Reza Shah, oil and Chelo Kabab

Iranian historian on state TV


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هیکل آقا بیانگر تحلیل های سطحی ایشان میباشد، در اروپا درآمد هنگفتی از کار در حیطهٔ آشپزی نصیبش میشد



by choghok on

I do not buy for one second that à European or American that is not used to eat ecxotic food would like Kabob. Our stews are much more appreciated than Kabob, Also this BS about Turks not knowing mint.

We tend to be very proud of our food, and if you think about it there are tons of different dishes in Iran, the problem is that we ourselves are so close minded that we do not accept anything than the 4-5 different dishes. Just look at befarmaeed sham and you see which dishes. 


@ 5.20 not allowing people to be the way they want to be

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

whether trying to make them wrong or showing intolerance by having a confrontational stubborness/retaliation approach was never based on individuals expanding their understanding, but based on ignorance.  And our state tv historian, is another narrow minded and ignorant Iranian, something Mullahs and the IRI have a unique ability to produce.  American Society is not any less afflicted with this or any other, however democratic societies like the uk and holland are coping with this issue better.