"Lalaee": Confederation of Iranian Student Choir

Munich, Germany, 1969

"My father sung this to me as a lullaby. Unfortunately after 1979 Revolution things even got worse so this song is still actual concerning today's situation in Iran. it says: my darling, your father has gone... he doesn't come back tonight but in his heart he is at home with you... they have imprisoned him that is the reason why he can't come home..."


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by Khasteh on

Apology should have been made by those who, in 1970s, didn't let masses get to know murderers/rapists/torturers/thieves who are running the country now.

Having said that, no apologies needed from either group. Most of them were sincere, thinking that what they were doing was for good of country and it's citizens.

As for murderers/rapists/torturers/thieves who are now running the show, apologies will not be accepted. And I doubt they know what apology means.


یه مشت علّاف


اونوقتها بجای درس خوندن کارشون ترویج همین اراجیف بود

Darius Kadivar

Then Your Father & Bahman Nirumand owe an apology to Iranians

by Darius Kadivar on

For all the pain their Childish outbursts and irresponsible endorsement of radical groupes and deadly ideologies cost the nation and two generation of Iranians at large ...

The Baader Meinhof Complex (TRAILER) | Iranian.com

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About Bahman Nirumand and Ulrike Meinhof's letter to Farah Diba:

Iranian communist Bahman Nirumand behind Ulrike Meinhof letter to Shahbanou :

Ulrike Marie Meinhof Offner Brief an Farah Dibah

Description :

German transcript of the diatribe written by Ulrike Meinhoff aimed at depicting the Shahbanou as a kind of frivolous "Marie Antoinette" and falsly claiming that people were dying from hunger in the villiages of Iran.

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For the Anecdote :


His book “Persia, a model of a developing nation or the dictatorship of the Free World” (“Persien, Modell eines Entwicklungslandes oder Die Diktatur der Freien Welt”) published in January 1967 had a big influence upon the internationalism of the student uprising. Nirumand became a member of the Confederation of Iranian students. On a lecture tour for his book in Hamburg, he was invited byFreimut Duve and became acquainted with Ulrike Meinhof. They talked about the circumstances in Iran. Upon this, Ulrike Meinhof wrote ın Juni 1967 for the official visit of shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi in the Federal Republik of Germany an open letter to his wife Farah Diba.[2] In this letter, Meinhof alleged among others that for the peasants of Mehdiabad, a »Persian meal« consists of straw put ın water.[3] In October 1967, a critic was published ın the Spiegel, where several informations about Iran that had been published in the book of Nirumand were rated as dubiose or wrong.[4]In 1979, he returned to Iran before the Islamic Republic of Iran was founded. After staying there for three years, Nirumand went to exile to Paris, as he got no permission to enter Germany. Later, he went to Berlin.

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