The Lost Persian Empire and the Greeks

Ancient Civilizations

This series traces the development of civilizations around the world, from the appearance of the first cities in various places around 3500--3000 B.C. until the establishment of the first true European empire under Charlemagne and the golden ages of the Abbasid Caliphate in Baghdad and the Tang dynasty in China, all during the 9th century A.D.


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I G not so FAST

by fullback on

First Iranians have to deal with the Islamist Occupiers of Iran and their EMPIRE, made up of Bashar Syria, Sheikh Nassrollah the Lap dog of Khameneie in south Beirut, Hakkani Drug network in Vazirestan , Boko harram in Nijeria , Hamas in Gaza,, Then the Persian Empire , maybe.

Immortal Guard

One empire has to go down for another to come up!

by Immortal Guard on

One empire has to go down for another to come up!

I predict there will be a Persian Empire within the next 100 years while the Zionist Empire will collapse!


Thank God...

by Midwesty on

For seeing a day that you can get a PhD and get paid big by tax payers money for storytelling...

Greeks back then are as credible as their today's crumbling economy. Looking at Ancient Greek statues and their hollusinistic view on world which does not represent the slightest resemblance of those people and the reality of world, you can get the idea of how true their side of story is?

however the screenwriter of this story has major flaws, where he accounts for the exact number of Persian deads but not for a few weeks day trip of the royal messenger on the royal highway to dispatch supply so the persians don't have to dispatch the entire army back to capital...

However I buy this storytellers side on the fact that Greece was too insignificant to be considered for invasion and Greeks were too ambitious not to meddle with the giant. 

In Persian culture there is always a reason for doing or not doing things. They were too different and humble to blow into their own horn for publicity.

the evidence is the Persian rug that radiates beauty while this guy is walking all over it...

Mardom Mazloom

امپراطوری پیش کش

Mardom Mazloom

کوچک تر از این که هستیم نشیم، راضی ایم !