Protesters Attack Iran embassy in Berlin

Ten detained

AP: Police say a group of assailants pelted the Iranian Embassy in Berlin with stones and paint and pulled down an Iranian flag — prompting Germany's foreign minister to express regret to his counterpart in Tehran. Berlin police said about 30 were involved in the incident on Wednesday afternoon. The assailants didn't enter the building and authorities were able to detain 10 of them. There was no immediate information on their possible motives >>>


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Anarchists are active defenders of human rights

by maghshoosh on

In many countries where there's a struggle for human or civil rights, youth who identify themselves as anarchists of some variety are at the forefront of such protests.  So it's not surprising that anarchists have undertaken this embassy protest.


عجب به بعضی‌‌ها بر خورد!


عجب به بعضی‌‌ها بر خورد!

آدم شک میکنه که نکنه جیره روزانشن از همین لانه جاسوسان بی‌ شرف اسلامی می‌رسید...


So Proud, Iranians Jumped The IRI EMBASSY

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

and not like the disgraceful IRI, the embassy of Another Nation.  We oppose the US/EU policy of loving extremsim for Iran, but we get their embassies are their soil.  We are about reclaiming Iranian soil, from this anti-intellectual, anti Iran cult imposed in power over Iran 33 years ago.

Esfand Aashena

We are an embassy jumping nation!

by Esfand Aashena on

Everything is sacred

Darius Kadivar

Rasty Shoareh 'Allaho Akbaretoon' Chi Shod ?

by Darius Kadivar on

Anonymous Observer

Good news: a rare show of courage by Iranians

by Anonymous Observer on

Bad news: it's only seven people, 0.0000001% of the population.  

We have a long way to go folks.  And I'm sure that for every one of these 7 brave young men, there are a 1000 Iranians who would say "na baba, intori ham khoob neest. bebein israel ba flestin chekar mikoneh (?!!).  hala ba jomhoori eslami harf bezaneed, dorost misheh.  Tazeh sefarat ro ham bebandand bad misheh mikhaeheem tabestoon bereem iran baray chelo kabab." 


مسلک و سمبول آنارشیزم فرا-ملیتی، و جهانشمول است.


این پرچم سیاه و سرخ، یا حرف لاتین" الف " فقط متعلق به آنارشیستهای
آلمانی نیست، بلکه تمامی آنارشیستهای جهان از قرن هفده ام به این سو از
این پرچم و از این سمبول استفاده کرده اند، منجمله در جنگ داخلی اسپانیا در
دهه ٣٠ قرن بیستم.
جالب اینجاست که مابین ایرانیان خارج کشور تمامی
سوسیالیستها و ناسیونالیستها و مونارشیستها و... کلی سمینار میگذارند  و تا
ابد "بحث" میکنند، ولی این فقط آنارشیستهای باحال ایرانی هستند که از
مرحله حرافی  فرا رفته و به حیطه اقدام مستقیم علیه رژیم گذار میکنند. دم همه شون گرم.
اطلات بیشتر در مورد خاستگاه سیاسی اشغال کنندگان: // -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- نسرین ستوده کماکان در  چهل و چهارمین روز اعتصاب غذایش به سر میبرد. آیا
غیرت ایرانیان مقیم آلمان به دیگر ایرانیان خارج کشور نیز شیوع میکند؟


Protesters display German anarchist symbols

by maghshoosh on

The protesters are displaying German anarchist symbols, such as the "A" circumscribed by a circle that one is carrying, or the red & black flag that they hoist.


Burning IRI flag

by zamyad on

You moron, it was not an Iranian flag. It was a tricolor flag with a spider in the middle and I am not a MEK supporter.

 Payendeh bad Iranzameen


Burning Iranian flag?, Shame

by Khebedin on

Burning Iranian flag?, Shame on you. You are the people who forced shah out of Iran and now this.  MEK guys.


آفرین صد آفرین!


کیف کردم!


SK you should be burning IRI flags too. After what the IRI has

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

done to your religion, to devout muslim countrymen and women as well as your country. // Will you be encouraging Iranians to burn flags from home and post a clip to you tube?



Most excellent. Thank you.

by firstdayofmylife on

Most excellent. Thank you. May many more follow in other countries.

Soosan Khanoom

Well IRI got spoon full of its own medicine.

by Soosan Khanoom on

Climbing up the wall nd burning flag. 

Nooshe joone  Larijani - ha  who had supported the same action taken last year in Iran against the British embassy.  

I wish they would have burned a picture of Larijani too.   I would personally love to see that ! 



Germanys foreign Minister was lost for words as he appologized

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

to the Islamic Rapist Republic of Torture, Promising those arrested would be put on trial and he would seek the toughest sentence on those that carried this protest out. Also The USA/Uk/France which helped bring this Republic to power, by neutralizing the Iranian Military and paying for basiji training while giving khomeini massive media coverage and organizational support were extremely upset and concerned deep down. // To Discover the depth of the wests concern at the actions of Iranians who are seeking freedom and human rights for Iranians.


Ich bin ein Berliner!

by Faramarz on



Great job!

Let's bring down that wall!


Well Done

by divaneh on

Very well done. IRI must understand the reverberations of its actions.