Rana Foroohar: Real Time with Bill Maher

Assistant managing editor for Time magazine

Wikipedia: Rana Foroohar is the assistant managing editor for Time magazine. In the past, she has written for Forbes magazine and was Deputy Editor in charge of international business and economics for Newsweek, where she had previously spent 6 years as the London-based correspondent covering European economics and the Middle East. For this reporting, she received the German Marshall Fund's Peter R. Weitz Prize for transatlantic reporting. Foroohar is a contributor to The Daily Beast and an occasional commentator on MSNBC's Now with Alex Wagner and various CNN programs and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.


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خیلی جدی بنظر میاد




I wonder if she ever let her hair down!


Good to see you back Demo

by anglophile on

Glad you reconsidered your decision :)


No Excuse Needed

by Demo on

in telling the truth & nothing but the truth!


Excuse me?

by anglophile on

What part of Ms Foroohar, other than her name and genetics I presume, is Iranian? Upbringing? Education? She is not an Iranian product or have I missed something?



by hirre on

Corporate tax is aiming to be at 22% in Sweden, but the problem here is citizien marginal tax which is 56%-87% :) 

Hafez for Beginners


by Hafez for Beginners on

Bill Maher didn't announce her name very clearly at all!

I had watched some clips from this before - because I love Chris Matthews - but I had no idea this lady was Iranian. Kudos to her! Barikalla. And Bill Maher: Please pronounce and say her name: Rana Foroohar!!

Bullying: I love how she engages and doesn't just wait her turn! That guy next to her was being such a bully: "What will you do?" And she slammed it - and explained exactly what she would do! Bullies always throw the "what will you do?" line - often to women. It's bullish and a manipulative line: "what will you do?" as if there's no way there could possibly be a solution to the question at hand. They just block it with that line: "What would you do?"  "Don't you understand this problem is as complicated as the moon landing? I guess not... little lady... tell me, what would you do?" That's esentially "what will you do?" means when a man asks it of a woman. A male rarely asks that question  of another male guest.  Luckily,  Ms. Foroohar didn't let him get away with it. Without huffing or puffing, she simply let him know exactly what she would do! And a great answer, too! Grand job!

Thanks for the post mehrdadm! 





Great program..She is

by vildemose on

Great program..She is wonderful too.


All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir


love her

by nozarmahallati on

Classy looking, articulate, great voice, smart and making a difference by wriiting great articles ina widely read magazine.

Iranian women ROCK when given the opportunity.

Lets imagine her in a good old Islamic nation like Iran or Saudi Arabia....what do you think she'd be doing there and then?