Crashing in Nice

Photo essay: Not a bad place to crash after you've been robbed

by Jahanshah Javid
The first photo in this essay is my wonderful backpack, the one that was stolen while I was napping on the train near Marseilles in southern France in August. I continud on to Nice where Setareh Sabety, my dear former sister-in-law, took good care of me for nearly a week until I got some new clothes, a new computer and a new backpack (nothing like the original, but good enough). It was my first trip to Nice in the summer and I was hoping to see what I had heard all my life about the French Riviera: Lots of bare breasts. Alas it was the end of the tourist season and the beaches were mostly populated by local senior citizens. Heyf shod :o) Nethertheless, I had a great time. Thanks Setareh Jan.

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by Peykan on

Hi Jahanshah! All they say is true...during the summer, of course. By the way, you apparently don't have a spell-checker on your new laptop! Cheers


I love it!  Only on

by desi on

I love it!  Only on can you go from boobs to albaloo polo.  

JJ, I would have gladly gotten all of my possessions stolen for a day on the beach in Nice.  Khosh be halet.

 DK I'm netflixing Brice de Nice it looks brilliant.

As fesenjoon goes, it should be torsh o sheereen.  I'm just saying. 


Taking a break...

by KouroshS on

from Politics? Or Not? This blog can turn into a political one at any second now... tick... tock....


Speaking of recepies, I have got a good one for Fesenjoon:) 


Ali P.

Whose legs were these?

by Ali P. on

Nice legs!

(They'd better not be men's, or underage girls' legs!! or I am in trouble!)



by delldaar on

any body in right mind go to nice...whats wrong with a week in La Jolla california , any way ,your bag was picked by one of our Algerian brothers, good luck next time.



by Souri on

What regime? Vegetarian regime? You must be kidding..



by bahram9821 on

ج ج این بیچ نزدیک خانه سالمندان بود؟
 من امروز دوباره رژیمم را شروع کردم خواهش میکننم از غذا چیزی ننویسید ، مرسی


albaloo poli/cranberry polo

by Souri on

Have you ever tried to replace the albaloo by sweet cranberries ? Not that bad. I love my albaloo polo myself :) Usually made with frozen albaloo

Orang jan: four years ago, when we were driving in Bretagne (France) all of the sudden, we found a beach for nudists!! It is called Pimbron (after La Turballe) we were almost shocked specially that my younger son was with us. This summer I asked my husband to drive me there again to make some pictures !!! lol

It was full of (pir o patal) not the same people as the four years ago........

And also it was too embarrassing to take picture of the people who were looking at the camera like it was a gun, lol :))

I gave up!

But honestly, Orang jan, when I was living in France, the market :) was more interesting than these last years ..........

Maybe they all moved to LA ??



by capt_ayhab on

Did anyone mention kalam polo shirazi with kofteh ghelgheli infused with reyhoun??...... one word for that delicacy... yummmerrrrrrrr



Kalam polo shirazi with kufteh ghegheli

by Abarmard on

I am hungry now.


Fine! Be that way!

by IRANdokht on

Then I shall only share my ghormeh sabzi/baghali polo/ sabzipolo maahi/ khoresh karafs/Ghalieh maahi/abgoosht bozbash recipes from now on... oh I also make a green loubia polo too.



AlbAlou polo and the green movement (to Jaleh)

by kharmagas on

IRANdokht's advice for using morabbA albAlou is not good (because she is green and AlbAlou polo is red). You can get frozen sour cherries from some Persian stores or canned/frozen sour cherries from regular grocery stores (at least in my state). The link below is a good recipe but the one from Food of Life (Najmieh Batmanglij) is even better because it has kaleh gonjishki also.



OK Irandokht nazanin, I'll try

by Jaleho on

the morraba version. In this binavayi, I think we can substitute the fresh albaloo. Thanks for the reminder. This haji JJ has too many good family taking good care of him, I am officially jealous.



by IRANdokht on

what's wrong with moraba albaloo Jaleh?!  that's how I make mine and it's great! :-P

mano begoo mikgastam behet 'lazy cook' recipe khodam ro ham bedam 



Thanks for the pics JJ



kharmagas jan, on the good side

by Jaleho on

My khoresh ghormeh sabzi and khoresh karafs, va fesenjan...harf nadareh! Of course I cheat by bringing my sabzi sorkh kardeh from Iran :-)

But, marhaba be khanoom shoma who can make albaloo polo!! Not with "morabaye albaloo I hope, heheh! GIVE US RECIPE!!!!!


en che vazishess Jaleh Khanom?

by kharmagas on

Jaleh says "hezar saleh keh (albalo polo) nakhordam" 

Even my wife who is not from Iran can make Albaloo Polo.

en che vazishess!? ..... ghebAhat dared! ..... your good political knowledge versus this ....

Orang Gholikhani

you need have a car

by Orang Gholikhani on

Next time you should rent a car and visit Nice background (Saint Paul de Vence //  & the road to Montecarle.

Souri jan, here it is not like L.A., Topless are natural as God made them :-)


Gofti "albaloo plo" kardi kababam!

by Jaleho on

 hezar saleh keh nakhordam. And the restaurant you went to "Safran" and Souri's comment reminded me to give you a suggestion for your next trip!

Since Nice can get too crowded in the good times, maybe you can try Turkish better beaches, like Kusadasi where you can find the young French and German adventurist youth with more fresh boobs to entertain you. It is also cheaper, and you can have early morning breakfast with your personal "samavar" and fresh baked bread on the beach. And, if you stop in gorgeous Istanbul, there is this restaurant called "Safran" on top of the Ceylan InterContinental, which serves you the MOST delicious food, with the most beautiful view of Istanbul, playing the most beautiful live Ottoman music. I'd rate it the top three restaurant I've ever gone to. Hope your other "Safran" in Nice gave you a yummy albaloo polo too.


Looking at the picture of the bag, it's apparent...

by farrad02 on

Looking at the picture of the bag, it's apparent why it was stolen.

You have your valuable item(s) like the laptop in clear view and the zippers all open!!! You can't encourage the thieves this way.

I hope you have learned your lesson Jahanshah jan!

Shelakhtegi inja baese zararet shot aziz!




Nadid Badid

by kathmandu5 on

JJ, I guess Souri let's you get away with the couple of topless pictures this time.  However, be very careful as she is keeping an eye or two on you. lol


Thanks for the beautiful pictures

by Souri on

I miss la còte d`Azure now !

However, for the nude top, you didn`t choose the best ones :)

Didn`t find any younger model?

Pictures of the beach were magnificent.

Darius Kadivar

Maybe Brice de Nice Stole Your Stuff ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Did you Bump into Brice de Nice ?