Full of hope

Photo essay: Day 2 at Vasona Lake Park, Nortnern California

by kfravon
Day 2 of Sizdah Bedar at Vasona Lake Park in Los Gatos, Northern California. Weather forecast: Scattered Rain - NOT! It turned out to be even a more beautiful day and more crowded! [Also see Day 1 pix: "No one does it better"]

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Full of Hope

by Jacqueline Zander (not verified) on


Thank you for sharing part of your world through your fabulous photos with the rest of us. It's beautiful to be able to see into another culture and people. You are all beautiful.



in reponse to your comments

by kfravon on

Dear all, I appreciate your kind words. I think Iranians are beautiful--especially children and elderly attrack my 'eye' the most! ...and JJ, I have to hook you up with my cousin who takes pictures of 'feet' all the time. In fact he may put up an exhibit in Maryland soon....I'll keep you posted!


Dear Mr Shirazi, I agree with you that our political, racial and religious views should not find their way in to sizdah gatherings, but then again,if Zoroastrians can have their signs up, human rights groups can have a table with their literature out, then all others should be allowed the same freedom and choice.


I'm looking forward to Talieh's 'stage/performance' pictures...as I missed most of the show....thanks!

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

Dear Faranak (Farah), I resisted commenting about your latest photographs for several hours. But I have to say you have mastered the art. So so much of your work is touching and soulful.

And I see you're also into shoes and feet. They show character, nah? For years I've taken lots of pictures of people's feet and shoes. Several have joked (or maybe they're dead serious) that I have a foot fetish! If that implies that I find feet very sexy... I don't kow... I can name other parts of the anatomy that are a lot sexier.

But there's something about shoes and feet that I always find interesting as a photographic subject. Maybe I just want to be different and pay attention to things that are not over-exposed. Who knows! I just like'em :o)

So I'm glad you also find that part of the anatomy and accompanying fashion, fascinating.


what's with the shoes?

by oprbxk1 on

great pics! i love my persian sisters, but what's with the heels at the park? and god love the girl in #10 with the black pants and the hot pink detail.


I don't know much about

by n.zanincanadai on

I don't know much about photography but I always enjoy observing people who aren't aware they are being watched. It's so raw. People are innocent when they are themselves. In that spirit, I must thank you for picture 035. It made me laugh out loud. The dude lookes so bored! It's the best picture I've seen from all the Norooz mania this year. As for fashion, what's up with women wearing high heels to the park environment? There must be better places to wear high heels. There are perfectly nice shoes appropriate for the park. But then again, potential husband material is not looking for a woman in Nike, right? :) And the nose jobs? You would think that with more practice, these doctors could make the noses appear more natural. Then again, maybe it's a fashion statement to show that one's nose has been operated on. And the precious old man in a suit. Every iranian event has to have at least once. They are so endearing and always remind me of my Aghajoon. So sweet and relaxed. I love old people in that state. Thanks so much for these pictures.


Sizdeh be dar 08

by S. Shirazi (not verified) on

I believe that our poletical, racial, and religious agendas should not find a way into the Sizdeh gathering.

The masked impersonators of Bush and his VP may have had a rightful remark, but the place is not fit for this type of demonstration - and just so for the sake of the deeper tradition of Sizdeh be dar and its message of rejuvenation and rejoicing.

I wish there were some people who could step up to the stage and just say a few words ( in English)about Sizdeh and the original background for the benefit of our younger participants! May be Mr Kamakar would arrange for such an important thing to happen next year.


S. Shirazi


Sizdah be dar 08

by S. Shirazi (not verified) on

Dear Faranak:

I have been seeing many artistic photos that you have taken from various events.

I commend your work, and I wonder if you agree with me in the sense that Iranian/American community members seem to be getting much more handsome/beautiful and genetically refined than before!

I notice this each time I get a chance to walk among a crowd of the indigenous members.

I hope that our hearts will also grow closer to one another as our new Iranian/americans grow here.

Thanks for the realistic portrayal of the truth. Eradatmand,

S. shirazi


Very very nice pictures, I

by SSara (not verified) on

Very very nice pictures, I felt like i was there! You are a very talented photographer.