Zibakalam: Impact and limits of sanctions

Are tougher sanctions an effective way to open diplomatic channels?

Guests: Sadegh Zibakalam, Peter Middlebrook, Hillary Mann Leverett


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PR campaign has started

by fullback on

As the sanctions get tougher more and more of Islamist Occupiers agents will show up on western capitals and cry for Iranian citizens, where heve these despicable bunch been for the last 33 years where Iranians have been arrested , jiled tortured , killed by these Islamist Thugs. People in Iran, not only want the sanctions but they are crying for targetted military strikes against the Islamist occupier command and control installations.

Nader Vanaki

خاک بر سر آمریکا

Nader Vanaki

این هم شده سیاست خارجی؟  چقدر مهر و محبت آمریکا حالا باید به دل مردم ایران بشینه؟  پفیوز بازی در عرصه سیاست خارجی آمریکا، دیگه به حد اعلاء رسیده که میگن ممکنه لوازم یدکی هواپیما به شما بفروشیم. من بودم دفتر کلینتون کاه گِل می گرفتم، یه قاطر هم می بستم بیرون درش شاید بعد از یکی دو سال عقلش از این سیاست مدارهای آمریکایی بهتر کارکنه.

Darius Kadivar

It Worked On Burma Why Shouldn't it work on Iran ? ...

by Darius Kadivar on



Sanctions are working

by Faramarz on



Firoozabadi is now a size 8!

He could become a plus-size model!



Zibakalaam is strange

by choghok on

He starts of by parroting Khamenei and Ahmaghinejad speeches and at the end he talks about "state of Israel".

He seems a bit stressed. Also comparing 2 nuclear bomb with Israel 3-400? He does not sound like an analyst. If Iran would even have the capability it would open Hezbollah and other supporters hand. Israel can not for a moment accept this. 


Leverretts only defend Khamenei

by seannewyork on

They are linked to the Marandi family.  Dont worry when 5 million of us young Iranians go into the streets and yell death to khamenei and bring down the regime they wont have much to say.

 Sanctions are working well. end of story.  if they were not the regime would not have everyone on the air saying people cant get medicine which is a lie.  they can send $10billion to Syria but cant get medicine to Iran.  What nonsense.


Backbreaking sanctions

by Fred on

Rafshi gang in action. 

The only way to end the nightmare of the Messianic Islamist Rapist Republic is backbreaking airtight sanctions plus air/naval quarantine.


Ashk Dovom

Honorary Iranian citizenship for Hillary Mann Leverett

by Ashk Dovom on

Thank you Sadegh Zibakalam, Peter Middlebrook, Hillary Mann Leverett for your fair assessment of the situation! I wish I could award honorary Iranian citizenship to Hillary Mann Leverett for defending ordinary Iranians and articulating the devastating impact of sanctions on their lives and the lives of Iranian children. I wish it was possible to award Israeli citizenship to Reza Pahlavi for doing his best to promote the views of Israeli lobbies around the world and for his animosity towards Iranian citizens!