Netanyahu: Iran Containment Supporters Stupid

Interviewed on Meet the Press

In a preview clip of the interview with NBC’s “Meet the Press”, Netanyahu said, speaking on what he called Iranian fanaticism, “it’s the same fanaticism that you see storming your embassies today. Do you want these fanatics to have nuclear weapons?”


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by Mashala on

This comment is from Banafshe to you. She had posted by mistake in another blog. She doesn't seem to like you much.

Friendly advise. do you realize how nutty and kookie you look with your off-the-wall non-sense. What ever half-truths you may have fall victim to your real nutty lifestyle and the way you go about it!

On top of it clearly whose ever interest you are peddling (although at this rate you may be getting fired at your job) is not being well served!

So chill. Take a look at your nutty blogs. Maybe you can earn a few more dollars to be a bit more thoughtful and sophisticated than your nutty mud slinging, whack job approach.

Just say'n.

In your next digital life, practice less hate, replace malice with a little love. You'll go much farther. I promise you.

(I hope this ain't the way you run your household?)




by Mashala on

Since you never asleep, I assumed you have seen the news about body parts of dead soldiers dumped in trash by army. Are we clear on that?  Any ceremonies for 5,000 poor soldiers you might want to post?

If you disagree, just join peaceful demonstrators for a few days!  See how much freedom you have! 

I know what is on your mind. You think they shouldn't demonstrate and they deserve to be beaten. They should compare what they have here to China.  

Well, if you don't disagree with government in China, you will have the same freedom as you have in west. The problem starts when you disagree with government.

But I know why it is so difficult for you understand.  







Fred Bibi should acknowledge Israels role in both bringing

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

the IRI/Khomeini to power and Israel role in ensuring the survival of the IRI through the supply of US made High tech Weapons to the IRI.  Now is the right time to admit mistakes and show that you are not only acknowledging it, but prepared to take the next step of breaking the alliance with the IRI and mking a new one or mending the old one with Iranians.  There is no talk of change in Netanyahoo's voice, so its all just BS politicing.  It would be grotesque to allow Israel the right to have it both ways.  Israel can not support extremist, rapist, torturing, thieving maniacs, when it causes immense suffering to around 80 Million People in Iran (rounding up) and then change its mind when the IRI endagers a few Million Israeli's.  Israels approach lacks decency, integrity and character, not unlike the USA or EU's approach who love the IRI. 

If Israels Leadership contnues with the Netanyahoo approach, the consensus of Irans Moderates and Intelligencia would recognize Israel as Hypocrits who talk of civility yet act as Savage as the USA, the only empire to have successfully carried out a holocaust, yet teaches its own people disingenuously that the USA is a beacon of Freedom.



Mashallah and Pendar Nik,

by vildemose on

I suspect Mashallah and Pendar Nik, Mamoor , Mammalireza etc, Jackson, Maryam joon are all blogging from the same place; MOIS branch in Russia.


All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir


اکبر مشتی الله



You convinced me man. America is a terrible place. I am going to get in line outside of the Chinese embassy to migrate there!

I hear that there is a long line out there!



by Mashala on

Man has to asleep sometimes. I am not superman.

I watched the video. Oh it was loaded. Getting people killed and claiming it to be for American public, while American public are being beaten for exercising their freedom of speech and expression.  Don't you think when there is a shortage of freedom in US, they shouldn't be exporting them?  Had it not been for ambassador, they wouldn't have hold such ceremony. They had no choice but to mention others too.  Every week a few are getting killed in Pakistan. Have seen any for them or their body parts are dump in dumpster? 





Akbar Mashala

by Faramarz on


In case you were asleep, President Obama and Hilary paid tribute at Andrews Air Force Base to Sean Smith, an Air Force veteran who worked for the State Department; Glen A. Doherty, and Tyrone S. Woods former Navy SEALs who worked for a private security firm and were protecting the consulate in Benghazi.



iraj khan

Jenabe Mashalah

by iraj khan on

Lets not forget that there are second generation Iranian Americans who are serving in U.S. army and I know a couple of them myself.

Imagine if they have to go to war against Iran on behalf of this Israeli criminal, Netanyahu, to kill Iranians and get killed because of this racist regime of Israel.

How can one stay quiet?


iraj khan

by Mashala on

I was thinking the same for last few day. They reported Christopher Stevens and his staff were killed. His name has been mentioned because he was an ambassador. Rest of the dead are referred to as staff, others, solders etc. Even for US officials those killed are just numbers and not worthy of being mentioned by their names.  What can we expect from Israel who is after her own interest?

tehran e azad,  

Just because you are a potato, doesn't mean others should be the same.  Some people take their beliefs seriously.  They should probably unite, peacefully protest and make changes to laws. But sometimes it requires a little more to convince others.


I agree that IRI hasn't been good to people. But If Israel is treating his people good, why are they setting themselves on fire?

Many say Zionists/Jews are so rich and control the world's finance, why can't they feed their small population?  Aren't Israeli Jews just being used by Zionists for their messianic ideology rather than well being of Jews?  I think Yaboo wants to be Moses or thinks he is David. 


Suicide Bombers... man did

by alx1711 on

Suicide Bombers... man did he forget to mention Aftabe!


Netanyahu is just angry that his Rabbi snipped off too much

by MaryamJoon on

... nothing uglier than pudgy-man with a bad comb-over threatening the world. 


God Business is big business: Bahai Leaders confirm not caring about Followers 

Soosan Khanoom

Comment i came across online under BiBi's remarks.

by Soosan Khanoom on

Netanyahu Has now gone "rogue"! He is leading his nation into an "abyss" with all this hyper-militarism in an area which has basically been neutral. This man is a tyrant and his methods of dictating what other sovereign nations may or may not do on "his watch" is leading his country into a no win solution which will ignite the Middle East into "sides". Netanyahu Knows this! And he is betting on making the American peoples a major player in his tyrannical efforts with this timing. Where is the integrity and courage in this strategy? America must now "distance itself" from this man's regime and efforts to Start WW III. Our support of this arrogant and disrespectful world leader needs to be reeled in now. This leader has taken unearned privileges of this nation; nothing new. The Jewish peoples across the planet are not being represented in their best interests. This Zionist nation under Netanyahu is bellicose and unrepresentative of Jews.  As a Jew, I detest what this man's policy has stood he is directing his thoughts and efforts toward expansion of borders through deceit, deception ,and coercion in the form of "black-mail "with this ally; while not looking for a truthful solution to this very one sided argument. Israel is sitting on hundreds of nukes, without "transparency" to the world court, and dictating pre-emptive war on a sovereign nation with "no nuke" at the moment. What hypocrisy! When has Zionism trumped the tenants of Judaism, Christianity, or Islam. Terrorism is not the answer, no matter which side perpetuates it. And don't bring up that warn thin "never again" statement when it's been Zionist/neocon Israel that has been the one creating havoc and distortions[misinformation] in the Middle East- not Iran. You, as the leader, have become the "bully" on the school yard, and this is unacceptable among the nations of the Middle East. Peace has never come in this manner. It always comes around to confront the violator, eventually. Without the US backing you, your "clamoring" will begin to diminish. What kind of ally puts its host nation and peoples in jeopardy. Shame on you. And shame on us and our Congress for allowing your continual influence to jeopardize this peoples stability and well being as part of the "human race". Our first president said the following while leaving office: "A passionate attachment of one nation for another produces a variety of evils. Sympathy for the favorite nation facilitates the illusion of an imaginary common interest in cases where no real common interest exists, infuses into one the enmities of the other, and betrays the former into participation in the quarrels and wars of the latter without adequate inducement or justification.. It also gives to ambitious, corrupted, or deluded citizens, who devote themselves to the favorite nation, facility to betray or sacrifice the interests of their own country." George Washington, Farewell Address, 1796 Get off of the saber rattling Bibi ! You are acting as a "spoiled child" rather than as a caring and mature leader of your nation/people, as well as to the peoples of this big blue marble. War is where everyone loses! Everyone! And it is time that America separates from and makes an end to this one-sided relationship! George Washington's wisdom should definitely be followed! Enough said.


Full Meet-the-Press interview

by maghshoosh on


Sister Basij

by Sasan.Khoramdin on

Why would you care about wether Bahie leaders care about thier own followers or not, at least they don't hang them on a daily basis, still thier money and send it to Arab countries, nor do they rape them in prisons, before killing them. Those who live glass houses should not throgh stones.


وقتی‌ دلیل و منطق تنگ آید، ناتانیاهو به جفنگ آید....


Sounding ever more desperate trying to make something out of nothing. 

  I also couldn’t  agree more with Reality-Bites comment that IRI is a lot of thing, mostly a murdering regime of its own citizens but to allow  this war monger to start yet another war this time  on Iranian people would be to grant the IRI its wish and extend its life multiple fold, not to mention add another catastrophe to the list of criminal wars that has started by Israel.


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



Natenyahou is an obnoxious war monger

by Reality-Bites on

But at least he treats his country's citizens decently, which is more than one can say about the Islamic Republic.

Furthermore, neither he, nor his predecessors were the ones that started this potential conflict with the Islamic Republic. It is the IR started putting its nose in the Israel/Palestinian issue, which was/is none of its or Iranian people's business and has continually called for the destruction of Israel.

Nevertheless, Natenyahu must be stopped from this foolish course he seems intent on and responding to the deliberate provocation of the likes of AN, Khamenei et al, which is exactly what the IR wants.

Iranian people are already suffering enough under the IR as it is, they don't need a war to make their lives even more miserable.

iraj khan

Who is

by iraj khan on

Netanyahu but the leader of the last racist government in the world, Israel's. His job as the latest head of Israel's regime is to continue manipulating U.S.'s political process to benefit himself and racist zionists such as himself. 

What is Zionism but a 'racist ideology' declared by the United Nations.

What is Israel but a criminal occupying force terrorizing the natives of Palestine.

Why should America and Americans pay for the Messianic adventures of the so called 'The Chosen People'?

One may remind him : 'If you want to go to war with Iran then, go ahead, no one is holding you. But  keep us out of it.'

Who is Netanyahu but a freeloading leech who expects the sons and daughters of American people to go to war on his behalf.

What a coward of a man he is, ture to his nature. 

Does he know how many American soldiers died this weekend?

Does he care?

No, why shoud he? As far as he's concerned American soldiers are expendable.


What statesman, BiBi that is!


He would make a great president of Iran when it becomes East Israel!

Shlomo for BiBi president of East Israel, 2013!


Especially these ones

by MaryamJoon on

tehran e Azad

Middle east

by tehran e Azad on

Majority of middle eastern people are nothing but a whole bunch of barbaric animals, that need to be treated like animals!!! Only humans can be reasoned with NOT animals!!!

Soosan Khanoom

Seriously BiBi , do you mean you haven't staged it?

by Soosan Khanoom on

Oh come on, you have Al Quida at your service man!!  But what's the matter are u scared? R u trying to butt kissing the American people this time? so they send their kids only to be killed for your evil ego while your chosen people enjoy deep see diving at the Red sea!!! 

You sounds like those rabbis who talked the Roman Empire into killing of Jesus!! This time it  is American Empire and innocent ordinary Iranian people  ... You have same evil mentality, same deceitful manner, same cowardness as those biblical Rabbis... Now don't tell me that these are fake Bible stories cause then you contradict yourself ... After all havent you occupied a land much more barbarically than those who invaded the embassy only and only based on the 5000 years old bible stories? 

You devil will soon be kicked out of office.  Israeli people are not that dumb to keep you !!  ! 

And wherever you go after being kicked out please  take this Freddi with you . and no we are not going to miss him !!


tehran e Azad


by tehran e Azad on

Do you want the kind of barbarism on view right now to have nuke as well?


Mardom Mazloom

Bibi sounds like Zizi

by Mardom Mazloom on

Despite all the red lights lit around him, he's trying to engage the world into a destructive war that the issue is far from being clear. This war is not guaranteed to stop the satanic Mullahs' abilities to produce a nuclear bomb one day and is also desired by them. Now go figure out!


هیاهو از نتانیاهو!



Netanyahu should get off Obama's back and support his efforts fully and wholeheartedly.

Despite what Netanyahu says, the Regime in Iran is not suicidal. They are good at sending other people's kids to die, not their own.

This Regime should never come anywhere near a nuclear bomb. And that message has been delivered to them loud and clear. Now, if Netanyahu wants to draw his own redlines and timelines, he should be free to do so. Go ahead and do it!

At the end of the day, the Regime has no retaliatory capability so the question remains what the smart course of action is.

My answer is this, "let the smart guy in the room (Obama) figure it out."



by Benyamin on

It is very interesting what Mr. Netanyahu said about Iranian rationality!!!

Let`s examine "Israeli rationality by facts": In only 70 years Isreal has done nothing but fight with its neighbors. Israel has used  "illegal weaponry" almost in every war they have been involved in and almost all of those wars short or long term in duration were started by Israel!!!!

USA is not any better than Israel! In its 250 years of its existance they have been involved in many wars that overwhelming majority of them were kicked started by the USA which is supposidly to be a "democratic country that defends democratic values" But we all know what the great(sarcasticly) USA did to the democratic government of the great Mossadegh(great is needed in this case).


In the past 200 years Iran has not attacked any country nor has been a cause of any war and yet has been subjected to or attacked by its neighbors many times!!!

Today Israel is threatening Iran almost everyday and no one has found a trace of any wrong doing in its nuclear program! Just because the IAEA`s inspectors are not allowed to visit a "millitary site" therefore Iran is guilty by default!!!!

All I would like anyone to know is that power makes any "shallow human" drunk and any human could make colossal mistake! It isnot only the Iranian side that is drunk with power!

Mr. Netanyahu, to read your history it would take me half a day to finish, to read the USA`s history maybe a day but to read Iran`s history you have to put a good three months aside but you don`t have time for that instead you just want to bomb Iran!!!

First Amendment


by First Amendment on

Nobody wants the bomb. Period................

The nuclear technology is our national right and legal's there to stay............get used to it..........and don't get caught up in political rhetoric...........


Bibi nailed it

by Fred on

Do you want the kind of barbarism on view right now to have nuke as well?

Unlike what NIAC Lobby and alike say, the Messianic Islamist Rapists are both Messianic and irrational, they cannot have the bomb, period.