Let the new year in

Photo essay: Haft Seen & Haft Sheen

by hamidbak
Abroad where nothing looks or smells like Eid in Iran, we keep trying to open doors and let the new year in. I live with memories of Haft Seen, 4 Shanbe Soori, and new clothes and hope to be home for Eid one of these years. This is our Haft Seen this year and I tried to remember what Haft Sheen was. This is the best I could do. The little note book is one of Baba's poetry books. He gathered poems and wrote them down in books and notes. I found this one about Spring. He wrote it down in 1335 (1956).

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Both Sharab and Shekar are

by haftcheen (not verified) on

Both Sharab and Shekar are words of Arabic origin, so how could Haft Sheen have predated Islam?


Haft Sheen

by hamidbak on

Thanks for your comment.

Indeed Haft Sheen existed. In fact the primary reason Arabs, upon their first attack to Iran, got rid of Haft Sheen because of Sharab. Funny Sharab was a bad thing but "Shamshir" wasn't while they used it to cut Persian throats in the name of Islam.


my personal Haji Firouz

by simin khanum (not verified) on

Dear Jahanshah,
Thank you for connecting the Iranians all over the world through the great Iranina.com
I wish you and all the readers of Iranian.com a very Happy, Healthy and wealthy New Year. This year I had my personal Haji Firouz at my 7 seen table. i will send some pictures of my 7 seen.
Noruz piruz


This is terrific

by ramintork on

I liked the special touches like mixing Haft Sheen and Haft seen, your Father's poetry book and your good taste. For one thing people in my blog section were arguing that Haft Sheen does not exist, or it does not include Sharab but you proved them wrong.

Happy Norooz.