by Roshan Houshmand
Roshan Houshmand, 1961, is an Iranian-American artist who was raised in the Philippines and Iran. Her MA and MFA are from Rosary College of Illinois Graduate Program in Florence, Italy, (1983, 84) and her BA is from Bennington College in Vermont where she received awards for outstanding work and leadership in the arts (1982). For several years she studied with Julio Alpuy, a preeminent member of the Atelier of Joaquin Torres Garcia, founder of Universal Constructivism. Roshan Houshmand’s work is collected in the USA and Europe. She has taught at Penn State University, the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and La Massana in Barcelona. Currently she teaches at the State University of New York in Delhi, New York (SUNY Delhi) >>>

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Symphony in Blue
Jul 29, 2010
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Your paintings

by arashf on

Dear Roshan

Thank you for sharing your work. Through the series which you published on Iranian there is a clear link which defines your visual expression. You have an excellent sense for combining colors and shapes. A sense where you use your own language and your own way of speaking out your thoughts and feelings.

Thank you and keep on going!
Arash Fayyazi


Ari Siletz

Gentle brush

by Ari Siletz on

Too many favorites to pick one out.

Shiva Tadayoni

beautiful works!

by Shiva Tadayoni on

i really enjoyed looking at these pieces of art,beautiful use of shapes and colors! my favorite is number 6.

keep up the good work my friend

Jahanshah Javid

You're welcome :)

by Jahanshah Javid on

I love your work Roshan and it's always a pleasure to feature them. My favorites are:

-- One

-- Corinthian

-- Waves 3

-- Whale's tale

-- Botanica

-- Bubbles

-- Stars



by Roshan (not verified) on

Thank you, Jahanshah, for featuring my work, and thank you, Pia and Nazy, for your kind comments.

Nazy Kaviani

Thank you

by Nazy Kaviani on

Thank you for sharing your beautiful work with us. I found the curves extremely soothing and peaceful. I loved all of your works in this collection. I wish you best of luck and peace in your work which has changed so much over the years, but has remained captivating and unique at the same time. Simply fabulous!



by Pia (not verified) on

Interesting incorporation of Fibonacci spirals in your paintings, with a modern twist. Nice work, # 8 is my favorite.