Blogging - It's Tax Deductible !


Blogging - It's Tax Deductible !
by alborz

With April 15th just a couple of days away, I asked myself "why am I so late this year?". While my procrastination was not unusual, the time spent on the "Nothing is Sacred" site was !

In fact I wondered how many other folks on this site are running behind on filing their returns because of time spent on this site.  Could it really be possible that blogging on the raging debates, during the past of couple weeks or the poetry marathons, caused folks to put off that most painful of annual rituals where we part with the money that is never touched.  You know the one that is just a bunch of numbers on an official looking statement that is sent to you every month.

For that matter, could it be that those numbers on that monthly statement are just that and that the Madoff scheme is still in play.  Well it would sure be less painful if the money was really not there and that sending it to the US Treasury would be just a subtraction on just a number.   Otherwise, given the amount of time folks put into blogging, especially when they are posting and responding to a zillion comments here and there, then making blogging a tax deductible activity should be seriously considered.

For example, in a few years, when there are no manufacturing jobs left in the US, could blogging be considered a contribution to civil society?   Massive unemployment could lead to riots if folks were not able to vent online.  Blogging provides a closed form of expression.  For example, you can attack and accuse people, groups, institutions and beliefs with impunity.  You can fabricate, forge and misrepresent because you can and yes, with impunity.  You can also engage in dialogue, discussion, debate and gain insight to what others think, view the world, and develop virtual friendships that never go beyond the keyboard.  It is true that we can be tormented by what others write, but consider the alternative in a society that is armed to its teeth.

Do you think that I am onto something here?  I know blogging does have tax consequences for, so I am wondering why can't it be deductible for bloggers?



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The easiest Tax Form

by hossein.hosseini on

A few years ago, I saw a propsal to simplify tax forms, this one was called 1040EEEZZZZ, it only had two lines.

Line 1. How much did you make in 2008?

Line 2. Send it to IRS :o)

anonymous fish


by anonymous fish on

dang it.  i just finished my taxes last night and i didn't see the line for this deduction.  i wonder if it's too late to go back and correct. 

when we get home from work, we have our "how was your day" visit, followed by "what's going on on" visit.  i figured, if i can't beat 'em, i might as well join 'em. 


Reza 41

مجنون گرانسنگی به چاهی اندر آورد و صد عاقل...

Reza 41

"weeks or the poetry marathons, caused folks to put off that most painful of annual rituals where we part with the money that is never touched". 

weeks..???? oh,  some time tens of years may takes to clear things out that one evil lunatic (serpent) would do for sake of his master Satan ,milking dupes at one point , and poets not are to blame, race for human milking marathons had began since time of Adam , and had thousands of contestant masqueraded in many type of congregations behind many trees and branches,of course most targeted sit were(still are) our hearts ,them by sacrosanctness of themselves rather than GOD almighty have proved ; "them devils mean nothing but feed their detestable belly and desire to astray from GOD path "  :

هيچ بشرى را نسزد كه خدا به او كتاب و حكم و پيامبرى بدهد سپس او به مردم بگويد به جاى خدا بندگان من باشيد بلكه [بايد بگويد] به سبب آنكه كتاب [آسمانى] تعليم مى‏داديد و از آن رو كه درس مى‏خوانديد علماى دين باشيد 3(۷۹)


Dear Alborz we should get compensation:))

by Tahirih on

I have burnt so many pots and pans since my involvement with the site:))

Very interesting observation, I think JJ has to compensate us, according to the time we have spent on the blogs and our engagement with the comments:)))))))

And I am not even counting in the emotional ups and downs after reading some blogs, HINT, HINT, to the last few weeks:)))and the neglect and indifference to our families and partners!!!!!

Take care , sir.



good one!

by IRANdokht on

Dear Alborz

I was late doing my taxes this year too...  I think we might have felt less ambitious about being a "tax-payer" or maybe too hopeful that Obama might bail us out too...

If you find a way to deduct for blogging, I am sure you'll be a very popular tax advisor here! :o)

Have a great day




by Alexx on

Dear Alborz,


Do bloggers pay?

I really hope for better atmosphere on this website. It seems to me that unfortunatly moderator approve whatever.






Deductable? no way

by IRS man (not verified) on

Forget that IRS don't pay for time spent on anything. Give us an example if you think otherwise.