Paris is for Lovers

Photo essay: Father-daughter trip

by Jahanshah Javid

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Photo #19

by Peykan on

Way to go!



Paris is indeed for the

by Arthimis on

Paris is indeed for the LOVERS...

JJ, Thanks for sharing your beautiful experience with your daughter in Paris, this unbelievably classy, artistic and romantic city with the rest of us... Very happy for you... That's how a Father and Daughter relationship should be... With this openness, coolness and unconditional love... Indeed, you are a great example for the rest whom still have not been opened properly to true love and consciousness... Sometimes, I wish I had a daughter (or son) like that and could take her/him around the world with me and share one of the most beautiful moments of life (Father/Daughter/Mother/Son True Love Connection) ... Good for you Sir, Continue this loving path as a loving father and as long as you are alive! I'm sure there is no bigger gift in this world for your daughter in her life than that...


Love and Peace.


JJ ........

by Souri on

If you are still there, go the amazingly good restaurant :

"Nos encetres les Gaolois " in Ile=Saint Louis (behind the Notre=Dame Cathedral)

It is not so expensive, but you will have a great show and the food is great too!


#21 is my favorite! Beautiful daughter!

by obama on

in 21, you look more like the guys who have just returned from Iran-Iraq war. How sad you both were then, and how happy you are now! Isn't life wild, unpredictable and ever changing? We have the IRI to thank for becoming the world tourist!

She looks so cute in 21, and pretty the rest! KHODA DOKHTARETO BARAT HEFZ KONEH! I guess, you finally put the nail on the coffin for those who were saying you were this and that for living in san fransisco! Enjoy your colorful life! 

Jahanshah Javid

Merci mon friends!

by Jahanshah Javid on

Thanks for your sweet comments. Mahdiyeh and I have been having a great time, walking all over Paris. I'm amazed about how beautiful it is -- every time I visit! You see good taste and style everywhere.


Orang Jan, sorry I didn't contact you. We decided over this trip literally over night with no planning at all. We're leaving Wednesday morning. Next time I'll take you to a restaurant famous for its foie gras :)




by yolanda on

I am glad that your daughter got accepted to Law School... must be a milestone... #21 and #22 are my favorites... I can't recognize you in #21, your daughter looked cute when she was little


... now she is really glowing and looks like a blooming flower:


Thank you for sharing!


Thank you

by Souri on

Nice trip, beautiful pictures.

Interesting, in one of the pictures, I just noticed that you have very very big feet! Is that true or it is only a visual effect? !!


Paris, je t'aime.

by پیام on

خاطره‌های قشنگی‌ تو پاریس دارم، یاد جوونی‌ به خیر.


دِ، زود باش، بجنب دیگه


I wish Mahdieh(who looks so bright, and so beautiful) the best of luck in her new endeavor at the law school. I know she would be a successful lawyer, simply by not sharing every trade secret and detail with her clients, unlike her dad's cute habit of liberal display of some particulars such as a picture of her at the line up to a public toilet!  



I think you should revise the title, unless...

by CantThinkOfOne on

Your title reads: "Paris is for Lovers"; and yet your travel partner is your daughter?  I think the title needs a re-wording, unless.... :)

Orang Gholikhani

JJ jan your daughter is wise for choosing Paris

by Orang Gholikhani on

How have you  been able hestitating between Paris and Nice :-)

As I undrestand you wanted be alone with her, so I forgive you not having notified me about your trip ;-)

If she wants disover Paris more in detail, she could do as many young people who come here doing babysitting and learning French during few months. I could give her some tips and help.

In picture 7, I remarked you lost some weight. You are becoming a real European ;-)

Take care.





by Doctor X on

You have exceptional photographic talents, that combined with a lovely pair of Dad and daugther, make looking at these pics an even more fantastic visual experience.

My mom loves paris so much and i was gonna show her these photos and tell her... MOm. This would have to do for now until i will come up with a more elaborate plan in a near future.

Thanks bud.


how Lovely...

by Monda on

to see such nice bond between you two. Wishing you the best on your many future trips together. JJ Jan jaat khali bood deeshab. events are not the same without your presence.

Anahid Hojjati

Dear Jahanshah, Great pictures. Thanks for sharing

by Anahid Hojjati on


Dear jahanshah, I have looked at many of your pictures, not all of them yet.  Very nice pictures.  You have a beautiful daughter. So far, I like #19 picture and your comment on it. # 21 and its contrast with #22 were also interesting.



by statira on


You have a pretty daughter. But where is your wife?


" we saw a lot of hamvatans,

by nanopanir on

" we saw a lot of hamvatans, including this group who did not appear to be "green" so we wanted to shout 'marg bar diktator' "

I am wondering how the photographer came to the conclusion that these folks might or might not be green ... because they chose to wear head scarves?


Aside from these folks being possible cousins of Mousavi, the photographer may want to check out possible family ties he might have with Ahmadinejad. This sounds just like his vile rhetoric.


So nice JJ

by Mehrban on

You and Mahdieh seem to have a great relationship.  That is precious.   


Looks like a fun trip! From East to West!

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred