"Only U.S. can" strike Iran nuclear sites effectively

Ex-CIA chief Michael Hayden

CBS News: Former CIA director Michael Hayden has told an Israeli newspaper that the Jewish state is not capable of carrying out and sustaining military action against Iran's nuclear sites without U.S. support, and that there is still time before a decision on any such strike needs to be made.

"I do not underestimate the Israeli talent, but geometry and physics tell us that Iran's nuclear program would pose a difficult challenge to any military," Hayden told the widely-circulated Haaretz daily in an interview published Tuesday, adding that, "Israel's resources are more limited than those of the U.S."

"There is no absolute certainty that all targets are known," he told the paper, suggesting that Iran's alleged efforts to conceal a nuclear weapons program may be outwitting even the world's most advanced espionage agencies.

He reiterated previous comments by American officials who have said a single bombing raid would not be able to inflict significant damage on Iran's heavily-fortified nuclear sites. "They will have to be revisited - which only the U.S. Air Force would be able to do." >>>


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Four More Beers (Years!)

by Faramarz on


Doctor Mohandes,

That's what the crowd is chanting in the Democratic Convention today.

Four more beers and many Takbeers to Obama, the first president that not only put a lot of hurt on the IR Regime and its followers, he also opened a brewery in the White House.

In my book, he sure beats the non-alcoholic, "let's make a deal" Republicans!

Dr. Mohandes

Time to take some phone calls now.

by Dr. Mohandes on

Esfand and faramarz 

Awsome one liners guys. cracked me up.

Now, let's take some calls here on the show...caller...let me see...caller #9 you are on the air what is your question? 

 hy is the West insiting to tell the world about something Iran has denied having ?, what is going on?. It is not as if an officila in Iran has said something which could then be dispued, it is a Fatwa issued by the highest authority in Iran clearly rejecting use, or construction of Neq Bomb. Iran has repeatedly requested the destruction of such WMD.

Anybody wants to take that one??:))))))

Esfand Aashena

Darius jaan Shah dropped us off @ the gates & went "home"!

by Esfand Aashena on

Everything is sacred

Darius Kadivar

Esfand Aashena jan What took him So Long ? Shah did it first !

by Darius Kadivar on

Esfand Aashena

Darius jaan he is going to nationalize Healthcare!

by Esfand Aashena on

Everything is sacred

Darius Kadivar

Esfand Aashena Jan and what's he planning to Nationalize ?

by Darius Kadivar on

NIAC's Green Card Holders  ?  ...


Richard Pryor 40th President


Thanks but No Thanks I don't drink nesspresso ... Even with an IRANICAN Flavor ...


*NEW* Nespresso George Clooney and Nazanin Boniadi Commercial


Esfand Aashena

Darius jaan Obama = diet caffeine-free zero-calorie Mossadegh!

by Esfand Aashena on

Everything is sacred


New Satellite Image - Parchin

by Faramarz on


Under the pink tents, it is probably Barnum and Bailey Circus visiting Parchin!




Why is the West insiting to

by Khebedin on

Why is the West insiting to tell the world about something Iran has denied having ?, what is going on?. It is not as if an officila in Iran has said something which could then be dispued, it is a Fatwa issued by the highest authority in Iran clearly rejecting use, or construction of Neq Bomb. Iran has repeatedly requested the destruction of such WMD.



by Akbarmashti on

Israel has already tried your recommendation and killed innocent civilians and scientists.  It didn't work.  They lack your leadership. Perhaps you should go to Iran and give them a hand.  Since you know some Farsi, they wouldn't be able to tell you are an Israeli.  

Darius Kadivar

Faramarz Jan to make it clear if it helps ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Let me first say that Thankfully Obama is NOT Jimmy Carter ... That's for sure ... 

Secondly and No offense intended but I actually like Obama far more than I like his blindfolded constituency infatuated with all this Obamamania which is truly an insult to one's intelligence. 

So to make it quite clear I think he is an intelligent man ... even a Briliant Man on many levels ... I would also say to echo your observation that Obama also has an essential quality Sarkozy didn't: Patience and Charisma 

Added to the fact that I think he is a Good Man ( I say this with no Irony) who can indeed be seen as a Role Model paralysed only because he has inherited a HUGE mess left by his predecessors and the Neo cons in particular and hence is doing his best to fix it.

The Economic Meltdown, The Arms Abuse, the Unemployement,  the War on Terror, The So called Arab Spring ... are just too much to chew for any mortal ...

So To be Fair ( as opposed to Niall Ferguson whom I Like but disagree with his Newsweek editorial on this point ) one has to recognize that One has to be a Superman to adress all these issues simultaneously ...

Well given that Mitt Romney is no Superman ... let alone a Batman ... So Why Change ?  

As such I acknowledge that probably no one in Obama's shoes would have done better ... maybe some others would even do worse.

I also see why Mitt Romney is not what America needs at this juncture ... Probably no more than the world

But I do see Obama's reelection as equally problematic to our cause, as Iranians seeking Genuine Regime Change, as I see it as a potential opportunity.

I hope to blog on this in a near future to clarify what I truly think about Obama's foreign policy and how he could turn it into an opportunity not just for America's global "impact" and "interests" but also as far as we Iranians are concerned into a political and geo strategic ally in the face of such threatening powers like Russia and China.

What matters to me as an Iranian American not living in the US is less Obama's domestic policy which I approve on the long run ( (i.e: seeking a much necessary social justice, Universal healthcare which already exists in Europe - as it did in Iran during the Shah's time by the way- Monitoring Wall Street, Minority and Gay rights) than his foreign Policy.

That is the only issue of discorde between my views and those of his Geo Strategic Think Tanks ( i.e: Zbinew Brezsinksi - Trita Parsi's Mentor) often at odds with his Secretary of State : Hillary Clinton.


Unless some huge unexpected turning point I think it can be said fairly that Obama's re election is a given fact.

So the question now is how can his re election turn into an opportunity to our cause: Regime Change in the 4 to 5 years to come.


I am very wary that sooner or later even RP 2 will be preaching to an empty audience if we as Iranian don't get our acts together and won't come to terms as to how to help him become the major figurehead to leading not only an effective opposition to the IRI but in becoming a genuine catalyst for change.


That is why Obama's re election irrelevant of the fact that it will most probably be a good thing for the US will nevertheless have a notable effect on how we in the Diaspora but also in Iran will percieve our struggle against the IRI ...


I would like to think of Obama's re election as an opportunity ... But I am not naive ... Trita Parsi will always be in the Shadows and that is why I will never be entirely supportive of the american administration in the 4 years to come ... be it a Democratic President or Less Likely Republican.


As Iranian Americans I can fully understand the moral dilemma we face ... Even in France I was not Supportive of Sarkozy blindly but for a specific reason: IRAN !


That's one thing our kids - Unfortunately I don't have any - won't need to worry about. If anything they owe loyalty to the country where they are born regardless of whether or not their parents are Iranian. 


With hopes that the next five years will augure good news in regard to Iran and that the IRI will see it's demise ... But I am not at all optimistic at this juncture ... 


As such No American or European Administration will do the job for us ! 


So we should not expect anything from them ... 


Meegam in the end of the Day : Az Mast Keh Bar Mast ... 


Warm Regards,





Recommended Reading:


Obama needs two terms if he wants to be a transformational leader, historian says

John King: To win, Obama must make history again (cnn)







Never mind tens of thousands

by Akbarmashti on

Never mind tens of thousands long range missiles. What if Iran already has some Nukes? That is a big risk for Israel. Can Israel make an all or nothing bet? That is what Israelis should really think about. 



Fred, No need to be misleading. You can Speak Openly

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

There is no sincere will in the US Empire today to remove the extremist IRI at the hands of the people.  The only way the regime will fall at the hands of the people is following a leadership that will bring the people together based on meeting their desires for peace, progress and human rights, like the late shah.  The US Empire clearly wants to avoid this at all costs, because it conflicts with the Empires & its Allies goals for the region, unless it can find other regressive extremists because the resources and the develpoment of the people is 180 degrees the opposite of what you show awareness of.  The US Empires plans are to bring other extremists to power in Iran, the US Empires protection of the MeK is rooted in their wish to use them in toppling the current IRI which the US Empire brought to power in IRAN by deceiving the people of Iran in 1979.  The Empire needs to take some action and then from the feed back of such action, they will realize what to do next e.g. like the late shah, who did not make any mistake, showed them.  The Empires Intellectuals at all Policy centers who make the empires policies have their hands tied and are not able to honestly consider many scenarios and their beneficial impact for the Empire due to the Empires allies.  Its a shame to see the Empire mislead to a dangerous situation for itself by allies.  Its important to just encourage the US Empire to take massive action and upon its feedback to correct course.  If the Empire See's Iranian society from deh to shahr rally around the monarchy it will need to adapt.



Doctor Mohandes

by Faramarz on


All those anti-war rhetoric that you hear from people and organizations on this site is just baloney.

These folks are just against certain wars and certain people, otherwise, one would think that as Iranians, our number one, and number two, and three...priorities should be the war against the Iranians that have been waged by this Regime for the past 30+ years and not the Hootsies against the Tootsies!

Dr. Mohandes

How Ironic

by Dr. Mohandes on

For those who sternly advocate against a war of any kind against iran to put on display so much hate and anger and hostility towards a regime who may or may not undertake the strike.



DK Jaan

by Faramarz on


Barack is analytical but decisive and he will put the Seals on Rahbar's balcony the same way he dealt with Osama and the rest of them. That's why they are scared of him.

I admire his quiet confidence

Darius Kadivar

Eh Va ? Faramarz Jan I was expecting Esfand Ashena not You ;0))

by Darius Kadivar on

As Good As It Gets-1.avi



Just Kidding ...




The Redlines have been drawn

by Faramarz on



And they have been clearly communicated to the IR Regime, but as Clemenza told Michael in the Godfather, you have to get rid of the bad blood once in a while!

Clemenza: "These things gotta happen every five years or so, ten years. Helps to get rid of the bad blood. Been ten years since the last one. You know, you gotta stop them at the beginning. Like they should have stopped Hitler at Munich, they should never let him get away with that, they was just asking for trouble."

Darius Kadivar

Obama's "Gay" Army Scares No One anymore ...Putin's Laughing ...

by Darius Kadivar on

US "Gay" Army Scares No One anymore ...


Gay love in Grey's Anatomy : Two Military



Gay Marine


Putin is Laughing ... So am I ...



Putin Visits Re-enactment of the Battle of Borodino






No American lives for TMOI....

by Bavafa on

Michael Hayden, as a supporter of terrorist group MEK has been advocating yet another illegal and immoral war, this time on Iran.   Of course now he is bidding on getting USA directly involved in doing the dirty work for TMOI (The Messianic Occupying Israel) as if the annual $3 Billion ransom that USA already pays is not enough.


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



NY minute

by Fred on

There is no need for military action.

Messianic Islamist Rapists, “reformers” and all,  are at the mercy of Iranian people who given the logistical needs like communication gear and strike funds, can go Iranian on the Islamist Rapist in a New York minute.