Architect tells story of Shahyad Monument


by alborz

The story of the Shahyad monument as told by Hossein Amanat, is a glimpse at the dedication, humility and love of Iran’s heritage by its Bahá’í architect.

In a rare interview by the host of the program Bahá’í View, Mr. Amanat talks about how he won the competition for the design of this monument and during the year prior to being awarded the contract he was asked to design many buildings on the campus of Sharif University.

In this interview he speaks eloquently about the dedication of the artisans, craftsman, and owner of the rock quarry that supplied the marble used in this edifice that exemplifies the architecture of both pre- and post Islamic Iran.

If you can spare 50 minutes to view this program, you will appreciate Shahyad’s design at a much deeper level. Mr. Amanat shares a collection of images from various historic sites that served to inspire the design and the many smiling and proud faces of the talent that created this timeless testament to Iran’s resilience through the pages of history.

He then goes on to talk about his participation at a conference on the reconstruction of the citadel in Bam.  His progressive views are refreshing and inspiring and reminds us of what could have been possible. 

also has an interview with Mr. Amanat about his views on the current plans for the maintenance of this monument.

Enjoy this interview at:

and the article at:

Mr. Amanat was also the architect of three administrative buildings at Bahá’í World Center, in Haifa, Israel. Here is the link to a photo of these buildings:


You can explore his other works at his firm’s website which interestingly include the Iranian Embassy in Bejing, which was completed in 1983.




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