Probable Outcomes of a Possible War

Will Israel Bomb Iran?

PBS Newshousr: Israeli leaders say time is running short for diplomatic and non-military responses to Iran's nuclear program. Margaret Warner asks experts and journalists how an Israeli military strike against Iran might be carried out and what the repercussions could be.


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AO & Fessenjoon2, Great logic

by Azarbanoo on

behind your comments.  I agree with you two logical compatriotes.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

All I said

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


is that we got people in America who might be able to do some good. Maybe provide a job to a recent refugee; or a scholarship or English lessons. But I know better than that so I am out of this blog.

G. Rahmanian

The only common ground!

by G. Rahmanian on

The only common ground for tens of millions of Iranians who took to the streets of major cities of Iran in June of 2009 and the greatest majority which boycotted the recent parliamentary elections is the removal of the murderous regime in Tehran before it causes the destruction of our beloved country.


Yes VPK,

by Cost-of-Progress on

with the resurrection of sargord and his new persona as the fake dr (the Iloveiran dude), things have taken a turn for worse.

This, as I've said before, is the new age Payton Place.

Is it any wonder why we are where we are in our long and tortured history?

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Never change

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I was away for a while; got back and see the same old stuff. Barbs traded by pro and anti IRI; pro and anti Israel; pro and anti war. Don't you get sick of this bull? Does anyone think all these yells serve a realistic point.

How about we do something that actually does some good. Maybe get to a common ground on something people agree about. Improving the lot of Iranian Americans; helping Iranians who seek to get away from IRI; something nice for a change.

I know it is simpler to get all charged up and yell. But nothing good comes out of spitting at one another. Why are you bothered if Anahid or HFB like poetry? Good for them. How is that getting in the way of others; just more fighting.

Arash Kamangir

The only outcome

by Arash Kamangir on

The only outcome of war between Israel-IR is the destruction of nuclear facilities and further its weakening in the Middle East. The military action as well as sanctions will reduce IR to a circus clown in Middle East that noone take serious anymore.


same sh*t different side of coin!

by CaspianShark on

That redneck, Larry Klayman is the same type of A$$ hole as the Iranian leadership. Checked the link you put here and looks like he is too cowrd to let people leave comments!

The problem with what you say (and the current retarded leadership of Iranian government) is that:

The statement that says "we can take a nuke hit and you can't" is a dangerious and childish statement. By announcing that, you are just asking for trouble since the other countries you are challenging are way a head of you in nuclear technology and 90% of your citizens hate your guts and can't wait for you to go down (talkking about Iran's regime and its people). It just reminds me of Sadam Hussein's #2 man when he was in power. USA forces were just a few miles a way form Baghdad and he was claiming that Sadam is kicking the Americans out and killing Americans by 100s. just sayin....


The Brown

by Sialashgar on

You see is not that the Isrealies are paying us politations and the media to kill Iranians next.It is that the politation and the media and the whole America will profit from any war with a weaker country then U.S. But they can t kill white people because Americans are white they can t kill Blacks because Americans are black. They can t kill any more asians after the vitname war the drop more bomb on vitnam then all the bombs droped during world war two. So the only people left right now is us the brown the Arabs and the Persian.We got next.


Larry Klayman: "Nuke Iran."

by ILoveIran on

There is a difference between saying that Iran can take a nuclear strike and survive, and wishing for that to happen.  Israel can't take a nuclear strike; Iran can.

Please don't confuse me with the Jew, Larry Klayman.  

"Ironically, if there ever were a time to use nuclear weapons [against Iran]..., now is the moment." Larry 'the Jew' Klayman (former U.S. Prosecutor).   



When people read Klayman's psycho-babble, they will immediately recognize that many of the User IDs on parrot that same rhetoric.   


@ ILoveIran...

by CaspianShark on

First; please change your nick name to: "I-love-Khamene-ee".

Second; As the saying goes... "az jibe khodet maye bezar"! Iran and its people are still paying for the 8 year war with Irag. No Iranian or Iran's lover wants another war, especially a nuclear one. You are totaly out of your mind and crazy mad for stating that our beloved land can take a nuclear hit but Israel cannot!!!! If you want to die by a bomb dropped on your head, go stand in middle of nowhere with noone around you and give the address to another crazy maniac to come and take care of you. I, for one, do not wish to sacrifise my people for your crazy war with another nation who has not done anything to us. It is your master supreme leader with his monkey face ahmadi-nejad who are itching for a fight with the whole world. 


we just need 3 bunker buster bombs

by shushtari on

-one on top of the head of khayenei

-2nd on top of the pasdar HQs

-3rd on top of basiji HQs

that's all......let iran be free overnight 

Nader Vanaki

اَندر فوائد خالی بندی

Nader Vanaki

همه چی در قیمت نفت و خالی بندی دو طرف قفل شده.  یه خورده دیگه که بگذره و کسی دیگه این اخبار رو نَخَره، دیگه کسی یادش نمیاد ایران کجا بود یا اسرائیل چی گفت؟ بعد مثلاً تویوتا آخرین مدل وانتش رو باید لا به لای یک سری اخبار کُس شعر دیگه بفروشه.


Israeli Posturing

by ILoveIran on

Iran = 80 million patriots who will defend against Israel.

Persian Speakers = 200-220 million worldwide + tens of millions of worldwide supporters.

Israel = 5.5 million cowards that attack women and children with US supplied munitions and run open air concentration camps called "Gaza" and the "West Bank."   

Iran can take a nuclear hit - Israel can't.

Iran can use non-nuclear munitions that Israel can't sustain. (e.g., 11,000 rockets with 1 ton payloads that can obliterate entire city blocks).  

Israel cannot survive a conventional war with Iran; the Israeli army is only efficient in killing Palestinian women and children, and was soundly defeated in Lebanon and forced to withdraw.   


Bavafa, Fesenjoon2 is not smart enough to realize he is

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

humiliating himself and being uncultured.


The foul language is ….

by Bavafa on

Only a reflection on one’s mentality, upbringing and outlook, when logic is none existing foul language flourishes.

 For your information, no one is suggesting that “the activity of lobbying” is illegal or should be illegal.  Furthermore, I care less about identity of you and your ilk AND I am member of a PAC group to “legally influence US policy” all the while I hear a lot of “bitch” ing about it from some folks on IC.  

And as for “rubbing the khaayeh of the mullahcracy” goes, do you need a reminder who has done that from serving one IRI minister to another?


Come on why do you this to yourself?!?!? Do you enjoy being humiliated?!?!?



'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



خزعبلات همیشگی


You can sit here all day and bitch about how zionists have "bought US politicians and journalists".

For your information, the activity of lobbying is permitted by court rulings and protected by the US constitution.

So if youre so concerned about US vetoes against Palestinian rights, instead of speculating the identity and intentions of other IC users (like me), go and make your own PAC group so that you too can legally influence US policy.

Oh but no. we're too busy either crying for Palestinian welfare, rubbing the khaayeh of the mullahcracy by appeasing them, or wallowing in crazy-ass Israel conspiracy theories. (Honestly, how many times have you read that kos-sher omniscient document The Protocols of the Elders of Zion? 100 times maybe?)


No military solutions!

by Arj on

Despite what global warmongers and cyber chicken hawks advocate, there are no military solutions to the Iranian nuclear issue!

*For if Israel decides to go it alone, it would be the best gift ever given to the IRI since the Iraq-Iran war in order to prolong its brutal reign! For even if successful, an Israeli attack would not be able to eliminate the Iranian nuclear programme, but rather damage and delay it for a certain period of time, while providing legitimcay for IRI to overtly expedite a move towards weaponization!

On the other hand, if Israel succeeds to get the U.S. involved, it's very likely that escalation of war lead to an outright Invasion and occupation of Iran, which would in no way benefit the U.S. considering the ramifications and its dire consequences! 

* Note that a small minority of Israelis support military attack on Iran by Israel if done on its own (@ 00:40), while an overwhelming majority support such an attack if it involves support from the U.S.!  


Those answers are ….

by Bavafa on

Only a good reflection on your knowledge and rational. 


Perhaps a better answer would be:

 For as long as there are 6-7 million jews living in America, the vast majority of which are successful lawyers, CEOs, top managers, and influential Wall Street investors who are able to buy US politician to push pro US policies, employers to fire any one critical of Israel and finally journalist and media to control and brainwash masses to think that all vetoes are in opposition to mythical Imam Zaman. 

Had you bothered to look, you would have known not one of those veto protections are in opposition to the mythical Imam Zaman.


Try again :)


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 


Anonymous Observer

Fesenjoon, I will add this to your Answer paragraph

by Anonymous Observer on

For as long as there are 6-7 million jews living in America, the vast majority of which are successful lawyers, CEOs, top managers, and influential Wall Street investors ; as opposed to Iranians who cannot tolerate their opposition, and await a mythical Imam Zaman to appear from the heavens to fix everything for them. And sit at home all day hating Jews and coming up with conspiracy theories on how they're being screwed by "Zionists."



by Fesenjoon2 on


For how long should the American foreign policy/interest be a hostage to Israelis? When will America accept that Israel is a sovereign nation and must stand on its own?


For as long as there are 6-7 million jews living in America, the vast majority of which are successful lawyers, CEOs, top managers, and influential Wall Street investors ; as opposed to Iranians who cannot tolerate their opposition, and await a mythical Imam Zaman to appear from the heavens to fix everything for them.


The question APFSD is asking ….

by Bavafa on

Which should be asked by all Americans;


for how long should the American foreign policy/interest be a hostage to Israelis?


When will America accept that Israel is a sovereign nation and must stand on its own?

  It is truly mind boggling and sad for any American to see how their foreign policy/interest has been taken as hostage to support and protect ALL Israel actions around the world.  How often are we a witness to US sole veto in UN and other international bodies and what is the cost of that for America?


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



Hey Poetry Queen. I like your Avatar.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Well sort of... I'd add, NO WAR.  MAKE LOVE. : )

Soosan Khanoom

Hey Lion King

by Soosan Khanoom on

I like your Analysis ... well sort of .

: ) 


Will Israel Bomb Iran? Is the Wrong Question.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

As the USA is the Sole Investor and Manager of its Proxy Israel.  Kill Hundreds of Palestinians, create concentration camps for Palestinians like the West Bank, Well Yes, Of Course!!! that is US Policy.  So what is The Correct question?  Will the USA Bomb the Extremists the USA put in Power over Iranians in 1979, using Israel to do the Job?