U.S. to remove Mojahedin from terror list

Reward for "renouncing violence and providing intelligence on Iran’s nuclear program"

Washington Post: The State Department is preparing to remove the Iranian opposition group Mujahedin-e Khalq from the U.S. government’s terrorist list, siding with advocates who say the controversial organization should be rewarded for renouncing violence and providing intelligence on Iran’s nuclear program, senior Obama administration officials said Friday.

The decision to begin the process of formally lifting the terrorist label is expected to be conveyed to Congress in documents as early as Friday, according to two senior officials briefed on the matter. The move comes two weeks before a court-ordered deadline and just six days after the dissident group vacated its former enclave in eastern Iraq, averting a feared confrontation with Iraqis who want the exiles out of the country.

Leaders of the group, commonly known by its abbreviation MEK, have been pressing U.S. officials for nearly a decade to rescind the terrorist designation, which they say has hampered their efforts to find homes outside of Iraq. About 3,000 members of the group have existed in a perpetual limbo in Iraq since the U.S.-led invasion in 2003, unwanted by their host country and fearing imprisonment or worse if forced to return to Iran >>>


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Where are the families of the American military advisers?

by MeyBokhor_Manbarbesuzan on

And by the way, where are the families and relatives of the American military advisers murdered by this group?

Where are the billion-dollar court cases? 


What is the statute of limitation on murder in the US?

by MeyBokhor_Manbarbesuzan on

What is the statute of limitation on murder in the US?

None! Then how come this delisting?

Go figure.


Plus 1 for VPK comment and sentiments…

by Bavafa on

It is a shame that our hate for IRI has blind us to the point to cheer for this traitor group.  But then again, perhaps we just deserve what we have been receiving.


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



Right on, VPK - welcome back

by MM on

That is exactly why I do not  contribute here as much.

If these folks think that the M&M duo are going to engage anyone here regarding democracy........etc., they got another thing coming to them.


Good to see you back VPK

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

the direction the US is moving, is Not for War against IRI, that is a big distraction.  This is where we have been headed for the last 33 years and what is new is that, some people are realizing that with awareness and will then change can happen for iranians.



Soosan Khanoom

Right on points dear VPK and welcome back ...

by Soosan Khanoom on

You have been missed. Please do stop by more often.   

Thanks again for the thoughtful comment... 

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Back for my 2 cents

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


After months I decided to read a bit of IC. Watching you all cheering for MEK reminded me of why I stopped reading. One guy claims: MEK is no different from any other group!!

Really? How many other groups sold out Iran to Saddam? Another one is congratulating "PMOI". They are all dancing for joy because it is a "defeat" for NIAC. Oh joy NIAC defeated and who gives a *** about Iran. Shameful is too good a word.

I tell you one thing: you had me nearly convinced NIAC was to be avoided. But after this spectacle I most definitely support NIAC as will others I know who never post here. I don't know the motives of pro MEK people who dominate IC. But I don't care because it does not matter to me. I am alive; well and not banned: just disgusted. What should I expect of people who praise the bombing of Hiroshima? Now go on by all means and call me all the names from your talking points.


Dear Vildemose

by Kooshan on

Who said Assad is angel! I said the syrian rebels are bad but did not say Assad is good. Hope you kno wthe difference. All I know is that since mercenaries in Syria has taken up the arms, it brought death, destruction and homelessness to tens of thousands of Syrians.


I only support justice and humanity....I can even compromise my freedom for Justice and humanity. If we can comprehend this, world will be a beautiful place.


vildemose, i can't speak for others,

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

You do not have to be For the Assad Regime, to Oppose what the USA's Policy is For the Region, or to Oppose what the USA is doing in Syria Today, that would be simplistic thought.  While IRI is as Terrorist as MeK, there are plenty of legitimate democratic Organizations that are NOT being supported or used to oust the IRI.  And the reason is clear as are the interests that have created the Policy, it is sadly because the USA does not want groups that will help create peace, progress, human rights and stability for the region.  The USA is pushng for the chaos of the region. 

The real issue therefore becomes "US Policy"  "Which is the founding father of all these terrorists, they brought the IRI to power, seeks to use MeK and is Worse in terms of Crimes than Putin, Assad, Khomeinii, Khamenei, MeK, Al Queda, etc.  Its an anti-progress, anti-democratic outrageous neo-colonalist bi-partizan foreign policy the USA is pursuing.  Just because there are no books published or Media attention given about the information contained in the shredded US embassy documents in 1979 Iran, which show the embassy staff increases were CIA personnel sent to help Khomeini's basiji's locate and kill all pro-democracy activists coming to the US embassy for Help, this doesn't mean that people do not know about it today or that they find the Criminality of the USA acceptable.  Even when thousands of documents of US criminal behavior from embassy cables were leaked, nothing has been done by the USA Empire to pursue the criminals for the crimes committed, instead the USA has been condemning and pursuing the editor that helped make the information known.  Wikileaks also showed the world that "A Free Press" is not existent in the USA and its so-called Free Democratic Western Allies Media's.  They only Freedom that exists is for the printing presses, is to publish lies and more lies and influence minds on behalf of the interests of a small number in western societies.

Please let me know if you have any disagreement with my points of view as I am curious and fascinated as to why your posts do not express this?


 kooshan/demo Cirmianl

by vildemose on


Cirmianl Khamnie et al are already considered Shia Al-Queda. Your approval of Assad's government makes you equally as bad as IRI IRGC terrorists, Al-Queda and Assad the butcher. IRI=MEK=Al-Quada=Assad=Taliban, etc.



All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir


in light of what is

by Kooshan on

in light of what is happening in middle east, the decision is not so unrealistic. I do not think there is any difference beltween MEK, Al qaeda in Syria or the mercenaries who made the life miserable for Syrian people. I mean if the rebels are being armed and financed by Saudi, Qatar, Turkey and Israel, delisting MEK is a natural occurance.

The cards in middle east is being played open handed. MEK delisting has more of a propaganda  value than it can change the equation in Syria. I really believe that their first deployment will be in Syria and then in Iran in later years.

 I also think that delisting will have negative effect in Iran for America, since majority of people, even the opposition, think of them as traitors and unholy like Al qaeda. 


Babak K. Reflect, think for yourself and you will be grateful

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

4 pointers.

1) The Only thing the pahlavi's hated about the west was the west had a Free Press???? LOL, Yes Editor Julian Assange experienced Press Freedom Didn't he?  So did the editor of any paper that published an article showing nude pictures of the future queen of the UK from Ireland that were fired.  Or the ones that were fired in the UK for criticising the current queen.  Maybe no one clued you in i don't know, but there is no free press in the West as you believe in it, Existence of Free Press in the West is a belief/point of view and it's an example of stupid thought, because for 33 years around every major national interest issue there are examples that it does not exist.  What does exist in the west is a media that lies and lies and lies and is free to have the most misinformed readers, with the aim of controlling peoples views. 

2) Free Papers during Pahlavi era struggled because many who upon becoming powerful acted like Despots.  Papers that were criticising some leaders would get shut down, but not because there was a king that ordered it or that there was a king that had all this power and he controlled everything, LOL, it's a stupid view/belief to think the shah acted with absolute power like a dictator with the media a there are no cases of it, no it was because he did not interferre in the despotic actions of some stupid Iranian leaders.  Not a single paper was asked to be closed down or its editors to be silenced by the late shah. If he had absolute power and had used it, papers would not have been shut down by various officials.

3) You say the Shah's views/actons were stupid, but give not one single legitimate example of a stupid view that belonged to him, you say he was a dictator yet fail to give a single example of him using absolute power.  Go Look at a map. please, look at every single country and government within 2000 KM of Iran. to the North, East, South and West.  Irans Press was Freer and better than every single country it was surrounded by.  Neighbours would give anything to come to iran and enjoy the Freedoms Iranians did have.  One example of a supid thought is to be ungrateful for the continuing improvement of iranian lives during the shahs era.  

4) Are your Freedoms any safer in the west?  People that are wrongly/mistaken identity tortured by the USA/Uk/France are not even allowed to take their cases to court in the USA as according to the US supreme court it would give away secrets.  At least in Iran torture was unlawful. For the West torture is a Legal Right as is Detention without trial! The most stupid view that I see is the thought that Iranians can have leaders serve them well for where they are at and in return the people can maliciously harm those leaders with slander & lies and then all will be fine for Iranians.  Hello?

Babak K.

Amirparviz, I am not and

by Babak K. on


I am not and was not agianst  Pahlavi Shahs, in fact I hope they RIP.  My problem with them was and is their stupidities.  For all accounts they were dicatators and like all other dicatators they were stupid.  When one does not allow any, even a single free paper to be published then he is a dictator and he is stupid.  That is why a criminal is stupid.  All dicators like Pahlavis love evrything about the West from trains to ariplanes , from coat-shalvar to Mini-joup, from tall buildings to highways (Saudi-Arabia and Iran) from bridges to schools, from elementary to higher education, from whore houses to dance-clubs from wonen and lovers to dicorces (look at the number marrages and divorces of both shahs and Ashraf Pahlavi who officially married at least seven times), from tanks to jet-fighters,... and the list is long and there is only one thing they hate about the West and that is free press.



Really no Babak k. truly I'm not smart/clever, that would be

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

deceptive.  I am sometimes made to look that way, because I can read and i use a dictionary, which means i learn definitions.  So I am unlike some others by actually having an understanding regarding what I am talking about. I don't allow the media or allow politicians do any thinking for me or the media to manufacture emotions and actions out of me.  By caring about democracy and good manners I want to personally speak with sources myself.  And Yes, this is in contrast to your views and beliefs, I can see you have been used as a tool/patsy by others who were good at manufacturing lies and didn't give a damn about you or democracy.  Though admittedly you played a part in allowing them to feed you with deadly deceit. 

As I read your above post its impossible not to notice that you called the late M-Reza Shah a Dictator/compared him in the same category as Khomeini/Saddam.  Our Crime as Iranians, as a community is that we really didn't have enough iranians that even had enough education to know the definitions of words.  And these same people, like you, were convinced they were ready for democracy.  LOL.  You may not have liked the foot-in-mouth style of leadership the late shah had, you could call him any rude insult you wished out of opinion and personal view, but when you call a person that never used absolute power and empowered his team either a dictator or autocratic, its because you either read time/cnn/fox/bbc and were a tool or because you never used a dictionary to even know the meaning of the word "Dictator".  And that crime is not yours alone, our entire community shares it with you.


Babak K.

AmirParviz,It seems you

by Babak K. on


It seems you are very smart and you know your stuff.  But dicatators like Reza Shah, M-Reza Shah, Khomeini, Saddam,... were so stupid even you couldn't help them.  My problem is the stupidity of the dictators but you are making it personal.  Dictators are so stupid that they don't even get chance to enjoy the money they have stollen for years.  For one, with friends like you a dictator does not need any enemies.


I hope unaware Viewers will become Aware of Western Values

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

1) Pursuit of personal business no matter what the human cost.  2) Money more valuable than Iranian Blood

After experiencing the Deceit and Hypocrissy I wish Iranians become aware that it is Time for Iranians to find their own direction from within their own culture and pursue their own secular values, instead of being dominated intellectually by the West.  Any system that helps create Feedback is what Iranians should pursue. 


Babak k. yes you are a victim, a victim of not being able

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

think and talk. That is the reason for your inexperienced views. LOL. I said yes just to please you, don't worry real politicians that want to bury you will say even sweeter thing to you, because after reading your comments they know, that you do not even know, why your views are false... Even Americans & Brits after several hundred years of political/democratic experience are lead around by politicians.  The views of many controlled by a very few.  Western civilization is not democratic like it explains, even julian assange explains in detail to people that are intelligent to understand this is a facade of democracy, though admitidly he truly wastes his breath and life in your case, the people never get what they ask for/or are listened to and not seeing that is based on a misunderstanding, you are not at fault, politics is geireh ensani, dooroog gooi, madar ghabegi, dozdi, even adam koshi etc to appreciate see small town politics in the USA.

Its interesting that you feel there is even a 1 in 100 million chance of seeing democracy in Iran, especially after the loss of the late shah, do you consider india a democracy too?  There is no interest for It.  Why would a group which is unelectable within Iran, with no significant base of electoral supporters among Iranians (extremists only) be interested in Democracy?  Why would you welcome deceit?  Iran has already been brought down to its knees with the wests help in bringing the IRI, except the USA wants even worse for Iran.  Why should so many iranian people suffer as a result of the deadly deceits you are supporting?

I would support anyone to see democracy = ignoramous views

How did supporting Khomeini work out for you!

iraj khan

How does it effect

by iraj khan on

the lives of Iranian Americans?

Mojahedin supporters always lived in the United States, young and old.

They always lived among the rest of the Iranian community here although, they've acted like a cult in regard to their political views and life style.

Financially speaking, they never had financial problems, there always have been plenty of cash to go around for supporters trips, expensive lecturers to praise them and high power attornies to represent them in the courts.

One may ask: How the decision to remove Mojahedin from the terrorist list would effect Iran/U.S. relation? 

The answer probably would be: "It's still evovling, it's not clear yet."

Babak K.

Today's difficulties in

by Babak K. on

Today's difficulties in Iran have its roots in the past and present estebdads.  The past etebdad allowed no NGO's, no grass root organizations so that we could grow as responsible citzens of the country. The past estebdad decided on what we should read and what to hear or watch.  Due to the stupidity of the past estebdad we as a nation were not allwed to think or talk or express opinions.  How we could learn to be a wise and responsible citzens while the past estebdad always degraded us  by deciding what we should read or see or hear?  The appologizers for the past stupid dictators never get it and they will never ever will get it.

Right after revolution Rajavi was in his twenties, like most of us, with zero political experienece due to the stupidity of the past estebdad.  His wife was killed and his son was paraded over his mother's corps.  If any of you was in his position what could you do.  About cooperation with Saddam?  Well, a lot of generals of the past estebdad did the same.  The supporters of the past estebdad have forgotten how the past regime cooperated with the outside forces to bring down the young democracy in Iran in 1953.

No matter what some of the past and present estebdad suppoerters may say, I think US action toward MEK is a welcome news to me.  MEK and others can learn from the past mistakes and that is all matters at this point. I am willing even work in close ranks with Salatant talabs (very painful thing to do for me) and Tudee's (another painful thing to do for me) to bring democracy to my country



This is really good news

by MM on

This is really good news for Iran's out of control population growth. i.e., after the M&M duo take the helm from the tyrranical and ruthless IRI, Massoud khan will determine that the family love is taking away from worshiping him, outlaw marriage / sex and take the control of raising of the remaining kids.

The high MEK officials excluded from the latter ruling, of course 



choghok democracy pathwas lost a long time ago with loss of shah

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Not realizing the late shahs team was on the path towards democracy & building the foundations for democracy to exist, industrializing, education, middleclass, freedom, etc and allowing misrepresentations of him due to US Corporate Media and anti-monarchists, was a time when the real opportunity for democracy was lost for centuries for Iranians.  What is grotesque about delisting NIAC is no good Iranian would care to compare IRI/NIAC and MeK, good Iranians don't seek to bring another group of extremists into the equation, they don't seek a malicious, hurtful alternative for Iranians. Good iranians are conscious.

The MeK's Power is not electoral, but violence.

For Now the west and the interests their media protects unfairly is busy fooling their own people, with the aim of fooling Iranians yet again.  Read the despicable conclusion at the end of the bbc article.  Intentional Misinformation like this is inhuman.  //

"The MEK are Iranians who desire a secular, peaceful, and democratic government."

Britain removed the group of its terror list in 2008, followed by the European Union in 2009.



Irony and Hypocracy ...

by ayatoilet1 on

U.S. is so short sighted and foolish!

If you kill someone and then later renounce violence, have you really changed? Have you really renounced violence and meant it if you still wear military clothes? Have you really renounced violence, when your members are strapping magnet bombs on cars in tehran for the Israeli's to kill Iranian scientists? And by the way, they should NEVER be forgiven for killing Americans - as they did 30 years ago. Its a fact. Its like killing a policeman, and then being forgiven in court. It never happens.

If you have a head of your organization that has been there unelected for 30+ years, are you really democratic? Can you really trust someone who is shagging his best friend's wife (who he banged while he was in Prison)? Or his wife for that matter (who is now the co-head of the organization)?

So all this was a ploy to get them to leave Camp Ashraf and dissipate them like salt and pepper over the whole globe - spreading them out, diffusing them and their organization. But how stupid a concept this is/was? With Skype and internet they will be more connected than ever, and now have fangs in virtually every U.S. allied country. The MEK's power will magnify. And does the U.S. really want that? We're talking about an organization who has a core mission completely (I mean 180 degrees) in contrast to the U.S. and its historic challenges.

MEK's insignia is a hammer and sickle. Many of their leaders were trained in Russia during the Soviet era. The question I have for Hilary is are you really **cking kidding me? Is that what you want to put in Iran? Your agenda for global growth emerging out of Central Asia means puting in a Russian styled organization in Iran?

This will blow back - like Osama Bin Laden. What looks like a pragmatic move to bring in foot soldiers to fight the regime in Iran, will blow back when they take over after the IRI's downfall.

Remember these words: Rajavi's are worst than the IRI. They are worse than Bin Laden. The U.S. is creating a bigger problem in the future. Remember they will have nuclear bombs in their back pockets if they take over Iran. At least Bin Laden did NOT have a nuclear bomb!

This is a big mistake. This is irresponsible.  


Loss for democracy and win for hypocracy

by choghok on

A group based on undemocratic and unethical mindset killing civilians and supporting terrorist acts can now continue to establish itself as a opposition group calling their unelected leader as elected president of Iran and gather support for war on Iran.


Do it's supporters think for one second what would have happened if Saddam has won the war with their help? Just think about it for some minutes and then if you have a decency you see you we're wrong. 


The more things change

by JavoonDeerooz on

the more they stay the same. You are not classified as a dictator or terrorist if your interest is alligned with US interest. It dose not matter that you assinated 3 American military advisors and wrote a song about it ( Sar koocheh kamineh Mojahed por keeneh, Amricaee viroon shod Khoonesh naghsheh zamineh), and it does not matter if you rule a country in which women cannot drive and no ordinary citizen can have a say on how the country is run and where does the oil go, as long as the interests are alligned, you are not a bad guy. A wise man once said in foreign policy there are no eternal friends or etrnal enemies, only eternal interests. 


Saddam Inavasion

by fullback on

 Saddam Invasion was a direct result of The Late Goor beh Goor Imametoon( Khomaini The DOG) provocations, same provocations of the Islamist in Baghdad and all around Iraq  after the US invasion By the Islamist Occupiers of IRAN ,The Hell with MEK they are another organization who lied , killed and its leaders escaped Iran and left the poor members , for The Islamist occupiers to Slaughter.  None of You A..Holes have the good of IRAN at Heart only your own sick , DARK Islamist agenda.

Shazde Asdola Mirza

MEK 3 - NIAC 0

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on



1. Nuclear sanctions on IRI;

2. Court ruling against NIAC;

3. Delisting.


LOL Related News, The USA's Ally Saakashvilli of Georgia

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

who the US president referred to as "a Beacon of Democracy" has with his knowledge, his supporters torture his political opponents and these acts were video taped on request of the warden (the guy that took the evidence/video tapes is on the run, but the proof is out).  Funny thing is most Americans think that with the democratic party in power the cause of democracy wll be served by the USA.  Funny how gullible Americans are, no? //





by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Shahs personal doctor was Dr Ayadi. 

It can be proven, its details are known entirely, though not by an individual and not by any expat organization today, as covering it up is still part of official US policy, not only does the USA cover up its own crimes for sure, it also covers up its allies crimes, like Katyn.  Kind of funny when you hear the USA wishes transparency and openness for others, no? LOL

Not that this is proof for anything.


While, the shahs twin sister lived a long and full life, strangely he died of blood cancer, in recent years western media has tried to even re-write the type of cancer that caused the late shahs death, so they could say it was inherited from his mother, unfortunately for their story that inheritable cancer is non lethal and can be cured, the same could not be said of the one that helped kill him.  If history goes the way it has been its likely proof will not come out for a few hundred years, like in napoleons case of poisoning.


Though ultimately it wasn't the cancer that killed him, but the care he received and this was covered up too as well as what the orders were to the doctors that were looking after the shah on behalf of the CIA.  Dr. Hester was so frustrated by the way Dr. De Bakey and Dr. Benjamin Keane
were treating the Shah, that she wrote a letter to the president of Panama
– Omar Torrijos – saying:
“It is a shame that the atmosphere, which Dr. Benjamin Keane has created,
and the unprofessional way he acts on, has totally made that a normal procedure
for an ill person like the Shah, has been forgotten”.
The same day, Dr. Hester went back to USA and visited Hamilton Jordan, at
that time the spokesman of the White house, to tell him how badly and inhuman
the Shah was being treated.

In a private letter from April 4th 1980, she wrote:
“... with my visit with Hamilton Jordan, I wanted at least one of
our government persons to know that there were many doctors not being in agreement
with De Bakey and Keane. The fact that a cardiologist (Dr. De Bakey) and
a honorary professor in warm diseases (Dr. Keane) got the responsibility
for a cancer sick person like the Shah, had never happened in the American
medical history.”

except if their mission was not to save him, but to put him to sleep for good.  Kind of like what backing the MeK by the USA today is really about.  That the USA is delisting the meK is not a surprise to anyone, with a brain cell, or anyone that knows what usa interests are for the region.  That so many are niave about it and still like to pretend the USA is up to good for the people of Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan.... or iran is what is disappointing, but i guess when the truth is concealled from the majority, democracy really can't exist, the way it doesn't in the USA, no matter which real bastards get elected.  I'v been screaming from the roof tops against the policy for libya and syria because its more of the same, hypocrissy.


You know something truly terrible is happening when even Assad gets it right.  The overthrow of Arab regimes, Mr Assad said, had "not worked in the
interest of freedom, democracy or ending social injustice as much as it
helped create chaos".  So even Assad is clearly aware of the US Agenda.






where are they off to now?

by alx1711 on

where are they off to now? Israel!


As if Islamist Rapist Regime Invasion,

by Sasan.Khoramdin on

and occupation of our beloved land for past 34 years is OK. I fully stand behind any force that has, is, and will fight Islamist Rapist Rejime. By the way suprisingly Sister Basij did not connect this issue to Bahaie's.