Hypernova in the Green Room

Alahazrat Hajagha
by Alahazrat Hajagha

Hypernova is one of my favorite Rock band. It would surprises you if I tell you they are Iranian and they came fresh from Iran. Hypernova is one of the best Iranian underground music bands. I had chance to see them perform live in Berkeley a few months ago. My friends in Iranican made a report from that concert that I would like you to see.
Please watch the report here:



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Rock on

by Naghmeh698 (not verified) on

Good job, thanks for inteducing the band. they have really cool music style



by Nimcheh fan (not verified) on

Hypernova rocks! I became a fan watching this video:

Not as good as Kiosk but they're getting there!


Censorship and Freedom of Speech

by Anonymous6 (not verified) on

JJ and other admin,
Freedom of speech/expression is an absolute right in this society.

In your site you pretend to be an advocate of it by saying nothing is scared (what a joke!). Practically you are much worse than Mullahs. They don’t know anything better, you know and with your censorship with no real reason, downgrading yourself to the same level as mullahs!

This is my opinion that 'Ying Yang Paintings' in main page of Iranian.com is a trashy painting, and you don’t have any tolerance to hear it.

Go head again and delete my comment again as you did for past 13 hours.

Now is not the painting anymore it is your action and censorship that portrait you to the same low level as Mullahs.