jerk, Islam misuser and damn IRI supporter.

You and yours will pay for all these crimes one day. En-sha Al-lah


Women are key to transforming Iran!

by Greengage. (not verified) on

Maleknasri can I suggest you make use of 'Spellcheck"to maybe interest the reader in your comment,to differentiate between women from one country or another is a futile exercise! But there is no doubt that if women in Iran lived free lives they would have added incentive to fulfil their true potential!


Girls are the key to transforming Iran

by Faribors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

I would say women in general are the key. the difference between western females and Moslemas is: the western ones are misled and are convinced appearing in the public with inadequate clothes is part of freedom and human rights. the youth in the western countries is teached to make use from sexuality as soon as possible. This makes the females sexhungry for their whole life. and males are also vaccinated with the same attitude. Most mariages are motivated by sexuality and last only for a short period of time. Being busy with their own sexuality there remains no intelektual energy for managing the realities of life. The western individuasls are mostly unpolical. the females in western countries are prepared to not being able to perform their key-role in the society. They take the weappons of the woman with themselves to the daily struggle of life. But these weapons get very soon unsharp, useless. Daughters, mothers, grandmothers and greatgrandmothers in moslem coubntries have allways played an activ role in the social daily life. Moslems mean: if there were no moslemas 1400 years ago, may be nobody knew anything about Islam today. Iranian Women can claim a great honor for themselves, since it were they who helped the nation to conquer ove rthe great satan. and they resist since 30 years the invasion of enemies to their Islamic Republic. It is true that the females are the key to transform Iran. The adequate and desirable transformation is fulfielled allready. It was 1978/79. Iranian Women have done great work and - as the youngest history showes - they will continue. A transformation as the article treis to construct can not happen. thanks the Islamic education of Iranian females. I think we can not take individuals as Shirin Ebadi and likewise subjects as the prototype of iranian women. although i personally admire her since she has found the best way to make money. Of course not because she is intelligent but since the westerns are not. They think individuals as shirin could wound Iranians and give her money. once as peacemaker and another time as best journalist. The lady has a lawyer office in Tehran and permanently on travel around the world. The poor roxana had meant shirin is the lawyer who could get her out of Iran and she has taken only her money out of her fathers pocket. The sources of the wourld are sure: The Islamic Republic of Iran will continue to exist in the next hundreds of years. Some are even convinced: till reappearance of mahdi(s). However likewise articles are good enough for "IRANIAN". They bring a numberless comments, pro and contra. So is the site busy round around the clock. Bringing wisdomes would not have the same effect. Greeting


Light at the End of the Tunnel

by MiNeum71 on

Democracy can only work, when the members of the society both participate themselves and respect others participations (views, opinions). So democracy needs an improved civilised and educated culture, not necessarily an economically developed society.

The one and only solution I see is to educate the people toward a respectful society, and I think this is going on quite well. It takes time, but this can be a lesson which in the long run brings a good result.

I see the light at the end of the tunnel: Political culture is divided into social culture and construction culture. The social culture is daily life´s matter of courses in their entirety. The construction culture has two functions: it must thematize the social culture and it must create and develope new cultural matter of courses.

Iran´s society is improving anyway. More and more women can read and write, that makes the society less religious and makes birth control possible, Iran´s birthrate was 1.689 (2008), the infant mortality is falling, from 44,17 (2003) to 35.78 (2009 est.); this is a great reality.

Iran is already a secular country, only the leading elite still hasn´t noticed it (demographic data are much more evident than any political rhetoric).

I see the step-by-step solution. The circumstances are becoming better, then many exil Iranians will return (specially from Europe), and they and the contacts with Iranians can help the society to change into a democratic governance.

As in Europe the women are the key to success. And I think only the new women and the European Iranians can help changing the Iranian culture and society.


Maryam Hojjat

Good Analysis!

by Maryam Hojjat on

May Iranian women have realized their potential for this transformation.

Payandeh Iran


a gender war..?!!

by Kurush (not verified) on

the reduction of Iran's problems to one of some vague transcendant female power is absurd. We need not argue that everyone must learn to respect others irregardless of their gender, it is a given & also a learnt behaviour. The atavistic possessiveness of the Iranian male may be Freudin in the sense that the child abhores to let go of the mother. Thus the Iranian males, at least a good number of them, need to control the females. The right step would be to make sure schools have mixed genders. Then Iranian men and women can learn to cope with & respect one another early on. My elementary school in Tehran was mixed genders and I had great fun and actually fell in love with couple of the girls in my class. The High School was of course all male and a drag. But try to desegregate public schools in IRAN, the Mullahs will go apoplectic.


Women and Men are equal in the sight of God

by Anonymousobserver123 (not verified) on

Dear Alborz,
I cannot agree more!
During the last 30 years under the IRI discriminating system,especially for women,our brave and courageous women in Iran have shown their strong and firm determination for reching this highly valued standard of equality of rights.
Long live Iranian women!