Fariba Kamalabadi and Mahvash Sabet ask to be executed


Fariba Kamalabadi and Mahvash Sabet ask to be executed
by alborz

An open letter from Iraj Ayman, after a brief telephone call from Fariba Kamalabadi.

To the last upholders of any remaining human decency in the World:

The most pure, the most innocent, and the truly Godly and saintly Baha'is, Fariba Kamalabadi & Mahvash Sabet, after three years of continued humiliating captivity in the worst dungeon of the World in Iran as prisoners of conscience, after the miraculous course of epic events and super human accounts of their purifying power in action even in the subterranean dungeon leading to the moral and mental transformation of the worst of killers and criminals, have now been removed, along with some 300 to 400 unfortunate and pathetic souls (criminals and political prisoners alike), and cast into the worst animal slaughter-house and thrown into sub-animal conditions.

Filled with filth of human waste and urine due to only 2-3 open toilets for 400 prisoners under one roof, and with no fresh air, no cell walls, and fewness of sleeping beds, stampeded by riots daily, and even all nights long at dark by the running cell-mates due to purposeful agitation caused by excruciating super loud sirens of the guards to torture and throw the prisoners into chaos, the two heavenly Angels, Fariba and Mahvash, are now at the danger of undignified imminent death, save by the protecting Will of God from on High, only as instrumented by the universal outcry of the remaining final band of people of good will in the World.

The last angelic voice of Fariba, just over two hours ago, by the less than one minute phone call from that infernal hell prison, was the message to tell the people of decency the world over, and the leaders of the so-called free-world, "to do whatever they can, NOW, perhaps and perchance our corpses can be retrievable"; and another sentence the one minute phone call message the day before: "Tell the Iran government, to issue our execution sentence immediately, so that we are martyred, rather than remain in this unimaginable sub-animal indignity treatment status not befitting of our human station".

If we, after all these three years, with all the top governments of the World and all the leaders of thought giving unified moral support in words, and with so many resolutions and statements passed, and with so much media reports issued, if we only content and suffice with these and with similar words alone, and cannot and do not go beyond only expressions of well wishes, if in this the 21st Century we ultimately cannot affect real action resulting in their immediate freedom, then we all, starting with myself here and now, must just close our chapter on any claim to our humanity. If these precious souls, and the highest expressions of human purity and dignity in the World, are to be left to their fate in this manner, I shall claim myself less than animal, just similar to the perpetrators of these heinous acts; for equal are the acts of commission and the acts of omission in the eye of God and in the judgement of future history. I chose not this scenario. I am issuing my tickets and flying to Iran soonest to do my part; perchance others elsewhere in their various capacities will also make other forms of mighty efforts and supreme acts of humanity, and will seek action and results rather than suffice with words, to once for all end this age-long tragic suffering of the persecuted Baha'i Community of Iran.

Farzam Kamalabadi, Fariba Kamalabadi & Mahvash Sabet's lowliest servant and the dust under their feet.

Iraj Ayman


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Sahameddin Ghiassi

.. مردم مارا در فشار ګذاشته است وګرنه اګر بعضی از ما فکر کنیم

Sahameddin Ghiassi

؟  مردم مارا در فشار ګذاشته است  وګرنه  اګر بعضی از ما  فکر کنیم با تفرقه و جدایی ها ی بیشتر ما به رفاه خواهیم رسید یک اشتباه تاریخی است  ما هم بایست مثل اتحادیه اروپا و یا ولایات متحده متفق آمریک اداره  شویم ودارای قدرت بین المللی باشیم وګرنه  ساختن امپراتوریهایی نظیر امپراتوری بحرین ویا پادشاهی  جزیره  و یا رییس جمهور شدن مادام عمری و موروثی مارا از این مخمصه نجات نخواهد داد.  در شرایط کنونی همه ما قربانی هستیم   چه فارس چه ترک چه عرب و چه دیګران  ما بایست با هم متحد شویم و با دوستی مشګلات را حل کنیم و اجازه ندهیم که دزدان و خرابکاران بنام دین ملیت زبان یا مکتبهای اجتماعی کمونیست  کاپیتالیست بر ګرده ما سوار شوند و از ما شهادت طلب کنند تا خودشان با ثروتهای دزدی باد آورده نجومی به ریش همه ما بخندند.  شاید همه رهبران دنیا یا اکثر آنان باهم بنوعی توافق رسیده اند که مردم عادی را ګوشت دم توپ کنند وبجان هم  بیاندازند و خودشان در قصرهای تلایی در آغوش مه پیکران بین المللی کیف کنند  و ما سر ترک فارس  عرب عجم   رشتی وتهرانی  مسلمان بهایی باهم در زد خورد و آزار هم باشیم  مارا آواره کنند و خودشان در باغ ها و کاخهای افسانه به زندګی پر زرق برقشان ادامه دهند.  که ای اهل عالم همه شما  بار یک دارید و شاخه های یک شاخسار  و ګلبرګهای یک ګل بن   سراپرده یګانګی در جهان بلند شده و بچشم بیګانګی بهم ننګرید  ایکاش که اقلا همه بهاییان به آموزه های خود عمل میکردند  که ګفته اند اګر دین سبب اختلاف و ناراحتی باشد بی دینی بهتر است.  ما اګر همه باهم متحد باشیم براحتی تمامی مشګلات را حل خواهیم کرد  و اګر کارها دست مدیران مدبر و دلسوز باشد ګرسنګی و فقر و بیسوادی  و خود ارضایی و کشت کشتار و نفرت جنګ برای همیشه پایان خواهد پذیرفت.  تا مادامیکه نفرت هست واختلاف هست و یکرنګی و دوستی و عشق نباشد آش همین و کاسه هم همین است   حتی اګر ګدایی را به پادشاهی برسانیم ګدا پادشاه شده از ګدایان دیګر هم دفاع نخواهد کرد. 

nadeem khan

Quite emotional

by nadeem khan on

write some letters for those thousands of innocents of Palestine suffering in Luxerious Israeli Jails.

Don't forget those thousands of innocents living Luxirious life in Abu Gharib Jail.

And don't forget those of Gunatanamo Bay.

2 or 47 Baha'is who did not obeyed the laws of their country and punished for that. Whole Iranian.com (a very few people sitting in California or here and there, with multiple usernames) is crying for them and did not bother for others.

Baha'is, Baha'u'llah is crying for your behaviour. He did not expected this kind of doubious behaviour from lovely people like you.

Because Baha'i believe that their religion is a world religion, they must raise voice for all those are suffering, Not just Baha'is. If you cry only for yourself then you are mean.

Show us a Letter of Haifan UHJ that raises its voice in support of those innocents of IRAQ, Afghanestan, Pakestan, Palestine, Congo, Burundi, Sudan etc.

I read some messages of NEAL CHASE (leader of a Prominent Baha'i Sect) who supports the people of IRAQ and condemns the policies of USA.

Show us a letter of the Haifan UHJ that condemns the policies of Imparealist nations. There are 10s of letters condemning Iran, are there any condemning Israel or USA or their allies.

This kind of messages are only propaganda machines and all the Iranians even those with very little minds know that.



what a cruel

by rtayebi1 on

animals these mullahs are.



by yolanda on

Thank you, Alborz, for spreading the word. Please keep us updated with their status......I truly hope they can be acquitted and released soon! So sorry that what I can do is so limited! My heart goes out to all the Bahais who are being persecuted in this world!

Thank you for your blog!



Dear Yolanda,

by alborz on

... thank you for the thoughtful letter and initiative.


i am a bahai too

A Prayer for Prisoners

by i am a bahai too on

Thou beholdest, O my God, Thy servant,

Thy servant who dwelleth in this prison-house, wholly detached from any one but Thee, his eyes turned in the direction of the Day-Spring of Thy mercy, his heart longing for the wondrous manifestations of Thy grace.  Thou, O my Lord, hast reckoned up the ills that have afflicted him in Thy path.  Thou seest him compassed about with such of Thy creatures as have transgressed and rebelled against Thee, who have come in between him and Thy loved ones, who have fixed his abode in this land and wronged Thee, and who have hindered Thy servants from turning towards Thee. 

For all these things I offer thanksgiving unto Thee, O my Lord!  I implore Thee to assist me and them that love me to magnify Thy Word, and to endow us with such strength that the ills of this world and its tribulations will be powerless to hinder us from remembering Thee and from extolling Thy virtues.  Powerful art Thou to do all things; resplendent art Thou above all things.

Every conqueror is but a serf whom Thy hand hath subjected, and the richest of the rich is as destitute before the immensity of Thy wealth.  The noblest of nobles is humbled when faced with the manifestations of Thy glory, and the mightiest of potentates is a mere abject one when confronted with the compelling evidences of Thine authority.

Tear asunder, O my God, the veil of vain imaginings that hath obscured the vision of Thy people, that all may haste towards Thee, may tread the path of Thy pleasure, and walk in the ways of Thy Faith.  We are, O my God, Thy servants and Thy bondsmen.  Thou art sufficient unto us so that we can dispense with the world and all that is therein.  We are wholly satisfied with all that hath befallen us in Thy path, and exclaim: “Praised be Thou, in Whose hand are the realms of revelation and of creation, and all the kingdoms of earth and heaven!”

- Bahá'u'llah



by yolanda on

I have sent both English and Farsi letters to Khamenei's website in 2 separate e-mail:


Both letters fit the space providied by the website.......I also wrote 2 short letters before I pasted the letters by the 2 ladies....here are my 2 simple letters:

Hi Mr. Khamenei:

2 political prisoners are suffering in Iranian jail....they wanted to be executed.....I am appalled by the prison condition and mental state of the Bahai inmates. I hope Islamic compassion can be applied to their case. Thank you in advance!

Hi! Mr. Khamenei,
   I would like to visit your beautiful country one day. Yesterday I read a letter written by 2 Bahai inmates. It just broke my heart. I could not believe that 400 prisoners share 3 toilets......I am saddened by the squalid condition they endure day in and day out! Is that possible that the 7 Bahais can be released based on Islamic clemency? It is way too harsh to sentence people 20 years in jail for their beliefs. I hope you can intervene and free these people. I still remember that you closed down Kahrizak detention center.......I appreciate it! I hope you can help these 7 Bahais this time. Thank you in advance........It is super sad that the 2 ladies wanted to end their lives. I hope it will never happen!


Thank you, RahmanKhan, for the Farsi letter link!




by alborz on

This letter was written by Mr. Farzam Kamalabadi after receiving a brief call from her sister, Mrs. Fariba Kamalabadi.  It was mistakenly attributed to the translator, Mr. Iraj Ayman.

My apologies for this error,


Bahram G

Horrific Islamists

by Bahram G on

These creatures, the Islamists, have dragged the faith of Islam into mud by their daily misdeeds and atrocities. I only wish that the parasitic mullahs and their henchmen would find enough decency in themselves to show the world who they really are--personification of all that is abhorrent to mankind--rather than claiming themselves as custodians of Allah's religion.

Shame and more shame on these creatures. I hope that they will be tried and punished for their crimes before their demise into the grave of infamy.

Mullahs are the worse creatures--can't call them animals. It is insulting animals to lump these agents of Ahriman (Satan) with animals. Mullah creatures, abandon your criminal ways. Soon you shall be held accountable and will have no recourse but to pay for your crimes. LET PRISONERS OF CONSCIENCE GO TO TO THEIR LOVED-ONES. LET THEM GO!

Bahram G


The Translation in Farsi

by RahmanKhan on

Here is a link to the translation of the letter is Farsi:



Anis Cyrus

what a shame .

by Anis Cyrus on

How strange and sad that angels like these ladies who truely are like beautiful flowers in the garden of humanity are chained in prison by the hands of lowest forms of haumn beings.
How sad and unjust.
Hope and pray for the freedom of our nation.



by yolanda on

If anyone knows the Farsi version of the letter, please put a link here or paste the Farsi letter here, I will send a copy of the letter to Khamenei thru his website.....I e-mailed the guy before several times.....

At this point, I don't know what will work and how I can help these 2 ladies..........I kind of feel guilty not suffering like these 2 nice ladies! Actaully I had a bad week......I got rear-ended on Wednesday, May 4........but I am still in one piece and still alive.......I don't understand why these 2 ladies have to live in hell like this......because they are Bahais?! because they are Iranians?!

Life is so unfair!

I know that Roxanna Saberi mentioned her Bahai cell mates many times in her interviews and tried to raise the awareness of their sufferings!

P.S Thank you, RahmanKhan, for the information!


Stop killing our people !

by Shemirani on

This ladies commited no crime, having another religion different from this pigs on power is not a crime.

 this bunch of murders should be stopped !


Yes Yolonda

by RahmanKhan on


Same ladies who shared the room with Roxana in Evin prison, who gave her hope and strength, now they wish to die to be relieved from this daily torture. Very very sad.




by yolanda on

It is so sad and heart-wrenching......

Thank you for posting!

Any suggestions?

Are they the ladies who shared room with Roxanna Saberi?