Delara's fate marks another tragic day in Iran's dark and dismal record.

Delara's fate marks another tragic day in Iran's dark and dismal record.
by alborz

While we grieve Delara's fate, I would like to think that her life and its tragic ending is not a loss.

That the pain we feel and grief we share must indeed lead to a transformation of our collective hearts, minds, and souls.

Could not her tragic end and the many thousands of other lives which have been trampled and extinguished not be accounted for by the spiritual awakening of a disillusioned society that prides its past and laments its present?

I cannot but help to think that the future of Iran is contingent not just on the voices that are heard by others, but rather the voices that need to be heard within, and compel this long overdue transformation in us, as a nation.



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We Must Be United Against ANY Injustice.

by faryarm on

I have been reading and hearing the tragic reports about Delara;

Her last days and her parent's desperate attempts to appeal to the inhuman prosecutor.... 

This Injustice will not end, until all fair minded people truly unite and raise their voices. It is only through this kind of indiscriminate Universal solidarity amongst Iranians  that can appeal to the Conscience of the rest of the world.

in 1983 A group of Canadian Singers and Artists participated in this music Video, a song written by Doug Cameron to tell the story of Mona;

A Powerful expression of unity between East and West.




reza 41 what is your solution?

by curly on

kill everyone whether inocent or not? if they are inocent they will be going to heavon and their reward for your oooppppsss would be it  ?nice solution:DDDD


In Memory of Atefah Sahaaleh †

by MiNeum71 on

David ET


by David ET on

well said.

Its on solidarity days like this that IR criminals start shaking

babak pirouzian

Reza 41, What are you trying to say?

by babak pirouzian on

Explain what you have in your mind, no one can read your intention.

Are you suggesting no one should defend anyone but Baha's?

The whole world is defending Bahae's, what more any one can do? 

p.s. some one copy/paste a few number of sites for you to see, I add one more to it.



Reza 41 the executioner

by Atorny General (not verified) on

Why don't you go to the following sites and make the same comments (if you have bayzeh) and see how many friends you really have? I am waiting for you!!!

rosie is roxy is roshan

My thoughts on this are similar to yours, especfially as

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

regards the diaspora, of which i.c. is a clear and LARGE cross-section. And so I posted this on her Iranian of the Day thread:




when an entire diaspora

scattered like leaves by fate and the four winds

across the entire planet


there is a tree.


when an entire generation

who says they were swept up like leaves

by the winds of Revolution


there is a tree.




Incredibly, however, (or perhaps predictably) there are people bickering and agendaizing all this.

In any case my more complete thoughts are on my concurrent blog (the non-featured, not the featured one).

Thanks a lot for yours.

Reza 41

been trampled ? who?

by Reza 41 on

let say you are in charg as Bahai, what would you do , this woman had took some one life for sake . what is your solution ? 


My neighbor was hitting his

by Anonymous.curious (not verified) on

My neighbor was hitting his child, the child was crying. All the neighbors around called the police.The police showed up and detained the aggressor father and saved the child from the cruel man.
In our neighborhood there is a family sense of solidarity and humanity among its members.
If this sense of collective solidarity plus the authority of the police worked at International level
There would not exist violations of Human rights.