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Photo essay: Serengeti Zoo Park, Chihuahua, Mexico

by Jahanshah Javid
Friday was a national holiday in Mexico. Something to do with Easter. My sister Michelle and I joined friends Lizet, Arturo and their kids and drove to Aldama, just outside the city of Chihuahua, to go the zoo. The conditions were really bad. Is there an international monitoring agency one can complain too? Photos with subtitles:

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Organic NUTritionist


by Organic NUTritionist on

Yeah, really, I don't think JJ has any prejudices against ANY nationality!  He is an open-minded and kind person. 

I live in Mexico (by choice) because of #1 THE PEOPLE.  I also, like the food, culture, and the weather!

Well, thanks again for your response--you are very nice.  (:


Organic Nutritionist:

by Sirius on

Organic Nutritionist:

Unfortunatelly I was unaware of those other contributions of the author and now I see that he is not biased against Mexicans (rather the contrary). Bad luck, I guess.

What is said is said... but I hope there will be other oportunities to undo any probable unfairness or error.

The relationship among Iranians and Mexicans either directly or in "Tehrangeles" ;) is a theme that sometimes interests me very much.

Even when we do not have any reason of conflict to each other, as nations, I have the impression that our relationships are somehow rare. I have the intellectual curiosity of knowing if we could have in the future the possibility of being closer and where. Persia / Iran looks to me as a fascinating country as much as its people.

Again, thank you for presenting me the information that I lacked regarding the author of the thread.


Organic NUTritionist


by Organic NUTritionist on

You should see some of this author's other blogs about Mexico.  All of them have been praising the natural beauty and mentioning how wonderful Mexican people are--here is a quote from one of his blogs, "...There's so much to see and experience in this beautiful and welcoming
country...."  Here are some of his blogs on Mexico:





JJ also happens to be strongly compassionate about animals--no matter where he sees a sad animal--he feels sad.

Blogs on dogs:


Also, I would like to add that people here in the State of Chihuahua are just as kind, sensitive and compassionate as all the other parts of Mexico.

Thanks for commenting on The Iranian!  (:



My first post in

by Sirius on

I cannot remember how many times I have come to this site, and after reading a bit, I wanted to congratulate the good taste and intellectual quality of the Iranians (most of them expatriates) that post here.

Even as I do symphatize with Iran and its government in their current struggle to free itself from imposition of world powers, by nature I also symphatize with the Iranians of liberal thinking, that very patently abound and are mayority here.

Now, regretfully it is in this very article, that produced negative feelings on me, that I have decided to enter to strighten things up.


I believe that cruelty to animals is something to be stopped, and should movilize decent people into action. And I am concious that specially in the gringo border, people do not have the same sensitivity as in central Mexico.  BUT...

The author of the album is free to and should call any agency that will respond into calling the owners of that zoo to improve conditions (why does he assume we Mexicans don't have such instances, and think that someone in the USA have to made something down here?)... Although I honestly expected much worst after reading the caption below the album.

I guess that he could not see anything else worth commenting and he regreted to spend a miserable experience in my country. My only possible advice will be not to return and stay in civilized "America", that in any moment could make rain DEATH over women and children, in his (so called by themselves) "teocratic third world hell in the axis of evil"... AND I assure him, that Mexico (country of savages) is not going to participate in that massacre not even when menaced by his gringo masters, same as we didn't with Iraq. We third world savages want to believe we have also dignity.

Regarding the commenting of this other user:

by Khar on
But seriously, I believe the zoo(s) around the world (especially in the 3rd world countries) should be declared inhuman and closed! 

Even when he generalized to "all zoos"... I still cannot help myself in detecting some kind of arrogance regarding the status that separate 3rd World Countries and "Developed" (Western?) countries.

My only answer will be, that that will be different from the racist programs he sees in TV. There is such thing as sovereignty of countires, and you will see that we will not allow such impositions.

But I agree that Zoos have to be well managed and with standards for the well-being of animals.





another reason to be an advocate of animals

by kfravon on

zaboon basteha, key az daste ma adamha rahat mishand?????????


Sorry for those animals

by Monda on

My favorites shots are 27, 42 (never saw a rooster in those colors) and definitely 53. The arroz frito looks very yummy and I'm sure that fish in 62 was prepared beautifully with prerubbed spices. 

Re #12, first time I see a donkey in punk style bangs, very cute! 


Call me biased but pic # 12 is the best of all!

by Khar on

But seriously, I believe the zoo(s) around the world (especially in the 3rd world countries) should be declared inhuman and closed!

First Zoo was built in mid 1700's in France, a 300 years of inhumane practice which should be abolished. Zoo is created to keep these creatures in captivity just for our amusement. I parallel this practice with poaching of elephants for their tusks in ivory trade.


JJ jon

by Souri on

Mageh khodahafezi nakardeh boudi, ke beri landan? pas chi shod? :)

Sorry I can't see the pictures in this computer.....I will leave my comment later.


I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Mr./Ms. Hippo has an eye infection

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

These animals need medical attention and rescue. Many of them will probably die in the zoo far before they were due to.

In the US, animals in captivity are dying in big numbers. One of the petitions I sign every year includes a condemnation of the San Diego and National Zoos. China was smart to take away their Panda Butterstick. However, I'm not sure what misery awaits that Panda in Beijing. 

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

Poor those animals ... :=( .

Mr Javid you are one of my favorite Photographer, God bless you .

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Jahanshah thank you for reporting on these animals

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

They look miserable. Zoos and circuses are extremely primitive and cruel.

Please please get a copy of THE COVE. Watch it with your nephew. See what is happening to the dolphins in the shows and why confinement/capture for dolphins is wrong.

You're a good man Jahanshah.