بهائی بهائی حمایتت می‌کنیم!


by alborz

در میان شعار‌ها از زردشتیان و بهائیان نیز یاد شد!

آیا این اقلیت‌ها میتوانند امیدوار به دستیابی به حقوق شهروندی خود باشند؟

آیا این انتخابات میتواند ماهیت و سیاست این نظام را در این موارد تغییر دهد؟

آیا یاران ایران و ۳۰ نفر دیگر از بهائیان که هم اکنون در زندانهای کشور به سر میبرند آزاد خواهند شد؟

این هم شرح حال یاران ایران پس از دیدار با آنها در زندان اوین.

 دوستان عزیز الله ابهی - به فضل و موهبت جمال مبارک بار دیگر این لیاقت را یافتم که یاران عزیز ایران را ملاقات نمایم . همگی چون همیشه محکم وشاد بودند و من چون همیشه ازایشان درس استقامت و ایمان گرفتم.من اجازه ملاقات با فریبای عزیزم را داشتم ولی توانستم بقیه یاران را هم ملاقات کنم که البته همگی از بشت شیشه و با گوشی تلفن بود.فریبا هر چند از لحاظ جسمانی بسیار نحیف شده بود بطوری که باورش برایم بسیار مشکل بود ولی الحمدلله روحش در همان قوت واطمینان و شادابی بود.بقیه یاران هم از لحاظ جسمانی نحیف شده بودند ولی الحمدلله همگی قوی و محکم و خندان بودند . حتی خانواده های انان نیز همه خندان وبر امید و اطمینان. خدا را شکر خدا را شکر بطور حتم دعای مستمرهمه عزیزان در سراسر عالم موجب گشایش خواهد بود تا این نفوس مقدسه که اکنون در نهایت مظلومیت اسیرند رهایی یابند . به امید ان روز.




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Dear Laleh, it is also individuals...

by alborz on

... like you that makes every Iranian Baha'i hopeful about the future of Iran.

I sincerely appreciate your thoughtfulness and the lucidity with which you express yourself in Persian and English.




Tir - Baha'is celebrate Norooz and Pray in Persian as well !

by alborz on

Your question was direct and simple to answer - Thanks!

The Baha'i year begins on Norooz, just as the Iranian calendar.  Why you may ask?  Because the Faith was born in Iran, the land of the Aryans and the religion of Zoroaster.

Baha'is around the world from all cultural and religious background celebrate Norooz according to their own native traditions.  The significance of Norooz for Baha'is is two fold, however.  Besides being the beginning of their New Year, it also marks the end of a month of fasting.  In this way, Norooz has gained a significance yet unachieved by any other means.

Also, as for prayers, the Iranian and Arab Baha'is have the bounty of being able to say prayers in both languages of revelation in this Faith, Persian and Arabic.  The Baha'is of the World can say these very same prayers in their own native languages because authoritative translations do exist.  Understanding of these sacred verses are highly valued and therefore there is no restriction in this regard.




Do Bahai's celebrate norooz?

by Tir (not verified) on

Do Bahai's celebrate norooz? I understand they have their own calendar and pray in arabic not Persian or any Iranian Language.


مگر میشود صدای حق را خاموش کرد؟


After thirty years of non stop propaganda and indoctrination to force our youth to accept the superiority of Shi'a over all religions, Iranians who have been born after the revolution are acknowledging equality for all citizens of the country regardless of their religion and personal beliefs.

The road ahead is treacherous, but scenes like these are heartwarming. I draw strength from them in order to march forward into the next chapter of our struggle…


In the Islamic Republic

by Daryush on

We need to relax social rules
Allow dancing
Have more colorful programs on TV (dance, Music, singing)
Have pop art shown on TV

AND care for money making ideas. (Privatize)

With all the above, all minorities will get their Rights and society becomes happy from inside.


Ya Baha'u'lAbha!!

by Love Peace for all (not verified) on

May the sun of Baha shine in the whole world. In Iran as well as in Israel ! Peace

Darius Kadivar

Good News

by Darius Kadivar on

That's Great !





Thank you, Alborz!

by Alexx on

The hosts of earth and heaven are powerless to resist His Cause, nor can all the kings and rulers of the world ever frustrate His purpose. Say: Adversity is the oil which feedeth the flame of this Lamp and by which its light is increased, did ye but know. Indeed, the repudiation of the froward serveth but to proclaim this Faith and to spread the Cause of God and His Revelation throughout the world.

Baha'u'llah, The Summons of the Lord of Hosts, p. 147

I am grateful for this news!



Dear Alborz,

by Anonymou.Ruhi (not verified) on

thanks for posting this uplifting clip, I hope that the situation changes for better in our beloved Iran and not only Bahais,but also all Iranians regardless their creed political preference or ethnic identity will live a peaceful life in harmony
Best wishes ,Ruhi


They also mentioned the Ahl-i-Haqq

by Anonymous414 (not verified) on

Why didn't you mention them?

"Ahl-i-Haqq, Zartoshti, hemaayatat mikonim!"