India, China to continue trade ties with Iran

Refuses to side with US

The Economic Times: India and China have defiantly declared their intention to continue trading with Iran, rebuffing US attempts to force them and other countries to cut economic ties with Tehran over its nuclear programme. As both countries raised a banner of revolt at the US-led efforts to economically strangle Iran, they received support from Russia, South Africa and Brazil, in what could resonate around the world as a flexing of muscles by the BRICS powers, the new grouping of emerging powers whose leaders are holding their fourth summit meeting in Delhi this week >>>


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I despise fascists and stalinists

Shame on South Africa

by I despise fascists and st... on

Apartheid would not have ended in South Africa if European countries and United States did not impose sanctions on the Apartheid regime. Now that South Africa is a free nation, it gets into bed with a regime that is the world's only apartheid regime today.


Agree with Denver Tinbender

by ILoveIran on

Denver Tinbender

 Bill Clinton sanctioned

by Denver Tinbender on

 Bill Clinton sanctioned Iraq, resulted in 1million Iraq's children starvation and death. Followed by Bush's criminal illegal war killed more civilian women, men and again children. if economic sanction against Iran come about 1 million iranian kids will die within 3 to 5 years. Israeel Natanyaboo and US-led efforts to economically strangle Iran is an act of terrorism using weapons of mass destruction.

Wait long enought till the US sweetens the deal to your liking

by on

are we kidding? they are not lookin our for Iran. Just waiting long enough for Obama to add more incentives before breaking away.



by iamfine on

I read the article. It is sad to see a few countries allow starvation of other countries (in this case Iranians) for their own gains. From laws of physics "for each action, there is a reaction"


Read it with your own eyes & then ask 1 question of yourself

by ILoveIran on

High-ranking members of Netayahu's Government calling for the mass starvation of Iranian civilians; Iranians should condemn this and Israel's allies (e.g., the U.S. and England) for their one-sided bias in favor of Israel for deliberately failing to speak out about Israeli encouragement to murder Iranian civilians through starvation.

Read it with your own eyes: 


And then ask yourself why this site permits droves of Israelis to pretend they are Iranians.  

Mohammad Ala

Why punish Iranian people?

by Mohammad Ala on

Why implement sanctions which hurt or kill Iranian people?  (for example, sanction of civilian airplane parts against Chicago Convention has killed over 2,300 Iranians and 150 non-Iranians in Iran.  Why to send Nowruz greetings and turn around and twist arms of other countries for more sanctions?


Don't mess with Iran

by Sialashgar on

Iran is not Afganestan or Iraq you go against Iran and you lose plain and simple.

Nader Vanaki

او با ما نبود

Nader Vanaki

و خیلی خیط شد.  بفرما این هم جواب زیاده خواهی.  هزار ساله ایران با چین و هند تجارت داره بعد میخوان بگن دیگه با ایران تجارت نداشته باشید.  زرشک!  حالا بازهم هی سَنکشِن سَنکشِن کنید.


That was a right decision

by iamfine on

Yes, US cannot imposed its internal problems to other countries. After all it is the Iranian people that had to go through hardship.