Symphony in Blue


by Roshan Houshmand
I have just updated my site with new works in the “Trailscripts” section. As an Iranian-American woman artist, painting is my way to understand, question, resolve and explore. My art is about a ritualistic process with the end goal being a purely meditative state of painting. The force behind my art and my life is change. These concepts behind these paintings were originally inspired by images of particle trails from bubble chambers. The simple elegance of the trails and the incredible information each trail provides, intrigued me both visually and conceptually >>>

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Feb 24, 2009
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Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

My favorites are 1 thru 12. Specifically:

"Fire and Ice":

"Dance of Salome":

"In the Garden":

And of course "Symphony in Blue"

Roshan Houshmand


by Roshan Houshmand on

Dear Nazy,

Thank you for your kind feedback.  All the works are for sale, if you are interested.  Feel free to contact me at

Thanks again,

Nazy Kaviani

In the eyes of the beholder...

by Nazy Kaviani on

I love the lines and the flow of your works. I love the blue which means peace and harmony to me. Looking at several of your pieces, I wondered more than once how much I would love to have one of them near me in my home. Thanks so much for sharing.

These are my favorites:


Symphony in Blue

In the Garden

and Under the Sumak Tree (great title!)




Nice but unoriginal...

by mamad on

The paintings are nice, but seem to copy the work of early 20th century painters like Paul Klee.