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Alahazrat Hajagha
by Alahazrat Hajagha

The Super Tuesday is almost here. Going forward, the American election this year gets more exciting day by day. I think we are having very interesting and in the same time very tense primary election so far. These facts apply more on Democratic Party than Republican one.
The Democratic primary elections have been very tense and divisive this year. It is hard for democrats to choose between good and good.

Both candidates claim change and making history. One could be the first female president and other one could be the first African-American president. One plays her experience card and other his decisiveness. He inspires people and she brings up good memories. He has interesting background and she has wonderful last name. He talks about unity and she supports equal rights. He wants direct talk with Iran and she wants to end the war in Iraq on the first day. Kennedy family endorses him and, Oh well she is Bill Clinton’s wife.

All these qualities are divided between two people, and voters have to choose one. It is hard and irritating to see two strong candidates in the same party with same values have to go against each other and one gets the nomination and other be eliminated. However there could be a solution for this problem, which I would like to call an election tragedy.

The solution would be both candidates on one ticket. One ticket that covers all the promises and changes that America needs. We need a dream ticket for “America decide 08”. I think that dream ticket would be Clinton Obama 08.
Hillary Clinton as a former first lady and her 8 years experiences as US senator has ability to be a strong commander in chief. For 16 years, she has been living in Washington D.C. More than two decades she has been involved in American Politics. I am sure by now she is experience enough to play good role in dirty politic games and defeat her voters’ expectations. In the same time she can have Obama as her vice president and help him to bring his unique ideas of change on the table and make them reality.

Having good ideas and hope of change is not enough. Being able to give good and inspiring speeches of change and unity won’t make someone a good candidate for presidency. At least for us, Iranian backgrounds, it has been approved that a good speaker doesn’t necessary make him/her a good president. About 10 years ago Iranian people made so called history and elected Khatami as a president. Khatami was a good speaker. He had wonderful ideas of changes. He promised many Iranian dreams would come true under his presidency. But after 8 years he failed miserably. Khatami had inspiring personality. He had strong ability of getting attentions, however he was not the man of politics. He didn’t survived in Tehran’s complex politic games.
I see many similarities between Obama and Khatami. Obama is a wonderful man with wonderful ideas. Obama is a good example for state of Illinois to be proud of its senator. But Senator Obama is not, at least for now, the man who can survive Washington’s pressure. Obama needs support and help of someone like Clinton in order to be able to make differences. After 8 years of vice presidency I am sure he will be able to be even better president.
Clinton-Obama is not only a dream ticket for America; it will also guarantee 16 years of democrat presidency. 8 years of Clinton and 8 years of Obama.

Make sure go to vote on this coming Super Tuesday. Voting is not only practicing democracy, also it will bring your community voice and concern on the table. Joing the movement, make history, shake the world,let's toghter elect the first female president. GO AND VOTE.


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David ET

not really

by David ET on

Hillary has too much ego to be Obama's vice president and work for him

... and hopefully Obama has more principals than working for such a corrupt politician.


Obama all the way. No more presidents in Israel's pocket!!

by Gab (not verified) on

Israel has successfully destroyed the US economy and military while also shooting itself in the foot. It's time for a new leader in the US who is willing to confront Israel for the bastard it has been. It's disgusting and Hillary is in their pocket all the way. If we wanted an Ariel Sharon, we would have been in Israel. Obama, if the Jews do not assassinate him, will be a great president.


Why I will vote Obama

by eimanz on

Hillary Clinton has been part of the Washington Establishment for decades. We can assume that her Foreign Policy will be similar to that of Bill Clintons. And while that foreign policy was fantastic compared to the mess that is the Bush administration, remember that Clinton's foreign policy did not make America safer either. Sanction on Iraq starved the Iraq people, breeding anti-Americanism; Clinton sided with the Israeli's again at the Camp David Accords and the Israeli Palestinian issue was never resolved then. Clinton's connection with Iran thawed with Khatami in power, and that was a great progress, but not nearly enough to re-establish normal ties between the two countries. We don't want the same group to try doing the same thing again and again and expecting a different result. That is what we call insanity.

With Obama there will be a new group, an open air of thinking. Will he succeed? Who knows, but we also know that when he's president he'll have the support of all Democrats behind him. Even Hillary.


Hillary needs Obama more than he needs her

by Roozbeh Shirazi on

What you talk about is the ideal ticket for Hillary. No doubt that would be ideal in the eyes of the clinton camp. Hillary and Bill like Obama, and would be happy to take him in as a protege, but not lose to who they see as an upstart challenger. Their campaign thinking is he needs to "wait his turn."

But I don't think Obama will bite--I think he will not give the clinton's what they so desperately want, because he wants to be untainted for another run in the future. And he if doesn't get the nomination and refuses to be her VP, she can blame herself. Hillary is more vicious and knows how to sling mud, and part of that strategy has been to label Obama as "inexperienced." It is hard to work for someone who spends a lot of time antagonizing you and tearing down your ideas.

Regardless of who wins the Democratic primary, they will be better than the flip flopping crazy Mormon who hates immmigrants, and the 90 year old POW who like to sing "Bomb Iran" and wants to continue the Iraq war.

Alahazrat Hajagha

To Salim

by Alahazrat Hajagha on

Dear political junky
First of all, You are accusing me to be influenced by mass media and then you are trying to make a point by bringing Washington post evaluation. hah that is funny.
Secondly , your comment about third option won’t do anything but give the power to the Republican nominee. Like 2000 election, Florida, Nadar, Gore and Bush in white house. If senator Obama loses the primary and run as independed , he not only will lose big in general election, also he betrays his country.

Oh yeah, thanks for the web site but I recommend you read a history book and learn more about golden years of 90’s.



by just a demo-crat (not verified) on

You're right! Clinten-Obama-08.


I will vote for Romney becuase

by Anonymous^2 (not verified) on

he will bomb the Islamic Republic of Muslim Terrorists.

Death to Islam


Vote Obama

by salim on

Dear sir,

I am a political junky of a sort and I have to disagree with some of the comments in your post. Especially, the implied comment about Obama's lack of substance.

Obama has very specific plans, it's all detailed on this web site. Your post is merely a reflection of the comments you see on the Mass Media and does not reflect a deep research your part.

On economy his plan was given A grade by Washingtong Post and Clinton's was given a C.

On health care Clinton wants to force everyone to buy health care, where Obama wants to give you the choice to get health care by bringing the price down for anyone and making a law to refuse insurance by preconditions or other reason an insurance comapny many not insure you. The problem with Clintons porposal is that it would not get passed by the Senate. She failed the first time and she will fail again.

On the issue of ticket. Actually it will never be Obama/Clinton. Clinton has too many negatives and it would actualy bring Obama's tikcet down. Now, but the reverse is true. Obama if he is on the Clinton's ticket will help her, but the question is would he want to be on his ticket.

Finally, there is a thrid option. Obama running as an independent. If we have McCain, and Hillary, and independent Obama could win that race.


To know more about where Obama is on the specific Issues got to:



Nazy Kaviani

Very Important Elections

by Nazy Kaviani on

I think this to be a very important elections for everyone, and particularly for Iranian-American voters. Bush's policies towards Iran have been unsuccessful, raising tension and accomplishing zilch. It really is time to change things around and the way to do it is to get out there and vote.