Party Girl

Photo essay: The perfect host

by Jahanshah Javid
Another event is coming up (Kiosk's concert this Sunday in San Francisco) and for the first time I won't be there to enjoy it. I remembered that around every event Nazy Kaviani would throw a party and invite the nicest, coolest people. She's always the perfect host and makes sure everyone has a good time. I don't know if she's having a party this time but she is working very hard on organizing Sunday's event and someone should throw a party for her! These photos are from her last party I had the pleasure of attending back in March. Thank you Nazy for everything you do and all the love you spread.

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Eyval, Nazy khanom!

by farshadjon on

I felt so hungry when I saw those tasty foods! So it seems that we finally find out who is the real Party Girl in

Have fun!

Ari Siletz

فرشته مهمان نواز

Ari Siletz

دوستانی که شانس حضور در پارتی‌های نازی خانم را داشته اند خوب میدانند که این مهمانی‌ها انصافا با تصاویر بهشت رقابت دارند. واژه "فرشته" در این متن و زمینه مناسب است زیرا که بنظر مونث میاید ولی‌ در ریشه لغوی فرسته یا فرستاده است و در این سرحد مهر و نوازش مرد و زن نمی‌شناسد       


new yorker

by Doctor X on

Are you sure?

You said: 

 Although in professions where there is a history of discrimination against women or an intrinsic inequality between the sexes, gender specific use of nouns is considered by some "a thing of the past"

wouldn't that be the exact reason FOR using gender specific nouns?Pardon me for saying this, But i don't think your message is coming across clearly.

Nazy Kaviani


by Nazy Kaviani on

Heeh! Here's a rare thing you guys: this has left me speechless! Through my embarrassment for the extra attention, I have felt and received Jahanshah's kindness and mehr. I am also very touched with all the other kind comments. I love having my friends to my humble home and I am blessed with the coolest friends in the world! Please consider yourselves invited if you are ever in the area.

Jahanshah Jan, there is no party this weekend except for the super cool one at Yoshi's where Kiosk will be performing a very special and exclusive concert. We will miss you and all other Kiosk fans.

Thank you all for your kind and funny comments!


problem is that

by Marjaneh on

it's impossible to invite Nazy back to one's own pad -  for an imminent flop.

Every fascism is an index of a failed revolution - Walter Benjamin

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

New Yorker, is that so? Well then I declare that from now on "hostess" shall be stricken from the English language. Problem solved :)

sakht nageer enghad to ro khoda...




by newyorker on

You'll find, Mr. Javid-khan, that although in the U.S. there is acceptance for some nouns to be gender neutral, the word "host" is not one of them. "Waiter" and "actor" are commonly used; "steward" is not. No flight attendant (preferred term for female attendants on planes these days) would ever call herself a "steward". (There are those on planes, still, and they are all men.) No woman would call herself a "host", either. Although in professions where there is a history of discrimination against women or an intrinsic inequality between the sexes, gender specific use of nouns is considered by some "a thing of the past" (but no linguistics expert would agree, nor would any credible editor accept the use of the masculine), in the case of "host" or "hostess" that is not the case. It is simply incorrect, and akin to describing a woman as "he", just to be politically correct in not specifying gender.

With regards. 


Does Nazy have cook book? Wow!Looks even better than my sister's

by obama on

Never seen this in any persian restaurant? Lucky her husband and the guests! I feel sorry for us who can only look and get ulcers!

How can we befriend Nazi?


Beautiful spread

by oktaby on

Perhaps we can discuss and analyze ingredients at Mokhtar's reception. 


Organic NUTritionist


by Organic NUTritionist on

nazy joon,

the food looked amazing...  did you make all that?  can you tell us everything that was on the table??? mmm

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

New Yorker jaan, the "ess" in hostess, waitress, stewardess, actress, poetess and... is becoming a thing of the past.



by newyorker on

Your post should read "hostess" and not "host". The person you refer to is still, I presume, a woman.

Ali P.

Charming, talented, classy, intelligent,sexy,....

by Ali P. on

..and more.



But enough about me.... let's talk about Nazy Kaviani ;-)


Nazi jaan, I'll vote for you for President, if Iran turns out to be a republic, and vote for you to be our Queen, if we are going to be a monarchy (hell, even Valee eh Fagheeh, if Iranians vote, yet again, for an Islamic republic!)

Diktaator ham shodee, shodee...har cheh az doost resad neekoost.

We love you, nevertheless.


Ali p.

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

thanks for being our friend of the friends for the past 15 years.

BTW  the pic. # 10 I know she said OMG that's too much kotlets.....

But I don't mind kotlet 2-3 rooz moondeh.     Maziar


Cool lady

by tissa on

I wish she'd adopt me.

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

محض رضای خدا،آن والا مقام و یکتا،به من بگو اِی بی وفا،که جای ما بوده خالی و صد البته پر صفا...

خسته نباشید نازی جان،لذت بردیم از عکسهایتان.


What a wonderful lady!

by Ms_America on

She doesn't know how much she means to me! If I had the means, I'd throw her a party worthy of her excellence! 

living in silence and writing in screams ---A


Nazy is Beautiful!

by kfravon on

.... Inside AND Out. 

Thank you for being the kind, caring and amazing woman that you are, Nazy.


Gifted Multi-Talented Nazy

by Monda on

Khoda Ghovvat to Nazy in all her major tasks which she so wholeheartedly invests herself in.  Amazing creature! (Dishes look wonderful as always too :o) 

Darius Kadivar

Very Tempting Nazy Jaan ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Yum ...

Wish could be there too ...


I c margarita mix but no Tequila?! Where's the tequila rituals?!

by Anonymouse on

That's a margarita mix in the 2nd picture right? I hope the lack of tequila shot rituals is not because tequila shots make Iranians quasi-something! 

Perhaps the host can prepare some jello shots for this year!  Here are the jello shot recipes and the aftermath! 

Everything is sacred


Coolest host and...

by Midwesty on

a master magician to gather and keep more than three Iranians under the same roof. Looking at the food arrangements I wonder why she hasn't started her own restaurant chain.