Samira Afzali: Sanctions Survey

Researching the effects of OFAC regulations on the Iranian-American community

To read more and to participate in the survey visit //


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by Tehran4Iran on

Is she for real , or is this a joke? She must be joking, cause NAAAA, she is joking. This can't be real.

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on


Will make the Regim and his bazari circle Richer, Price of the smuggeled oil cheaper,And the Iranian people more miserable.



What a shame

by fullback on

33 years of forced Occupation of Iran by the Islamist , and now all of the sudden sanctions are the word of the day . How about all the killing and families destroyed by these Islamic Thugs , where are the outrage of these do gooders? do yer survay , once Bashar Assad is gone , Khamanie knows he and his Thug Islamist are next. That is why he is barking so loud these days.

Anonymous Observer

Not today DM jaan, not today

by Anonymous Observer on

But if she does the surveys that I suggested, I promise that I will particpate in this one.  

Anonymous Observer

Since she's a lawyer -and an Iranian woman--

by Anonymous Observer on

perhaps Ms. Afzali can do a survey on how the severely diminished legal rights for Iranian women for the past 33 years has affected them.  You know, ordinary things, such as not being able to attend sporting events, automatically losing custody of their children in case of a divorce, their husbands being able to marry multiple wives without their consent, getting 1/4 inheritance of their husbands, etc..  I know that doing so may effect Ms. Afzali's summer vacation trips to Iran, but hey, sometimes you just have to do the right thing, no?


Islamic Republic Regime has been sanctioning Iranians for 33 yrs

by seannewyork on

The blame for sanctions falls on the hands of Khamenei, Rafsanjani, and Khatami.

If you are going make an issue of sanctions today you also need to make an issue for sanctions against Iranians by the regime in Iran for 33 years which are much worse. 

Sanctions are working and will destablize the regime.

Dr. Mohandes


by Dr. Mohandes on

Of course she has.

But you know what happened? the little doggy ate it all up:)

Are you planning on participating in the survey? 

Anonymous Observer

I wonder if she has ever done a survey on IR's 33 years

by Anonymous Observer on

of dictatorship, executions, imprisonment, and general thuggery in Iran and its effects on Iranians living abroad. hmmmm