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I am very happy seeing the video.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

I have hope for Iranians. Reza Pahlavi would make an outstanding King, he's a miracle worker and very honest, good qualities for any person especially one who is defending the culture of Pursuit of happyness and doer of good things, whether it be words, thoughts or actions.


LOL the Prince are you sayin' majority of old generation

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

and many on this site, regardless of political views, are traitors?

Sad isn't it? 

Tofeh Sar ballah!!!!  They never got anything out of forcefully betraying their king, culture and country, neither did Iran, if only they could debate for their views and gain support instead of lie and slander, manipulate and deceive they would have a far better life.  Many don't have the conscience or care to have the conscience required to courageously see this.

What's missing in Iran are Zardoshti's views and beliefs, who believe in saying and doing what makes them happy and feels good, pursuing their bliss and joy, like good thoughts, good words and good actions.  So 1979 was a cultural war against this deeply Ingrained Iranian Idea that the Iranian Monarchy Represented and defended for Millenia, despite Iran being an Islamic Country.  1979 was a coup d'etat based on just a few deceits, it was about good versus bad, sadly the good guys wearing the white hats abiding by the law lost due to the deceit which started with idea's propogated outside Iran, like the late shah was a dictator, there was excessive repression and that savak purposely mass tortured.

In fact if you didn't whistle to this tune in the past, "THE CHORUS OF ANTI-MONARCHIST & ANTI-IRANIAN CULTURAL STUPIDITY" then within Iran you were 100% considered a Liar in the late 70's, so effective was the propaganda of the west and the anti-monarchist opposition within Iran (which was by definition also anti-iranian). 

The younger generation is very bright and even the most devout practicing muslim after a few enlightening conversations can grasp exactly what is up and see where their parents were decieved and why they made a big mistake.  It gives rise to so much hope it's amazing.





Roozbeh Jaan

by Faramarz on



The problem with the NIACi Swedish Meatball is that he never got the great treatment that you received on that cool armchair and hence all the resentment towards the west and at the same time, all the love towards the Regime.


Faramarz Jan, On swedish meatball....

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

I have been reading your exchanges on this site with the internet based Halal Swedish meatball Council of US of A, and I think you are getting a raw deal my friend! 

I had a plate full of authentic (not the naturalised)  swedish meatball a few weeks ago, served with fresh cranberry sauce, at my local swedish DIY outlet. It was served by a smiling pretty 20 something girl. And best of all, it was for free, as I had spent over $100 on some cool armchair which is guaranteed to take 150lbs/sq inches!!

you get my drift?? :)

The Prince

Thank you

by The Prince on

For a very useful info on Cyber bullying. 

On a completely unrelated topic, here some more info from Wikepedia:


In law, treason is the crime that covers some of the more extreme acts against
sovereign or nation

A person who commits treason is known in law as a traitor.




NIAC Bullying Defined!

by Faramarz on



NIAC bullying is when Trita and the gang want to silence the opposition and thanks to Judge Bates are embarrassed, defeated and ordered to pay $100,000's in legal fees.

The civic lesson learned: "Toto, we're not in Malmo anymore!"

iraj khan

Cyber Bullying Defined:

by iraj khan on

As you know Cyber Bullying is defined as

"cyberbullying include communications that seek to intimidate, control, manipulate, put down, falsely discredit, or humiliate the recipient. The actions are deliberate, repeated, and hostile behavior intended to harm another."


The Prince

Thank you!

by The Prince on

یک مشت حزب‌اللهی بی‌ سواد از یک طرف و یک مشت فسیل ان قلابی کور و کچل مال عهد بوق نشستن و برای خودشون دل‌ و قلوه می‌گیرن و به رضا پهلوی فحش میدان!! نه منطقی‌ تو حرفهاشون هست، و نه انسانیت. فقط عقده و نفرت

همین برای من کافیه که به آقای پهلوی توجه بیشتری نشون بدم. میگن آدمو از دشمناش بشناس. با این دشمنهای بیکار و کج و کوله، آقای پهلوی دیگه تبلیغ لازم نداره.  مرسی‌

iraj khan

Souri Khanoom,

by iraj khan on

Yes, you are right the sculpture without the hands and legs belongs to Reza Pahlavi the father.

But still, when Reza Pahlavi was taken away from Iran, he had two good hands. He chose to give up and surrounder to the invaders hence his tragic end, dying in exile.

One can conclude, Reza Pahlavi was very effective in suppressing his opponents as long as they were Iranians but when it came to foreign invaders, he simply raised his hands and left.

Also, I need to mention what thes few are doing here on IC is called 'Cyber Bullying' that consists of Lies, Intimidation and Discrediting others in order to force their ways.


And I thought you said Irajkhan was Trita Parsi?

by Souri on

Is Trita old?

He is at least (at the very least) 20 years  younger than you, Faramarz!


تعریف منو نمیخواد بکنی‌ مشتی‌


کلاه خودتو محکم بچسب که باد نبرتش.

آخه طلایی که پاکه، چه منتش به خاکه؟!!






حالا دلت خنک شد؟ منو بگو که آمدم ازت تعریف کنم!

من نمیدونم شما ها چه بغض و کینه ای به رضا پهلوی دارین. مگه چه هیزم تری به شما ها فروخته. 


Faramarz jigar

by Souri on

Yes, I am old and fat, and you are old and kachal!

Who cares?

Do I need to remind you that the people surrounding RP, are mostly the old fart militaries and senators of the late Shah?


Your opinion is well taken. I must say that I am not against RP, at all. Acutally I like him to some degree.

But I have the right to criticize him for reading his own answes , from a paper note. They are short and not too complicated answers. This is not a speech! He can handle it easily w/o a paper note. Especially that I met him personally (twice) and he is very well skilled for speaking.

Good luck.


Just De-friend Reza Pahlavi!

by Faramarz on




You are right!

Most of these people are old! I have seen some of them and although they look ok for their age, they are still old and grumpy! Like Souri and Iraj ChaaKhan!


Multi language

by omeedvar on

Based on the experience of some refugees who were among five million Iranians who left Iran, after the revolution; other countries have chosen different policies. In India with hundreds of dialogues, they have chosen English as their formal language for education, and formal communication. In Quebec, Canada, the students have to learn French and English before high school graduation. In scandinavia, the students are required to learn several languages before graduation. In Iran, we have to consider the availability of resources and teachers, when we deside a language policy, and when desided by a referundom, it can be achieved gradually.


I think you mean Reza Shah The Great

by seannewyork on

Yes, that is a statue of the father of Iran Reza Shah The Great.

Many young people like Reza Pahlavi including me.  He is well spoken, smart, a democrat, and doest not want a blood bath in Iran and has called for national reconcilliation after IRI is gone. 

As many of you old schoolers fight over Mossadeq, Shah, MEK, IRI, Hashemi, ect young people really like what they hear from him.  Maybe my parents and their generation were stupid and had a revolution that destroyed my generation but this generation only wants democarcy and Reza Pahlavi is the only one I hear that speaks towards that.

Many are also hearing about and learning more about shorah melli that he has been involved with: https://www.farakhanmeli.org/


I think that sculpture is of Reza khan..

by Souri on

not MRP?!!!

iraj khan


by iraj khan on

now that Mojahedin are back in business under the full support of Israel lobby and the United States,

What's going to happen to Reza Pahlavi?

I thought he would be the new King of Iran!

Is Mr Rajavi going to be the new King and Ms. Rajavi the new President?

It's getting very confusing now. We can't have two Shahs could we?

Also, I don't like that sculpture of the Shah with his both hands cut off and no legs in the background! Shah escaped from Iran with his 2 hands intact, it's a disgrace.

I'm just saying,




by Demo on

No wonder that the facebook is going down the hole so rapidly with its business. And with people like this man on it better be termed as 'fecesbook.'

Last Man Standing


by Last Man Standing on

It's meticulously staged by professionals; the absence of his father's portrait in the background says it all.



by Souri on

in chera javab haye khodesh ro az rouye neveshteh mikhounehy?

Ajab ha.

Nemidouneh chi mikhad begeh?