Kissinger on nuclear Iran and US talks

Drawing the line at enrichment

At the WSJ CEO Council, Washington bureau chief Jery Seib talks with former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger on the U.S.'s relationship with Iran.


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kissinger is a criminal !!

by hoomangolshan on

kissinger is a criminal !!

Darius Kadivar

If Kiss is to be held for Crimes Against Humanity so must Obama

by Darius Kadivar on

 Benyamin How do you call Non Intervention in Syria ( approx 35,000 deaths to date ) then ? Or Obama's hesitation on Libya which led to 50 000 deaths ?


In the latter case the blood shed was not the result of not wanting to intervene on behalf of US's Allies ( France and UK) but rather due to Obama's very own reluctance which delayed an urgently needed Intervention to protect civilian lives by a month: 

US, UN, Europe and the Arab League SHAME ON YOU ! 


Obama with his huge American Fleet at bay in the Mediteranean could have finished off Gaddafi in a matter of 3 weeks at the very beginning of the uprising when Gaddafi like a wounded wolf was hiding in his bunker. He Chose Not to and turned a conflict that should have lasted three weeks maximum into a costly year long war both materially and in number of libyan casualties.


Yet a Blitzkrieg operation by the Nobel Peace Prize 'Fart Head' would have been enough to send a shivering signal not just to Gaddafi but to Assad in Syria as well as other regimes ranging from Bahrain, Kuwait faced with uprising that they had to operate within the norms of international law in regard to their own populations demands.


Yet Obama's hesitation and reluctance to follow Sarkozy ( the Real Commander in Chief of this Libyan Campaign) let to a Month of useless talks which allowed Gaddafi to regain his firepower and retaliate on the population.  


So if Kissinger's encouraging intervention in Vietnam should fall under the definition of Crimes against Humanity

Then Obama should be held responsible for the opposite ... since his non intervention in both Libya and Syria amounts to 85,000 deaths to date, millions of refugees in the case of Syria across the borders into Jordan, Turkey and Lebanon.


Next time you "Liberals" wish to lecture on Moralist grounds ... I highly recommend you to look in the mirror ...

PHOTO :Gaddafi hailed as the « Che Guevera » of North Africa by West Residing « Hippies » Left Wing Students and Intellectuals after his Coup against the Libyan Constitutional Monarchy


Oh and by the way ... The Democrats Started this whole Vietnam War under the Kennedy's in the first place ... The Republican administration of Nixon / Ford Ended it ! 






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M.A.S.H. : Iranian Nurses Provide Help to Injured Vietnamese (1966)  




by SiavashHeshmati on

Your first observation contradicts the second one!!!!!!

They want to guarantee the survival of messianic genocidal racist apartheid Zionist regime!!!


What a wasteful life!

by Benyamin on

The only think Henry Kissinger has learned throughout his entire wasteful life is how to solve any problems by tackling it through the means of war!

He commited crimes against humanity, and now he is advising others to follow!


What a pitty!


The crux of the issue

by Fred on

NIOC compensated:

“The crux of the issue about Iran's nuclear  program is, in my opinion, as follows: 

If Iran has the ability to make the bomb on  a short notice, it becomes unattackable. That is not something that the US and Israel can tolerate. They want to be the hegemone of the Middle East. “


It is all about guaranteeing the survival of the messianic
Islamist Rapists, "reforms" and all, to continue doing what they've
been doing to Iran and Iranians for the past 34 years.