Abdollah Javadi Amoli: Moftkhor

Accepts gold medal won by Asian champion weightlifter Behdad Salimi


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Babak K.

Our culture and Estebdad are

by Babak K. on

Our culture and Estebdad are  inseperable from Khayeh-malli, and Chaploussi, and Dastmal-daree, and there are no surprizes here.  Estebdad and our culture of Khayeh-malli complement each other. This guy is a true Iranian.


I can see why Ali Mostofi gets so upset with IC

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Who's the fossil @42 talking. If Iranians have become and are intolerant towards the long eared 4 legged man in robes it is because he is such an intolerant A#$ wipe himself and abusing his power in all that he does, so our intolerance today is out of genuine defense for Iran, where as before 1979 when it was directed by the wests corporate controlled media and treasonous opposition groups to Iranian progress, against the late shah, it was out of disingenuous motives by them and utter stupidity on the part of Iranians to accept the allegations as true facts.  Having people like this guy listed as "Iranian of the Day" really does reduce the value of this site, makes it look cheap, tacky and unclassy not democratic.  Allowing people to share their views, directed at the admin for their foolishness in naming Amoli Iranian of the day is democratic.

Of course you may feel that this view is based on vested interests on my part and not a reflection of true facts, if you are a member of an opposition group or you are a believer in the 4 lies/exagerations manufactured by the corporate controlled media against the Pahlavi's. 1) Dictator 2) Corrupt 3) Torturer 4) Repressive.

My only answer is, I spent many years speaking with all sides, looking at all sides and doing my best to find the truth, concealed and coveted by enemies of iran and when I discovered to my own satisfaction beyond a reasonable doubt, that is when I decided to become a monarchist, based on the truth first and not the other way around.


Red Wine


by Red Wine on

اون یارو جانِ عزیز...

بخواهیم یا نخواهیم،بافتِ اجتماعی ایران با مسائلِ اسلامی بُر خورده است،حالا چه راست و چه دروغ،چه خرافی و چه زیاده روی...نباید هر چیزی رو از دریچهٔ سیاسی دید،اینهائی که اسلام  و سیاست رو بهونه می‌گیرن،بی‌ خبر از اوضاع و احوالِ مردمِ ایران هستن،مردمِ ایران خلاصه به تهرون و شیراز نمیشه ! ... یک سری جریانات هست که به سادگی‌ قابلِ توضیح نیستند،جریاناتِ شخصی‌ و عقایدِ مذهبی‌ از همین دسته هستن،نباید خیلی‌ زود کسی‌ رو با یِ طلا بزرگ کرد و با یِ دولا و راست شدنِ اضافی،دشمنِ ایران فرض کرد...‌ای مُرده شور  کسی رو بِبرن که این چیزا رو نمیفهمه و باز نظرِ صد من یِ غاز میده و دل‌ هم میهنِشو میشکونه.

این روزا مردا مَرام ندارن ، اگر هم دارن،وفا ندارن... کی‌ به کیه بابا ؟! تاریکیه،من دلم خوش باشه، بقیه به درک ... فرقِ تختی با بقیه این بود که اینجوری فکر نمیکرد.برای همین جاودانه شد.

اون یارو جان،بهارت سبز باد.

Oon Yaroo

Red Wine Jaan Gerami!

by Oon Yaroo on

Okay, let's say not everyone can be like the late Takhti!

But, what about if ignorance of people makes a Takhti out of this Shaboon bee mokh wannabe guy 30 years from now!?

Let's hope this youtube clip will be around decades from now so people can see that this guy is no Takhti (e.g., Jevoonmard) but rather a big muscular bacheh akhoond!

With much admiration & respect for you!

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

بهداد بچه قائمشهرِ ! اونجاها رسمِ که نذر کنن قبل از اینجور مسابقات،نیت برآورده بشه،محاله که نذر رو ادا نکنن.این یک مساله شخصیه و ربطی‌ به سیاست نداره،تا بوده اینجوری بوده،همه که نباید مثلِ تختی بشن !