Generation Tehran: Documentary on Iranian Youth

by alborz

A hopeful survey of the thoughts and lives of Iranian youth that comprise 70% of Iran's population.

Despite the restrictions in every aspect of their lives, Iranian youth exhibit progressive aspirations and disucss their understanding of freedom amidst the frustrations they experience.

After watching this documentary you cannot help but draw comparisons between the  youth in Iran and the West and find yourself proud of their awareness, intelligence and sense of identity.



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very interesting !

by Tahirih on

I think I need sometime to digest it, since this generation is so different from mine. They are deep but at the same time superficial. they are very sad, even the ones that tried to say they are not.

what bothers me, about this generation , which is not at all their fault, is how they are trying to look western,and the amount of make up and plastic surgery is an indication of running away from who they really are.

Overall they are good kids,and I feel sorry for them, they are paying price for something that their parents did!

Thanks again ,very informative.