Iran Nuclear Talks: Are Expectations Seriously Mismatched?

Former Iranian diplomat Hossein Mousavian responds

PBS: Claiming its uranium enrichment is only for peaceful purposes, Iran made a counter-offer Wednesday to a proposal by the U.S. and other countries meant to curb production. Margaret Warner discusses the latest negotiations with former Iranian diplomat Seyed Hossein Mousavian and the Brookings Institution's Suzanne Maloney.


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Face of Khaens

by Siavash300 on

These kind of people are selling their country, their people for a few bucks. They really don't care who is paying them...Brits embassy in Tehran for exchange information or U.S officials or Rafsanjani and his goons. As long as money comes people such as tart or the other idiot in above video are happy. Tart is still pretending to be uninformed about murdering of Mykonos scene. Tart is asking where does it come from? Seems no one paid attention to that question.

     Khaens are real problem. Iran has had it since Qjar time. 


USA Loves Islam and Extremism for Iran.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

The USA will do all she can to secure govt she brought to power in 1979, the IRI, from bipartisan support on both sides of the aisle. Shocking how few iranans can clearly see that human rights and democracy are the furthest goals of US Agenda for Iranians. 

Nader Vanaki

پُلفُسول حسین موسویان

Nader Vanaki

از تُرشی جات دست ساخت هاشمی بهرمانی و کاندید برای سفیر کبیر ایران در آمریکا، زمانی که سفارت خونه ها باز شد.  خیلی ها برای این پست نقشه دارن یکی دیگه اش محمد جواد لاریجانی که عاشق اینه که مثل این بابا بیاد روی تلویزیون فَک بِجُنبونه.  آرزوش به دل دکتر ولایتی موند و یه خورده دیگه صبر کنید مصباح یزدی هم خَرِ خودشو میاره آمریکا.  هرکی اینجا لَنگَر بندازه میتونه تور خوبی پَهن کنه و کاسبی و دلالی را بیندازه.

این جالبه که پرینستون ظاهراً برای پذیرش شرط نمره تافِل را آورده روی دویست یا سیصد.  آخرش هم یه قالی فروشی توی پرینستون میزنه.


Who is funding his stay

by vildemose on

Who is funding his stay in the US? Is he now a green card holder or a US citizen? 


All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir


Thought is investigating the OJ-Mykonos link

by AMIR1973 on

More Deep Thoughts to follow. Watch this space very, very closely....


Tart Drinks too much Regime Kool-Aid!

by Faramarz on



Tart needs to use that "grey matter" more!

Arash Kamangir

Haven't we got anyone with balls in USA?

by Arash Kamangir on

why is this scum walking around in USA without anyone gets on his case? Haven't we got some brave iranians to beat the hell out of him so scum sepahis like him don't think USA is IR.

Anonymous Observer

Well, there you have it dear Mousa

by Anonymous Observer on

Listen to minute 2:38 of the video that you have linked.  He promised to look for the "real murderers" of the Mykonos victims.  Kind of like OJ Simpson promised to look for the "real killers" of his wife and her friend.  He did so on the golf course in Miami, and Mr. Mousavian has been doing so at Princeton. :-)


a terrorist at princeton university

by mousa67 on

seyyed hossin joon was just as cute in his berlin days as he is today :)



The "respectable" Wikipedia confirms he was IRI envoy to Germany

by AMIR1973 on

from 1990-1997 (during the same period the IRI carried out the Mykonos murders). If Thought wishes to deny facts, engage in diversions or generally make a you-know-what of himself, then all Glory to Thought. Cheers!  .-)


No more respectable sources than Wiki

by Thought on

Thought encourages dialogue accompanied by sources. Logic appreciates more investigation. Thought recognizes the possibility of misinformation and keeps out of farfetched assumptions.

Those who shout against other nations for war or dislike whiff the same urine. Let all the brothers and sisters know.

Thought believes the word fanaticism is not exclusive to religious followers.

Worcester Mo

Dear Thought

by Worcester Mo on

The sister was born in 1974- 5 years before mullahs' take over. 

Unlike your buddy Mr. Mousavian, who had the opportunity to attend a second rate US institution after attending the same in Iran, due to expensive dollar and difficulty to attend US schools, attended Sharif University and obtained a PhD in physical chemistry finishing second in her class.  So, the sister is far more scientifically qualified than this guy. 

 Second, the sister has no affiliations with the  IRI groups so in that regards, she is indeed less qualified with no blood on her hands. 

These groups, as you know, similar to the drug cartels in Mexico, cleanse each other to get the upper hand.  As Ahmadinejad and his gang did to this guy.  This does not make him a national hero.  Also, very few people accused of "being a spy", beat the rap  unless someone very high comes to their rescue, happen to be a reporter for US journal or an Arab Shiek gives a lot of money to the IRI mercenaries.  Mr. Mousavian's sole qualification was thart he was part of the gang then and is related to the clergy.   So the question as to how these "previous" regime reps get visas to the US and who pays for their "fellowship" in the US remains. 


thought joon: my sister has a lot more credentials.

by mousa67 on

for one thing she never shouted daan daan usa in her entire life. for other thing she has never planned any terroristic attacks against iranians in berlin or US citizens across the globe. she only terrorizes her husband.

btw: why are you islamists so obsessed with mothers and sisters of the people whom you disagree with?



Thought believes reading is important

by Thought on

Born in Kashan, Iran, in 1957, he studied at the Iran University of Science and Technology, as well as Sacramento City College and Sacramento State University in the United States.

Mousavian was arrested and briefly jailed by the Ahmadinejad administration in 2007 and publicly accused by the president of espionage for allegedly providing classified information to Europeans, including the British Embassy, before being cleared by the judiciary

Thought asks, where did Mykonos come from?

Does someone's sister waiting to visit the United States has similar credentials. Thought doesn't care for illogical Mullahs but facts remain facts.


This Seyed is a criminal who

by Azarbanoo on

was involved in Mykonos crimes in Germany.   He like other high ranking IRR/IRI got their job by killing brave IRanians and proved their royality to VV (Velayete Vaghiih).

Worcester Mo

Why none of these "ambassadors" can speak English?

by Worcester Mo on

First of all, how does this chubby gets visa to come to US when my poor sister who wants to visit her brother can't?  This dude had been obviously an IRI high ranking "ambassador " and still had the crap on his forehead. So how the hell do they get visa?  

Second, and forgive me if I pour salt in the wound, during the Shah, most of these ambassadors were required to speak some gd foreign language. It took this dude a minute to make a point that the other lady made in 15 sec. And she is not an "ambassador". Why is it that this stupid people who are the face of Iran have to be unkempt, and speak poor Englisg. This I'd not a trivial issue. Few years back there was an editorial in NYT by the late Prof Said stating that one of the reasons that Palestininan cause never resonated in the US was because of a lack of polished, clean, not heavily accented Palestinain statement. The only qualification that this chubby had to get his job, other than the crap on his forehead, is some affiliation by the clergymen as his name clearly implies. 


تایر زاپاس هواپیما در مقابل اورانیوم ۲۰ درصدی!



The negotiations are progressing as expected!

The Regime has painted itself into such a corner that it takes major steps to get out of the jam that they are in.

Meanwhile, the Regime having learned how to make centrifuges and enrich uranium to 20%, is now willing to suspend some activities, but most likely will start it again down the road when nobody is watching and the sanctions are lifted.

And the US and the west knowing the nature of the Reime and the fact that there is really no alternative to tough sanctions and ultimately a Regime change, are only offering airplane spare parts in return.

I would throw in a few round trip tickets to Vegas to sweeten the pot! 


Islamists in US

by Fred on

Is this Islamist the same one who was their "ambassador" in Germany when their agents murdered Iranians in Mykonos restaurant?