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Photo essay: Iranians invade Vasona Park, northern California

by kfravon
A Beautiful Day, A Beautiful Park, A Beautiful Crowd. We got to celebrate 13+4 Days in Vasona Park, in the town of Los Gatos, northern California. Everyone seemed to be having a great time. We take advantage of this day to do our Eid Didani as well. That's Life in America for you! -- Faranak Ravon

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Couldn't wear my Dick Cheney mask

by Edward Cherlin (not verified) on

I am the 62-year-old "young man" in the Dick Cheney mask in the park, asking people whether they would like to help impeach George W. Bush and Dick Cheney for their many crimes, so that they will not be able to add to them by bombing Iran. The festival organizers asked "Bush" and me not to wear the masks because it would be rude to the President and Vice-President. I was quite rude to these war criminals even without the mask on, so I don't see what the fuss was about. A lot of people wanted to have their picture taken with us, and we are sorry we couldn't accommodate them.

If you would like to sign a petition for impeachment, or several, please come to //, Silicon Valley Impeachment Coalition, and //, the national impeachment Wiki.


Your comments

by kfravon on

Feshangi, JJ, Majid, anonymousBoo, anonymousMM, anonymous, anonymouse,and all my friends who sent me emails-thanks for the tashvigh and nice comments.

anotherAnonymous: in response to your comment, Park entrance fee was only $6.00 (SIX) dollars. The park does provide premium parking at $20 and it's your 'choice' to park there.As for the crowd, you're right, it is much too crowded--but then everyone else-just like you- would like to be around Iranians on this day. I personally use this picnic day as 'Eid Didani'.

I ran in to a few folks who asked about last 13Bedar's pictures- They are in the archives: //

I hope you find the picture you're looking for!

Peace, Faranak Ravon


Answer to your question Luna....

by kfravon on

Yes, I found out later that day, when I noticed the two guys leaving the park (with masks in hand), that they were told: "due to complaints from some folks, you  should take off your masks. You're welcome to hold 'impeach bush' and other signs, but no mask"!!! That did not make sense to me either!

 The picture in this album is of Bush and 'McCain' and they were doing a musical bit--which was funny and entertaining. They too had to fold their show.  I did capture the picture of the two guys wearing the Bush/Cheney masks (that you're refering to): //

Yes, I'd like to know why? Is Vasona not a 'public' park? Aren't we living in "United States of America"? What happened to freedom of speech? I'm not political at all--but this truly bothered me also.

Faranak Ravon


The only 13-bedar series with yummy food pictures!

by Anonymouse on

I don't think I remember seeing the food part of 13-bedar in other series.  I loved the food pictures in this one, especially pictures 17 and 61.  Yum YUM! Yum! I am hungry already! nice photos.


It has changed

by Anonymous on

I agree that 13-bedar has changed (especially at Vasona). I miss the good old days of 13-bedar too, it was like a night club at Vasona, but in the daytime. That's not what it's about. Every year it becomes more of a show in my opinion. These pictures captured something completely different than my own experience. Nice pictures though. ;)


Good Photographer

by AnonymousMM (not verified) on

Great set of photographs


nice collage. you captured

by AnonymousBoo (not verified) on

nice collage. you captured the scene and the mood (perhaps a few more for context), the old, the young, the teens, and the dogs! oh, and the food made me wish i had gone too! :)


13-bedar has changed

by anotherAnonymous (not verified) on

change is good sometimes but maybe not in this case?...this almost sacred experience of 13-bedar has become quite ridiculous if you think about it. It's another money making business for moft khors. $25 parking tickets! And ever since they singers started coming it's too packed, too crowded, it's not the 13-bedar is used to be. I miss the good ol days of 13-bedar. Of course there are plenty of other parks that I could go to. so I should probably shut up. But I want to be around Iroonis for 13-bedar but there is waaaay too many of us in Vasona park.


# 10

by Naser (not verified) on

Salam Ziba joon. Saleno mobarak.

Majid photo essay, Smiling faces, beautiful places

by Majid on

AGAIN, love every picture with lovely children in them, including #30

Smiling faces, beautiful places!

Thanks for pics.


Los Gatos, CA or Tehran, Iran?

by Luna (not verified) on

Another great day and celebration of traditions!
But, I want to know what really happened to the young men who wore Bush and Cheney masks and performed. I'm glad to see a picture of them here. I went to get my friends but by the time we came back, I was told that they were asked to wrap it up because "it upset some people". Excuse me!! Is this America, or Iran?What happened to their right to Freedom of Speech? So what if they were singing against some people's likings? Those young men had every right to express their opinion in a public park. It was no one's home or private party. They were funny, creative and peaceful. No one had the right to tell them to shut up.
I don't want to get too political here, it's a matter of freedom and it's as simple as this:
"Any time, any one's right is taken away from them, it is a danger to every one."
Peace to all.

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

What wonderful photographs. Just amazing, especially the portraits. Wow... Thank you Faranak! And, umm, Iranians in the rest of the world, eat your heart out!!!


Thank you.

by Feshangi on

I loved the pictures of the children, close up of all the iranian faces, and the beautiful dogs (woof woof) :-)